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  1. You might get more joy on the League 2 forum although for a well supported club there’s only about 3 Rose fans there and one is a complete dunderheid. There’s a long standing saga whereby the Rose separated from the social club so they don’t benefit from it (may have been sorted out but not sure), and @newcastle broon might tell you about the car park if you encourage him They’ve missed a couple of key players through injury- Dean Brett returned this week but Lee Currie is still missing. So they’ve had a few inexperienced youngsters who have had to fill their shoes/boots. I imagine the lack of investment in the squad is part loyalty and partly that they have had to spend a fair bit on the ground. I thought their home form would keep them up but it’s not been great. I know the chairman and the treasurer and I think they are good guys who have performed miracles, but not being a supporter I don’t have a scooby about the finances and have never spoken to anybody who does.
  2. Saturday was Bonnyrigg 1 Dumbarton 1. Not exactly random as I've seen Bonnyrigg a few times as they're local. Excellent crowd of 936. Sunday was Bonnyrigg Ladies coming back to win 3-1 v QoS in the Scottish Cup 3rd Round, after going behind in about 2 minutes.
  3. That’s the one, 10th August. 1-0 Paddy Connolly. 2793. Apparently Christian Dailly missed a pen too. Can’t remember anything about the game tbh.
  4. Aye that’s the one. Romped div 3 , happy days. Could do with a time machine.
  5. Dumbarton showed more composure and quality on the ball, but Bonnyrigg will be disappointed at not seeing it out like any team does when you’re struggling at the bottom. The highlights will show, like the BBC’s stats, that Bonnyrigg had far more chances from the second minute onwards when they really should have hit the target. Never got a good look at the pen down the far end but most folk thought it was soft. But the keeper gifted an equaliser which breathed new life into Dumbarton. I don’t really understand the stick Bonnyrigg get for looking unfit as any time I’ve watched them they finish games strongly.
  6. Accies v Arabs 1993. Pretty sure the gentleman known as Fergie was standing a couple of rows in front of me at this game, unless everyfuckingbody in Hamilfuckington swore at every second fuckingword.
  7. Apologies, I must have dreamt that bit He's 34 mind and that looked a quagmire yesterday but you're probably right.
  8. I wonder if Shearer ever stops to think what he means by ‘in and around’ a player.
  9. You got me there, lucky the camera's hiding my pus
  10. Wot he said Aye the segregation was surely a one-off as it was Sauchie, I think they did it previously against Falkirk, so ok, a two-off... How did they control the social club? Mind you I’d rather drink in the town.
  11. I was speaking to the guy from the Fife Herald (I think), the big photographer with the long beard. Never knew you were there. According to Futbology app, quite a few Pars fans decided to go to Haws instead of their own game.
  12. Scottish Cup day, pretty uninspiring draw, so Hill of Beath v Elgin was my pick. Connelly put the Haws ahead but Dingwall and Hester won it for Elgin. Ross Allum won and missed an early second half pen as Mailer was sent off for a DOGSO but Haws never really capitalised and Elgin are in the draw for round 4. About 600 in attendance.
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