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  1. William Hill Scottish Cup 2018/19

    I would have to disagree with that. The no 3 Mastrick-Cove bus is every 12 minutes even on a Saturday and takes 18 minutes from Bridge Street. You get off before you reach the big Altens roundabout, the stop is called Souter Head Road, or just ask the driver for IKEA. Make sure you follow the crowds and don't go left (south) of IKEA like I did or you'll never reach the ground. You'll be about 20 yards away from it facing a locked gate and have to walk past the travelling people's site a second time The whole estate is double yellows although I don't know if they enforce it on a matchday. The official car park was full when I went but a lot of locals parked in a business on the right just before it, probably FMC. All the other businesses seemed to have locked gates. The Balmoral Chicken pies are decent.
  2. Kidney stone about 3 years ago. Was going into the doc's surgery and had to run back outside and spew in the bushes, it was that bad I've had eye surgery under local anaesthetic, piece o pish.
  3. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    I took that one... it was Clydebank playing ICT though.
  4. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    McDiarmid it is then ICT’s last 3 were all there too, but bizarrely their first ever final was at Airdrie, against Alloa. Think that had something to do with only using SFL grounds at the time.
  5. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    Maybe most of the £150000 went on gold fittings
  6. P&B Bird Watch

    More of a Norman McCaig man masel
  7. P&B Bird Watch

    Cool. Ever see any otters down by the esk?? Once. I went upstream from Tesco one morning about 6. But there are local guys who see them all the time even midday. I’ve met at least two guys who carry otter prints just to show them off . I’m not local enough.
  8. P&B Bird Watch

    Haha, the lagoons?? I saw a deer the last time I was down at the nature reserve. Aye I go there a fair bit, but Port Seton harbour, you’re guaranteed to see turnstones up on the wall, and maybe a cormorant drying its wings. Here’s a cormorant just up the river at Musselburgh trying to swallow a trout.
  9. P&B Bird Watch

    Maybe I’m being whooshed here, it’s a cormorant. A shag is sometimes called a green cormorant but is a different species.
  10. P&B Bird Watch

    You live in Wallyford? My best turnstones and cormorants pics were taken a couple of miles from your hoose
  11. The Photography Thread

    Macs are widely used by professionals. There might be a few obscure Windows-only programmes out there, but if people are hinting that Macs can’t handle the industry standard Adobe software, they’re telling you porkies. Edit - btw if you use Canon, their own DPP software comes free with the camera, runs on Windows/Mac platforms, and is excellent. I believe Nikon’s is decent although you have to pay for it.
  12. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    About 60 at Leith v EK, hc.
  13. Driving Annoyances

    Just so happens I’m reading a book just now by Tom Vanderbilt. Got it on a kindle deal a couple of weeks back for 99p but I see it’s back to £6.99 now. The first chapter is actually “why I became a late merger (and why you should too...)” Traffic
  14. Driving Annoyances

    Tailgating. No. 1 easily. People that park facing the traffic because they’re too lazy to walk a few yards to a shop. Causes nightmares trying to get back out, and even worse at night as their dipped lights are cutting across the traffic. People that can’t use their handbrake at traffic lights for a couple of minutes, but would rather dazzle you with their high-intensity brake lights. c***s using their phones, either white van men talking or fucking women texting. And fucking women who dawdle along yapping with their passenger and don’t even see you passing them. And even more fucking women who dawdle along in the overtaking lane. The fact is, passing a test is only the bare minimum, but many people don’t go on to develop any more skills.
  15. Edinburgh United

    Have to up your game @Rab B Nesbit, expecting magnets next week.