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  1. Apologies as I'm not usually interested in captive birds but had a day out recently with 3 other photographers and it was great fun. Got loads but here's one of a Barn Owl
  2. A bit unlucky last night. Goalie Anderson was sent off for handling outside the box, maybe 25 mins in. Coldstream built a 2 goal lead and Hancock got one back with about 10 left. Couple of half chances after that. Smithy and Robbie playing centre half together will need to develop a bit of understanding but 2 big strong boys. edit- sorry, Michael Thomson was red carded, Marc Anderson came on.
  3. I think John's wife and Benni's partner were sisters. We managed to get him to play a half in a friendly against Hamilton Accies, probably to the annoyance of manager Mickey Lawson as it upset his pre season planning. He scored with a fine header. My pic below shows him in a WW shirt with club legend Wayno. The other player behind Kiddo in the Lossie pic is Jordan Caddow, who spent that season at WW but will be well known to @tamthebam
  4. You’ll probably get a chance at the manager’s job after that result… if not, Kiddo and WW have just parted company
  5. Has been on the cards for a while. Wonder who takes the team on Wed?
  6. Sir Peter (or maybe Derek or Andrew) used to say that there was some agreement (with the cooncil?) that if the club folded, the ground had to be used for recreational purposes. I have to say I’m sceptical that any such agreement could exist as the club owns the park iirc and can do what it likes.
  7. That was cringeworthy. Start with a strong side, get the game won, then introduce the youngsters. A major blunder by BD expecting Mackay and Hyde to run the midfield. The baldy boy Spark was outstanding. The early goal just made us complacent. Brechin get all the credit but at least we’re still in it.
  8. A Wryneck that's been hanging about at Torness for a week. Never seen one in my puff, apparently there are about 3 pairs nesting in the UK/Englandshire.
  9. Great stuff Tam. I was there years ago and the blacksmith was called Jamie but he must be gone now. Quite fancy going back especially as this guy has some decent tats. Did he have a bit of patience? Because Jamie didn’t really ETA- wish I’d thought of this as there was nae fiba to go to…
  10. For a bonus point, was I looking towards Whitburn or Shotts?
  11. Got a Highly Commended in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022. The winning images will be displayed in Bonnie & Wild in the new St James Quarter in Edinburgh (aka The Turd ). The 2021 images are still up there and on the website. There's usually a book produced too. First time I've entered this. Had to enter up to 7 images and they choose the best 3. I've probably put these up before in this thread but anyway...
  12. The Tour of Britain was down our way on Monday. The Movistar team were involved in a huge pileup a couple of miles back so the guy in the second pic has a braw wound on his leg.
  13. Cheers for that. Got me checking the last time I was up there - 2005. A pano from 2005. Been on An Stuc in winter conditions, only had an axe at the time, went out and bought crampons the following week
  14. Ah right, I just had a guess from your first shot. I was down where the players enter the park for the last 10 mins. I hope you noted the best trees in the league, at least that's something WW can brag about
  15. If you were behind the Camelon goals first half and are bearded, grey on top and slightly, ehhh, rotund then you're in one of my photos
  16. Just my tuppence worth as it was the first time I’ve seen them this season apart from the psf at Easthouses. Thought WW competed well enough but they look a very young inexperienced team and prone to defensive errors, starting with the first goal after about 20 mins. This is the sort of scoreline that wouldn’t have happened last year with Musa in goals. Camelon were a bit more physical and had a bit of pace up front especially the no 7 Bevan I think, a real flying machine. I’m not one to criticise refs but today’s ref let far too much go at the start which set the tone for a very physical game. He needed to get the cards out at the first time of asking when Fyn Connor the WW captain took a sair yin. That’s not to slag off Camelon as WW were able to dish it out too. A right good cup tie for the neutral.
  17. What, you mean the young woman who was on Facebook wanting to start a petition about ‘the local footy team’. She seems to come from around Manchester. Or the petition itself, badly worded, even saying Whitehill were ‘near Rosewell’. So the centre of the village has moved out by the bypass where all the new housing is Or the cooncillors jumping on the bandwagon. That Tory Pauline Winchester’s never been near the park, correct me if I’m wrong. Just for the record, I think WW shot themselves in the foot by signing him in the first place, but I think Penicuik apologists like you are being economical with the truth..
  18. Oh aye, forgot Tbf, the guy brought up the west himself. Where, like it or not, the LL is just not relevant to a lot of people. Otherwise it would be a different story from me as there’s a few well supported teams like Tranent and Bo’ness. There’s plenty quality including your own lot, Spartans, Strollers, and also Gala, Shire, Stirling etc on their day. Been a keen watcher of the LL since it was formed but less so since it lost WW and Bonnyrigg.
  19. What @Spyro said. Also getting around the WOS Prem/First Division by train is a dawdle compared to the HL so you can enjoy a bevvy.
  20. Point taken. Still more interesting than Engelbert Humperdinck though…
  21. I’m sure the scoreboard at Easter Road was like a big box on the terracing and the guys actually went in at the back and put the scores up from the inside. At Ibrox the letters were round the perimeter wall and a wee man came out with a wheelbarrow and put the numbers in. I seem to remember being somewhere where the whole board slid down till they put the numbers in, then they hoisted it up into place.
  22. Saturday 13th: Greenlaw FC 4-2 Tweeddale Rovers. Border Cup First Round, W.S. Happer Park, Greenlaw. Greenlaw progress fairly comfortably into the last 8. Scorcher of a day but found a bench in the shade of a tree. It helped that they were selling cans of beer at £2 a pop.
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