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  1. This got me wondering how many games I had seen with a >100k crowd (4, all between 1970 and 1973). It seems the last Hampden International with a 6 figure crowd was Scotland v England in 1972 (119325).The last ever game with a 6 figure crowd was the Centenary final of 1973, Rangers v Celtic, 122714. Cup final crowds took a nosedive to 76000 the year after and never really recovered.
  2. 25 years ago today... went to Borough Briggs and skelped Elgin City 3-0.
  3. Yeah when WW played the Shire the WW committee members were chatting near the tea bar, club ties and all that, and he was trying to order them back to their seats. Good job Sir Peter had called it a day by that time
  4. Stayed at the bunkhouse at the Kingshouse last weekend. For a tenner I was able to get the breakfast buffet in the hotel each day which set me up nicely. Took fucking hunners o photies so here's just 4:
  5. I genuinely feel for you Tam. Even worse than AP. What about taking over WW and playing at the San Fergie. Now there’s a real venue
  6. I forgot about this one... see when you go to Ochilview for a EOSL match and that fat orange jacketed c**t of a steward isn't there...
  7. A week late with this. Syngenta 3 Edinburgh United 1 at Ochilview in the South Challenge Cup Rd 3. Lovely sunset and moonrise
  8. Yip. I seem to remember reading something about ‘Beau Lieu’ many moons ago. Romantic Victorian pish probably. Eilean a’Bhogha in Loch Lomond, apparently ’Isle of the bow’ because of its yew trees, becomes ‘Island I Vow’. Purge needed come the revolution.
  9. But I’ve been to every ground in that league except the Rangers training centre and I haven’t seen a women’s game at any of them WW must wish they had a tenner (or maybe a point) for everybody who’s said this:
  10. Maybe it was terrible maths by the council guys… Not been involved for over 3 years now, but they put 2 rows of seats at the front of the terracing as they were just lying spare, so the capacity should be even less now.
  11. I can tell you how the two guys from Midlothian assessed Whitehill, although at the time it was their first experience of assessing a football ground as WW were the only SFA full members in Midlothian. The three sides with grass banking were counted as holding two people deep all the way round (even though they’re significantly larger than Bonnyrigg). If anybody is familiar with the small terraced bit in front of the pavilion, that was counted as 700… The covered stand holds about 130 seats. Obviously this figure would be far larger if the seats were removed.
  12. Exactly. Nothing to do with the standard of the league and everything to do with the decline of the club.
  13. I've always felt that Orkney is further developed for tourists. Quite a stark difference, maybe 10 years ahead. Geologically it's softer, being sandstone, with more arable and cattle, so overall a gentler landscape. Shetland is more rugged. Orkney appears to be full of incomers but that's just my personal experience. I've always stayed with relatives in Shetland, so that causes a bias too, as you have more chance of being introduced to local musicians, sailing types etc, and getting to participate in things that are on, and it's more remote so you get a deeper impression that there's still a local culture clinging on.
  14. I was on holiday in Malta in 1983 and one of the excursions was to Mdina in the centre of the island (Valletta is in the north-east corner), and also got a look at Ta’Qali which is nearby and is the National Stadium. As I remember there were only 8 teams in the Maltese league and they all played there, with double headers on Saturday and Sunday. On a grass pitch too. According to the Futbology app, there are loads more stadiums now, and none of the current 12 premier league clubs play there. Valletta now play at the much smaller Centenary Stadium which is nearby. From what I remember there would be a shortage of land around Valletta and Malta is one of the world’s most densely populated countries.
  15. Yep, sat through that one. You managed 2 wins and a draw that season. The following season though A 5-0 and a 5-2 at home, plus a 5-1 (insert preferred equine buggery reference here) at the San Starko. Here's Barry Robson rounding off the scoring And here's the glorious sunset from the away end But Bobby Mann scored in the 5-1 game, that should have fired you up nicely (unless you somehow had Mark Yardley masquerading as a trialist).
  16. I've heard so much about this 'hoodoo' that I decided to see whether it holds any water. Conclusion: apart from maybe last season when both clubs had a good title challenge, it doesn't. When we first got up to Div 1 in 1999, we could actually claim Rovers as a bogey team, as it took 8 attempts to beat them. I know that Rovers fans at the time were mystified as to why other teams' fans rated ICT, as we were going well but they usually ripped us apart (Didier Agathe etc). But from then on in, the clubs have barely been in the same division, and we've always been higher, so have won any cup ties. Notable league seasons: 2001-2 - Rovers relegated and us chasing promotion - no surprises then. 2003-4 - Rovers a promoted club while we went on to be champions - no surprises. 2009-10 - We came down from the Prem and bounced straight back - no surprises.
  17. Love the colours Steve, but I'd rather see Cir Mhor at the head of the glen than that boulder. As the judges always say, maybe you could have moved a few metres to the right (searches for a 'splash' emoji...)
  18. I had 3 bound complete seasons that I got from my uncle who grew up a hibby. They appeared to be mint, I.e. they weren’t bought at matches. These included reserve games and if memory serves, were 49-50, 51-52 and 54-55. The last one must have been nearly an inch thick. I was selling some other stuff (pre-internet) and some guy in London rang me up and asked if I had any bound seasons. I put him off but he kept phoning and eventually I sold him the 3 for £200. A few months later my uncle dropped dead on Xmas day at the age of 46 so I wrote to the guy and asked if he would sell me one of them back, but I never heard back. Btw, these were about A4 size, usually 12 pages, whereas when I first got taken to Easter Road in 1967 for Hibs v Berwick, and for years afterwards, they were about A5 size.
  19. Recreation Park, Pumpherston. South Challenge Cup Rd 2. Sub Ryan Quinn blasts home no 5 in Edinburgh Utd's 7-2 win.
  20. Really useful win for Edinburgh United in a pulsating game at Kirkcaldy yesterday, leapfrogging Dunipace and K&D into 4th place. 4-2 win sealed by a terrific free kick from striker Stephen Scott.
  21. Just had a read at NLM, I know that poster, he's been going to EOS and LL games for decades so the comments should be taken as tongue in cheek for his 'foreign' audience.
  22. You forgot the mandatory DSLR and beer belly. Or having a laugh trying to dodge the guys with clickers (two of them, so they can agree exactly on the attendance). If only they would watch the game instead of talking all the way through so you have to move. I'm off to Kirkcaldy tomorrow to watch Edinburgh United, but might pitch up at Nitten later.
  23. Been going to FP since 1986 but wasn’t there yesterday. I’ve never once seen drink outside the social club, and everybody has always been kicked out when the game starts. Can’t begin to imagine what was happening yesterday but sounds like JB the barman wasn’t there. I know there was talk a couple of years ago that clubs would be made to toe the line regarding entrance to the ground via the social club. In WW’s case they would need some kind of fencing which would be a logistical nightmare. That was in the LL mind you.
  24. Ha! Same here. The potato entered my life (or vice-versa) on the opening game of 66-7. Little did I know that on my introduction to Senior fitba I was witnessing history being made. I never caught sight of the tattie though, maybe the handover was done in the Ibrox boardroom. I was told that Jim Forrest scored a hat-trick, but all I can remember was being soaked to the skin due to the heavy showers. The steelwork was up at the Copland Road end, but the cover wasn’t. Amazingly (for me at least) I also saw the opening day demolition of Hearts by Hibs in 67-8.
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