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  1. Any baldies amongst them Probably see you Tuesday night
  2. A Corbett and 2 Munros in that photo. I salute you.
  3. Letham 1 Rosyth 3. Seven Acres Park. A pretty uninspiring venue but some really good people involved at Letham. Got me out the house anyway and got my season underway. Also got a nice Magnum at ht for £1.
  4. No it's fine, never thought you were having a pop, the old guy gets on my tits though I'd quite like to film one of these dives as it would show more of what happens, but sometimes you have to wait about 3 or 4 hours and it's a waste of a photo op. This shot was back of 4 in the morning, the light was poor, and they stopped coming about 6am. Yeah some young Ospreys have to learn their trade which is quite good for photos as you know they're coming back for another shot if they miss. I hear the Edinburgh Photographic Society (or maybe some other club) has stopped allowing Kingfisher shots altogether in competitions, I think down south they've got setups where the bird dives into a glass tank in the river or something, and hurts itself. If you go back in this thread I think I've got a Heron taking a rainbow at the same pond, but it couldn't swallow it.
  5. Hahah, I have this argument every week with a grumpy old guy in our camera club... he only does still life and he has no idea how difficult this is. Sure, it's set up at a fishery, taken from a hide. But it's a live fish OK. It's a life and death struggle. The bird has to rotate the fish to fly with it. The fish is fighting for its life so it's probably mucho confused, being out of its element for the first time, and the birds often drop them in the struggle. I've been doing this for 5 or 6 years and if anybody uses dead fish for Ospreys I've yet to witness it. They use dead mackerel on Sea Eagle boat trips but they have to, because it's at sea. For Ospreys you need a small pond (or loads of luck). Another thing is, search the internet for photos of the Osprey striking the fish. You won't find many/any, because it happens so fast, you can't predict where it'll come in. If it was a dead fish you could just focus on that all the time. I think I've got more pics further back in this thread but this is the only time I've got it flying right at me. Usually they're side on or you only get their erse...
  6. Brammer of a rainbow too. ‘Tis indeed. Somewhere on these pages I’ve got an Osprey catching a blue trout. A genetic mutation of a rainbow and seemingly good fighters. Elsewhere I’ve got a real brammer caught by a Heron which couldn’t swallow it and had to give up.
  7. A wee Stonechat a couple of weeks ago in D&G
  8. Spent a Sunday morning there in April, first visit. Got the place to myself. Bit of a trek from Midlothian, but worth staying over and visiting some of these other bits. When you hear all the English guys talking about Bempton cliffs in Yorkshire and how mobbed it gets, you appreciate what you've got. Mind you they've been flocking to Bempton to see an Albatross, but it's a nightmare, somebody was telling me last week.
  9. I got plenty half puffin flight shots and blue sky shots...
  10. Big Robbie returns. Great signing IMO https://twitter.com/WhitehilWelfare/status/1536818974721187840?s=20&t=RjsjNUUX_RWDceL49xYwXA
  11. We had a pair of Siskins visiting for a couple of weeks. Big deal for us as there's usually just the common stuff like Great Tits and Pigeons. I combined 2 images to get them sharp.
  12. St Monans during and after a power cut, the Great Bear prominent in both.
  13. All of those players are resigned from last season. No new names yet, he's rewarding them for their loyalty but if people are not getting a game they'll probably move on. Stewart has been playing a lot alongside Currie and was often subbed after an hour. I didn't know anything about him before but I see both clubs were in Lge1 at the time. Never got into these squad threads before so can remove any posts that are irrelevant/off topic. Not a Bonnyrigg supporter but I keep up with the local teams since ICT home games are getting less of an attraction for an old git like me .
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