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  1. As a Rose fan this is embarrassing reading some of the posts from Some Lithgae fans. It's The West coast of Scotland which is probably the wettest region in the UK, it's February and it rains. Get over it
  2. It is all about opinions I have watched juniors for most of my life but I have taken in many local senior games due to family involvement and believe me watching Stenhousemuir in a soulless stadium with a very small fan base is not inspiring stuff and not a patch on watching competitive junior super league football. But each to their own
  3. In the lack of any decent press coverage http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/bonnyrigg-greatest-night-in-our-history-hibs-tie-set-for-tynecastle-1-4310795
  4. The plusses the LL league have over the juniors is the facilities are at a certain standard and they are much more organised regarding fixtures. The junior season is too long for the successful clubs and probably too short for the less successful clubs. Get that sorted , whether that means that clubs in the super league require lights etc well that should be put in place with a realistic timetable to achieve it so we can have a season that fits in with the rest of Scottish football
  5. I heard he was training with Thistle as well as playing with Stenhousemuir. Not sure the truth in it though
  6. Sounds like it was unlucky Bonnyrigg yesterday, best of luck for the replay
  7. Best wishes to Tank for his testimonial today. I agree with PATP though, we struggled to field a team yesterday due to injuries and with 2 Scottish cup ties coming up we can't afford any more.
  8. rather you than me, saying that at least its not 3 times in a week :-)
  9. We once had a game off because the side of the pitch was frozen and it was unsafe for the lino. I am not kidding , though probably the real reason was we had players injured :-)
  10. You don't want Wick in the winter months believe me :-(
  11. We went out in the 4th round which I believe earned us a further 20k. On top of that we had 2 home gates of over 2000 plus a share ( approx 40% for away teams ) of gate money for visits to Forfar and Ross County. On top of that there is TV money which I believe is in addition to the money from the SFA though I don't know how much that was though it's £600 a game in the preliminary rounds this year
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