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  1. They’re not “Hibs young team”, it’s glaringly obvious that they are Celtic supporters. I’ve been going to watch Hibs since the early 70’s and I can assure these types are Celtic supporters. They know nothing about Hibs history.
  2. You’re obviously not a Hibs supporter then. I can only imagine that you are one of the wee mini Tim fannies that we have to endure every time we play Sevco or the Alberts. Wee Jakies pretending to be Celtic fans. It’s embarrassing and real Hibs don’t want to have anything to do with all your Celtic/catholic bigotry. I think you would be far better suited going to Parkhead of a Saturday.
  3. No real Hibs supporter would go anywhere near that Godforsaken club (apart from a few of the wee Timmy tri color fannies). Most real Hibs supporters view you lot as being just as odious as your sevconian sisters.
  4. I think the Tories up here are crying out for a real intellectual, political heavyweight, you know, a sort of Derek Mackay/Natalie McGarry type figure.
  5. Is there any appetite for Scotland becoming independent from Glasgow? We all know it’s a shithole, that’s a given. Would it not be prudent to cast them adrift and leave them with Rangers, Celtic, Violence, Foodbanks, Bigotry etc? They really are a parasitical blight.
  6. How seriously shit is Ian Blackford? Please keep him up there in the SNP hierarchy. This guy makes fantastic viewing. What a complete buffoon, he’s a poor man’s John Mason.
  7. The rethink being, they were concerned,that on the same day, Hearts and Aberdeen fans visiting the most violent city in Western Europe might have a detrimental effect on the impeccable reputation that Old Firm fans have built up over the years. The hierarchy caught lying again and nobody is remotely embarrassed.
  8. This has all come as such a surprise! Nobody could ever have envisaged Salmond being accused of being a complete sleazebag! The thought is preposterous. Stunned!
  9. All cyclists without exception, are total c***s.
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