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  1. Dundee. Am on a shocking run right now.
  2. Large single on Berwick today. Really need to stop betting late on Friday nights after I've had a booze....
  3. I didn't hear this but am sure I read something in midweek that Scott Severin's goal v United last week means he has scored for the last 10 SPL seasons. Can't find a link but this would seem to bear that out. http://www.afc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Squad/...84~6957,00.html Can't think of the other. Boyd's got 9 seasons.
  4. supermac


    Anyone going to the Teenage Fanclub hat-trick at Oran Mor next week?! Should be a great weekend. Just discovered a load of B sides and obscure numbers on Slsk. B)
  5. Fleet Foxes - In The Hot Hot Rays
  6. supermac


    Teenage Fanclub hat-trick next month. B)
  7. supermac


    They were very bold to play about 6 or so new ones in a row, especially in front of a large group who it seemed had paid primarily to see vampire weekend. but it was all good.
  8. supermac


    In a good or bad way?? I like you a lot if that helps.
  9. supermac


    Been a good week for gigs: Nada Surf, Hold Steady and Young Knives B) Next will probably be Attic Lights at QMU next month.
  10. supermac


    Going to the first 3 on your list plus Nada Surf. Should be good.
  11. supermac


    Going to see Led Zep tomorrow night at the O2 in London. Cannae wait! Paid a grand each for 2 tickets off of Ebay but it's a once in a lifetime experience. With flights and hotels etc it's going to put me out about 2 and a half grand but it will be definitely worth it. Off now to the NME website to see if there's any news on what they might play tomorrow night. B)
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