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  1. That’s a fantastic idea, but then I thought the “named person” policy was a great idea. Hopefully they can get this one to stick!
  2. They are having to do that to be fair. The Conservative brand will forever be toxic in Scotland. The only way to sell it is to emphasise the unionist aspect. Disappointed to see Billy Redhand making it through to candidate status. These oiks are normally only utilised to deliver leaflets.
  3. They are hardly Tory heartlands. I don’t think there is anything wrong with pointing out the absurdity of this tier system. It’s glaringly obvious that she’s playing politics, keeping areas in the same tier as their neighbours with 4 times the infection rate.
  4. A freedom tied to unelected, unaccountable EU quangocrats, very good. Holyrood has had ample tools to do the job in Scotland and failed miserably.
  5. Is it unreasonable to get a chance to vote on the detail? Surely you want to know exactly what an Indy Scotland would entail.
  6. A pretty poor analogy. As for them being morally abhorrent, plenty would disagree. They may well be expensive, but they have kept us safe and that is a price worth paying.
  7. And remove all the jobs and protection at the same time. That’s going to be a hard sell but anyway, you almost sold it in 2014 with no currency, so I suppose anything is possible.
  8. Indeed, the EU have done such a very good job of listening to Italy throughout the pandemic! If you think the EU is a club of equals, then you are delusional. What would be the preferred currency when you are on the waiting list to join this club that...listens?
  9. So you want to be free from the foreign country that is our neighbour and biggest trading partner, to then join the Euro, the EU and then let even more foreign countries make decisions for you. That seems like a really good idea.
  10. Dreadful man, the worst kind. A bullying sociopath and compulsive liar. Glad to see the back of him, might bring some much needed stability. So in short, this is my favourite trump moment.
  11. It’s not particularly inspiring in the rest of Scotland either. Given how bad the opposition are, I don’t think they’ll have anything to worry about.
  12. That’s not a very nice thing to say. Pretty hurtful in fact.
  13. Interesting given that both candidates were draft dodgers. Trump was never going to be anything other than a draft dodger, utter shitebag of a man. I’m astonished that so many of these so called patriots are prepared to look beyond that.
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