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  1. No, mine is just one shot. That other one's just sloppy tbh, would only have taken seconds to sort it.
  2. 16 secs, f/4, iso 3200. The orange glow on the right above the hills will be Moffat, about 5 miles away.
  3. Here’s a satellite shot which tells you that Fife is not exactly the best place for dark skies, maybe Tentsmuir or thereabouts would be worth a try. Here’s one I took on the way back from Palmerston watching ICT the other week, at the Devil’s Beef Tub. I left the car lights in deliberately, to light up the hillside, although some folk might have left them out. Dark as f**k down there and one car every 10 mins.
  4. No great loss, more of a Korma than a Madras anyway.
  5. Usually drive to this, but my car is Donald Ducked. Imagine my unbridled joy at discovering I can get a train from Eskbank and several hours later emerge at Alloa station, so as not to miss this important fixture. So: pubs?
  6. Forgot to mention, Uig Community Shop has a free cash machine. The shop’s won a few awards, worth a visit. Going up in February for the Dark Skies Festival.
  7. Couple from my trip to Norway with Mrs Mantis last month. Tromsø Arctic Cathedral and somewhere else at dark o'clock in the Arctic.
  8. Kippers 😂 Jesus Wept. Take the advice about the Steak & Black Pudding pies.
  9. Fair do’s, but you were quoting a guy who did so it was implied 😉 Thought I’d chuck it in for interest as to my knowledge it’s the only competition in the non-League, except maybe local cup finals, where the club doesn’t have to go in and pay the ref at the end.
  10. The SFA covers the officials in the Scottish.
  11. I don't think the Hibs game had a chance of being played there. Sure it was a police decision to move it.
  12. I wouldn't describe it as a shite surface. It's maintained by professionals rather than just the committee like most non-League clubs. It cut up badly on Saturday but it had been raining heavily during the week and never stopped all day Saturday. You could hear the rain battering off the shelter during the game but there there was no standing water on the park at kickoff time. The slope is something else mind you 😂 I think the capacity is 2600 despite what's on non-League Scotland. Against Buckie they restricted sales to 1700 as it was their first game under the lights and also there was all the TV stuff to fit in. They were being ultra-cautious for that game. Against Montrose they increased it to about 2000 but there was still plenty room if you look at the highlights. Apparently Mo were given 350 tickets and the whole bottom end was reserved for them. However the segregation seemed to be relaxed on Saturday and that end was very sparse although the away support was quoted as about 280. Against Buckie segregation was strict. Before licensing I can remember 2400 against Talbot in the Junior Cup and there was plenty room. Just my opinion, as I'm not connected with the club, but against Clyde I can see the crowd being raised to something approaching the 2600 and Clyde getting a healthy allocation but being segregated in the bottom goal and a bit round the corner, i.e. the end where Bonnyrigg's 2 goals were scored this week.
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