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  1. Glasgow branch supporters bus leaving from EK at 11:00, town 11:30, and bwood farm 12 if any Clyde fans are interested. 15 seats left. £15. Santa suits optional 🎅🏻 give me a message if interested
  2. Agree, when Howie is missing from defence there’s a massive difference in our quality. Hopefully he is back.
  3. Yup that was me at the start of October! Still in good condition it seems 😂
  4. Was amazed at how many of the Peterhead players are overweight. Probably 7 or 8 of the starting 11 were all carrying some extra timber. Clyde looked much fitter in general too which is probably why Peterhead with the extra man for 70 mins never managed to grab the winner.
  5. I got a video of it all, was hilarious. All in good humour. He was going to offer the player a rub on his sore foot. The player had a laugh about it too so just calm your jets before accusing people of stuff.
  6. Falkirk forfar raith airdrie montrose east fife clyde peterhead stranraer Dumbarton
  7. Can’t see anything but a Clyde win here. Who are East Fife?
  8. Cuddihy should be our right back. He’s much better there than in centre mid. Not sure if that’s an unpopular opinion or not but I’ve never came away from any game where he’s played CM thinking he’s had anything but an alright game.
  9. Mcstay is joining the New York yankees if he impresses on his trial. That’s a bit of a curve ball to our season but I’m sure we will be ok.
  10. The current league is fantastic. For us it’s good to try arrange games against the supporters teams of whoever the Clyde first team are playing in the afternoon. It Means travelling isn’t an issue as you would already be at that location to see the game in the afternoon anyway.
  11. Give us the 4 points back that we got taken off us from the games we played and we would be at the top .
  12. Aye, I know Grant personally he’s just back from playing a couple of seasons in Australia. He knows Jim Duffy from their Clyde days and I believe he is joining your next pre season session. No idea the quality of player he is now to be truthful. All the best to him.
  13. It takes a good few weeks for the Astro grass to grow to it’s full length and then needs a few cuts before it can be played on.
  14. Have I missed something? Why is the home game against Hamilton getting moved? I thought we had agreed with them to use their stadium for our league cup fixtures? How does drawing them at ‘home’ change that? Surely it will still be played there with Hamilton demanding use of the home stand id imagine.
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