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  1. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Definitely 29000. I was there too, in the front row of the stand (my reward for being early for once was to sit through that 45 mins ) Plus the added bonus of having to listen to Wallet Merger who grabbed the mic off the official announcer so he could polish his ego with a wee speech .
  2. Are there actually any stadiums where there isn't some kind of access, even just for tractors etc to maintain the pitch?
  3. Meg

  4. Top 5s Watch 2018-19

    Maybe last year I would have agreed. Andrew Renwick had a lot of friends in the LL and SFA and 40 years experience including LL Vice President but he’s gone now. There’s also a slight shift of power to the west with Waddell out and Fraser from BSC in. In their drive for a ‘more professional ‘ league they want clubs with lights to make the LL more palatable for SPFL clubs taking the drop. So bye bye Whitehill imo.
  5. Premier League 2018-19

    Shudder... first thing I thought of was Walter Kidd.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Aye, and if your auntie had baws
  7. I'm pretty sure the Taylor Report only applied to the English clubs. Pittodrie and Kilbowie were already all-seated (albeit using bench seats/bleachers) and Ibrox was getting modernised by Murray with his Steel company using it as a prestige project and to generate more income but there was no need to go all-seated until the SPL brought in their own 10,000 seat rule. The development of Ibrox was more to do with Willie Waddell in reaction to the 1971 disaster. The three new stands were modelled on Dortmund and completed between 1978 and 1981, with only 8000 standing in the East and West enclosures below the main stand. Rangers had won the treble in 1978 but were weakened by spending on the stadium until Davie Holmes brought in Souness in 1986. The 3 new stands cost about £10m rather than the projected £6m. Murray only bought Rangers in 1988. However Murray was responsible for the £20m club deck and filling in the corners, as well as lowering the pitch.
  8. Women's World Cup 2019... featuring Scotland.

    Thinking again, I was probably talking shite.
  9. Women's World Cup 2019... featuring Scotland.

    I imagine that’ll be French time.
  10. Women's World Cup 2019... featuring Scotland.

    We’ve decided, well Mrs Mantis has decided, we’re missing the England game. Looking at the positives: we’re expecting a grandchild a few days before so should make that; don’t have to trek to Rennes from Nice; will make the men’s game at Hampden on the 8th; slight possibility of hanging on for a last 16 game at Le Havre on the 23rd.
  11. That's not countryside, it's a park. And it's still there I think. Brockville without a doubt.
  12. We’re touched by your unconditional support.
  13. Surprised nobody’s mentioned a game in 2004 when we won the league and Ayr were relegated. A 1-1 draw in a game we were expected to win but was spoiled by the wind. Ayr went ahead in 35 seconds and Barry Wilson equalised with a pelanty although the ball kept blowing off the spot.
  14. Scottish Islands

    I just booked yesterday to go there and Campbeltown in late March with Mrs Mantis. Not sure it's even worth it then but the missus is keen to go as she's never been down that way at all. I was there cycling many moons ago. That was when you could stay at the P.O. run by Seamus McSporran who had umpteen jobs but he's retired now. I don't think a seasoned island goer will think much of Gigha, just my tuppence worth. But people from dahn sahf tend to go gaga about anywhere that doesn't have lots of people Just a word on Davaar Island if you're in Campbeltown. It's tidal and has a crucifixion cave painting. I was there, away back in the nineties. Stayed in a b&b and got up about 6am and cycled out the road, and back in time for breakfast. It's been vandalised and restored a couple of times since then. There's quite a few caves, and I couldn't find it at first, and I literally turned round and went "Jesus Christ!" when I saw it
  15. Guardian Top 100 Footballers (Women)

    Wee Erin will walk this.
  16. Scottish Islands

    Been two or three times to Bute and always found it a bit meh, a place for driving through on the way to somewhere else. We had a couple of nights in Arran last feb and in between the showers it was stunning with snow on the peaks. Not that much to do in January though, although the distillery, brewery, cheese shop will all be open, but at least Arran’s Big enough for a decent drive. A walk up Glen Rosa can be worth it, but proper walks on the Arran hills can be too long for January. Don’t think you can combine Bute and Arran btw. Kintyre’s a long way from anywhere and Campbeltown’s nothing special when you eventually get there, but there’s Davaar Island, and you could nip over to Gigha.
  17. You better hope you don’t get promoted then
  18. Edinburgh City v ICT

    He might be thinking of Meadowbank v Caley, in 77-8 and 78-9.
  19. The MOTD Thread

    Once I noticed he has one normal lug and one elephantine lug, I never notice what he says
  20. Edinburgh City v ICT

    Well ICT in the good old days were experts at getting other clubs’ managers sacked. City are in that position on Tuesday.
  21. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Yeah, noticed that. Did I hear him describing somebody as ‘like a duck out of water’?
  22. The Photography Thread

    January 22 He must have been there a while.
  23. World Cup 2019 Tickets

    Ok, to be a bit clearer, it’s a bit like Hampden where they open up North and South stands, then gradually open up areas round the corners, so they can plan stewarding etc. They don’t make the whole stadium available in case it’s sparsely populated. There should definitely be designated sections for Scotland fans, and in the beginning these will be restricted to small areas, probably in the main stand. Then as these fill up, suddenly more blocks will appear. Just monitor the stadium map daily if you’re worried... Unless your horror scenario develops, i.e. a match v France in which home supporters treat it like a Robbie Williams concert and sell it out in a couple of days then buy up the Scotland section, there’s absolutely no problem. I can’t see that happening anyway, for the same reason I mentioned above.