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    Being quite an auld c**t I was there before a lot of the cliches started. You can see how one day somebody turned an old cliche round for a laugh, then next day everybody’s using it. So we get “on the front foot” and “defeat from the jaws of victory” which are a bit shit. I also hate “runs into traffic” and “we can kick on”. Then there’s all the misheard thicko player cliches like “we equipped ourselves well” when they heard somebody the week before saying “we acquitted ourselves well”.
  2. I thought it was Gerry Rafferty.
  3. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Should’ve said, I would have told you to look out for Rab B. He’d be wearing a string vest.
  4. Arise Sir Kenny Dalglish

    Seem to remember another bit where Kenny walks past him in the street late at night, and goes “awright, wee man.”
  5. ICTFC 18/19

  6. ICTFC 18/19

    Thing is, we got him from you lot in 1986. Apparently he was born in Dingwall, although we always thought he was from Beauly. Played shinty as well as fitba.
  7. Caledonian F.c. Thread

    Just heard Herchie’s gone. R.I.P. big fella.
  8. ICTFC 18/19

    Sad indeed. R.I.P. big man.
  9. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    I’m sure the Fergie Park Faithful will happily buy the Shire players a few drinks before the game.
  10. Lowland League Catch Up

    Great stuff Michael.
  11. Selkirk FC thread

    Get a room guys
  12. ICTFC 18/19

    Plus his dad used to wind up the Caley fans.
  13. 3 of the shots are at Whitehill but no mention in the text. Makes a change from being described as an Edinburgh club I suppose. As one of the Guardian comments says, somebody's ramped up the clarity slider in Lightroom to make it look grim.
  14. Promotion / relegation

    Imagine the gruesome twosome arguing about the venue for match 17.
  15. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    “The horse that needs no hay”
  16. ICT v AUFC

    Thank f**k it’s much closer in the other direction then.
  17. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    That's my mate John Gilchrist. OK you've talked me into putting up one of mine
  18. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    No surprise he popped up somewhere with an enforced day off
  19. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Absolutely. Got that on the intro to my blog. You’ll get your eyes opened if you go to anything on the groundhopper weekend
  20. Selkirk FC thread

    David Knox is no your man Rab Nicked one of my pictures once and said he was on holiday, must’ve been somebody else. I see Brain Kerr is the EK manager.
  21. Selkirk FC thread

    Surely your mate on the Border Telegraph will have something
  22. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yeah it's happened before on CTO, and for reasons known only to himself the OP has decided to delete a long running thread while everybody moans at the mods
  23. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Was with Whitehill before Davie Bingham took him to Selkirk. Very good prospect and it will suit him playing in Fife rather than trekking over the bridge.
  24. Junior football, what is the future?

    Obviously the OP can delete his own thread so that’s one option. On caleythistleonline it’s more common for the mods to lock a thread than delete it. Would be nice to get some sort of explanation just to stop the conspiracy theories.
  25. 2018/19 Fixtures

    Massive contrast to the LL, where the favourites are 9/4 and even the bottom sides are only 100/1. More competitive this season with Kelty replacing Hawick and the EOSL chock full of decent ambitious sides ready to come up.