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  1. It's always a bugger getting up there. When our kids were wee, we bundled them into the car about 5am with blankets and drove up to Ullapool for the morning ferry. Now it's just me and the missus retired we take a leisurely run up, get a fry up at Ballinluig and groceries at Inverness then get the 5.30 boat.
  2. Ah right, I see there's an Aird in Point with pods. Usually people mean Aird Uig which is near us, but that's about 50 mins. It's Crowlista we're in.
  3. My missus rents out the house in Lewis. 11 weeks bookings all summer she's just had to refund. Still if restrictions are lifted we can always take our pick when to go up ourselves 🤣 Where's the pod? We've also cancelled a motorhome trip up north late May, so hopefully can go in September. I think we're going to lose money on Euro 2020 though. Booked to go to Budapest with Ryanair for 4 days but it's unclear what's happening beyond May with them. Hotel is paid for too so need to look into that.
  4. The Ibrox press box was almost as bad. I was in it as a young lad as part of a tour.
  5. Think Davie White tried him at centre for about 10 games that year before he became a right-back under Willie Waddell. His debut was actually at right half, the week after Berwick when Scott Symon made wholesale changes- Forrest and McLean never played for the club again - and they beat Hearts 5-1.
  6. Feeling your pain. I was supposed to be taking an old mate over next Friday for a few days. He did most of the driving back when we used to climb Munros. So this was a bit of payback as he's over 80 now. Hopefully do the trip in September.
  7. Cheers for that, quality is decent. I think I've got them all from Issue 4.
  8. Only a few years since Lewis and Harris addresses had PA too. Now HS though.
  9. TBH it doesn't help much in this case... compared to FF's pic.
  10. http://nonleaguescotland.org.uk/saltcoats.htm
  11. Does the 'petty and ill-informed' not go back about 20 years to when they were accused of being just that by some authority figure like Farry or whoever? They just decided to wear it as a badge of honour IIRC.
  12. Nae idea, but here's another... That's Gary Naysmith on the far right, but don't bother asking when the baldy played for Hearts, it's Mark Martin, Radio Forth, a native of Rosewell and a Whitehill fan.
  13. Wonderful game, we got to watch it at PE the next day. never realised how shite the defending was... And then of course
  14. The wee man turning out for Hearts Legends at Whitehill last summer...
  15. 10cc and Herchie doing what they did best 😍 Who’s the traitors in the stand ? Pretty much a’ deid I imagine.
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