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  1. I recall that along with all the other doomsday predictions. Instead of embracing it, our SG, made up of career civil servants, are giving out the nauseating “leave a light on for us” message. Pathetic.
  2. People also get carried away with the potential effects that leaving the EU is going to have on the UK. Especially the BBC and the SNP. We’ve made a lot of mistakes throughout out this, but securing copious amounts of vaccines isn’t one of them. People can dress it up any way they like, but the EU have made a pig’s ear of it, then off the back of this, decided to flex their “bully boy” muscles and show their true colours.
  3. A lot of Brexit voters will be now seeing the error of their ways. What with the EU’s really successful vaccination roll out, and Macron being spot on about the Oxford vaccine being knickers, it’s really exposed us as being out on a limb. Keep a light on for us please.
  4. Indeed, for the most part you can rest assured that if you go into an Edinburgh pub, you’ll be left well alone. Go into a Glasgow pub, and within minutes some drunken fantasist will regale you with stories of how they are great pals with Paul Ferris, Ally McCoist and Billy Connolly. Lunatics.
  5. In Glasgow they pretend to be friendly, in Edinburgh they genuinely are unfriendly.
  6. Be in no doubt, the joyless Nicola will piss in everyone’s porridge tomorrow. The thought of desperate people’s spirits being lifted slightly by Boris, will not sit comfortably with her.
  7. What short memories we have. The violent aggression and physical criminality of the Unionist rabble in the environs of George Square on the evening of 19th September 2014 simply have no parallel anywhere on the Independence side. Or would you care to provide evidence to contradict this ? Classic Nat whataboutery.
  8. You just need to look at the posts on here to see who the aggressive side is. Wishing death on old people and Tories. Woe betide anyone who challenges their Indy aspirations. Very civic and joyous. They are actually that stupid that they believe it’s just sevco supporters and members of the armed forces who vote no.
  9. That Speedmaster is stunning with that strap.
  10. Laings, I’ve built up a good relationship with them. Green Bezel will be just fine at Easter Road! Whoever your local AD is, the advice that I was given many years ago is that, if you get the call....say yes! Otherwise you’ll not be getting a call again! I wasn’t really looking for an s/s sub but I’m very grateful that I got the call. I absolutely love the watch.
  11. I’m on the list for the new green bezel sub, it could be a long wait! I still wake up screaming at the fact that I sold my 2004 sub Kermit for £4K!!!! I needed to free up funds for a roof repair, seemed like a good idea at the time. How wrong was I? I should have just gone and got a loan. Hey ho! Hindsight and all that!
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