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  1. Danny will have his teams selected that allow for each individual to play X amount of minutes to get their match sharpness and fitness up. The team that started our friendly on Saturday will be different to last nights, and then our starting team will differ in our next friendly and so on to accommodate everyone getting the X amount of minutes they need . Only come our final friendly will we likely see a full strength team out from the start. So I have no idea why folk are getting their knickers in a twist about our starting 11 last night and worrying about it for the season ahead. no doubt will see another couple of signings soon, hopefully in the midfield! And if we do I’ll be very content with our squad.
  2. Which players will we take from you this summer then? 😄
  3. The club will send you your log in etc on July 1st mate
  4. Bit harsh on Barclay! He was a good keeper for us never really made a balls up of anything.
  5. No wonder Scottish football is failing when you’ve got an SPL club scout doing his work on pie and bovril 😂
  6. The new tuna and scampi pies being sold at Broadwood next season look tasty. Doing the rounds on twitter 😂.
  7. This is when you would need the players to step in and accept a wage reduction as close to the 60 as possible for a few months . If not then yes it would become worrying times.
  8. Or you can look at it like we are being put from the second bottom league to the bottom league = relegation! And it’s fair enough saying we would be one of the promotion favourites but we were favourites almost every season to win the league when we were in the bottom division and look how that worked out. 9 years later here we finally are after so much hard work the last couple of years! So you can’t justify it by saying Clyde have a great chance of bouncing back up. That Gamble is 100% not worth the risk! It’s financially a massive blow as well. Basically No away fans coming, less home fans due to poorer quality on show , less chance of match day sponsors, commercial opps, hospitality down. Don’t start on the budget cut this would all lead to as well as a kick in the teeth to all the fans.
  9. Norway only started jogging again last week. Won’t see him till near the end of the season.
  10. Rabin Omar joining from Elgin before tomorrow’s game.
  11. Grant Dickie is coming back if anyone remembers him. Came through the youth then moved to Australia to play. Hopefully help goodie out up top.
  12. There’s no strict segregation mate so. Similar to Broadwood in sense away fans will be told to gather at one end. There wasn’t proper home and away tickets printed if you get me. also I believe that yesterday we had 77 tickets still unsold. Not too bad considering atleast 40 have bought through bonyrigg 😂.
  13. You’re not the only one. I know of another 30 tickets bought from bonyriggs ticket sales for Clyde fans 😂
  14. I went along to the game today as Clyde game was off. Enjoyed being in the away end some decent banter. Stenny started the brightest but Brechin became stronger as the half went on and deservedly were ahead at half time. The winger had a great first half for Brechin. Although he was up against Scott McLaughlin. Second half saw stenny dominate and was just a matter of time before they scored. I said to my mate if they get 1 they will get another as Brechin had no idea what to do second half and stopped playing completely. Maybe fitness an issue, few overweight players and ended the game with 2 strikers who couldn’t run the length of themselves, that ain’t going to get you anywhere. But credit for getting the equaliser. On the whole it was 2 poor teams who have poor defences expect Munro for stenny. Poor maybe even non existent midfields who both get by -passed. Really disappointed in McCord, who Is one of whom I would label as unfit. But stenny have forward men who have that bit of extra quality, the 3 today (including hopkirk who was right wing) look like they will have too much about them which should get stenny out of trouble. I hope Brechin get out of the mess for some reason! All the best. (that tractor song is a belter btw!) (edited, and aye I agree the Berwick CB looked like a Berwick CB 😂
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