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  1. Game off https://twitter.com/WhitehilWelfare/status/1331200674235867137?s=20
  2. I got one last week. I use the forum at scotchmaltwhisky.co.uk and when it was announced people were predicting that, as Caol Ila have a history of supplying supermarkets. But so do Bowmore, and most people having tasted it are guessing Bowmore, and I’d probably agree.
  3. Don’t think I’ve ever used the words “bad tories “ or “bad boris” in my life. “c***s” though, now I use that one a lot.
  4. Credit to Ainslie Hunter, 37 next March, who lasted most of the 120 minutes in midfield on that heavy looking park. Credit 😉 to the ref who arrived 10 mins before kick off having been at King George V Park Bonnyrigg... South took the lead after about 3 mins, Vics led at ht through 2 pens. 2 goals midway through the second half had South ahead but looking leg-weary and Vics equalised late on. Vics went 4-3 within a minute of the restart and South looked out on their feet. But centre half Jim Young was pushed up front and glanced in another equaliser. He was later dismissed with a second yellow for doing a Joe Jordan as he “nodded” home a corner. 4-4 and looking set for pens but Vics grabbed a winner about halfway through the second period. An absolutely pulsating cup tie and a great performance from South who gave as good as they got against a Vics side from the WOSFL Premier. Sorry about lack of player details, I will stick up a couple of pics once the missus gets off the Mac.
  5. Gore Glen. Near Gorebridge. Edinburgh Utd v Craigroyston. @tamthebam I posted one on the EOS Conference A thread but I just put the rest up on Dropbox for Jamie to do that he likes with. One or two popped up on Ed Utd Twitter.
  6. Gavin Pettigrew slightly pleased at scoring the late winner for Craigroyston yesterday...
  7. That's easy said but the applicants will reflect the position the club finds itself in, bottom of tier 6. You can't force people to apply. Back in the days when the job was arguably one of the biggest in the non-league, they had the likes of John Clark and more recently Stevie Hislop. Mickey Lawson had 3 stints and he's hardly what you would call a local jobber. Other guys who interviewed have to be anonymous, like certain ex-Chelsea players travelling from the West of Scotland 😉
  8. Dalglish Christie Edit - wee Erin is a decent shout mind you
  9. Terry C or the poison dwarf as we called him in staff games, jeez he’d do anything to win. Tam looking like somebody’s stolen his scone.
  10. I expected I might get a 'put up or shut up' type response to that post 😉 If you think I'm negative and fed up with the club, you must be mistaking me for somebody else. I've hardly posted here in a couple of years. I witnessed a shitstorm on FB last weekend but never commented. I gave the club 8 years (including wiki updates btw) but haven't been associated with the club for a couple of years now. My only interest will be to pay my 6 quid at the gate if it ever happens. I see I had a post removed (first ever for me) which was probably in bad taste but was meant as an in-joke, but apologies anyway. If the likes of Newky or Magoo or Carnethie Street were offended that would be different.
  11. Hardly matters in the scheme o things but the wiki page needs a bit of work. Somebody’s been keeping the squad up to date but the club history has been wrecked. Nothing from 1996 till 2013 when we won the EOSL and then it says Mickey went to Spamtins and took 13 players...
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