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  1. Off to Mull this weekend, leaving the missus behind and going with my mate. Surprisingly, was about to give up on the trip as I couldn't get booked anywhere, hadn't even tried the Mishnish, but phoned them and got a twin room for 3 nights. So it's whisky and Sea Eagles and Otters hopefully.
  2. No, just rum. I was there in 1992 so my opinion will be as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.
  3. He’ll turn up at Bonnybridge more than likely.
  4. Aye fitted on the Sigma lens at f/6.3 I think it's f/9 but never really used it, I bought the TC with the Canon f/4 lens in mind as I got a good price used. Plus the ISO on my new camera is pretty amazing. Try harder Steve I was much the same till recently. Never liked Electronic Viewfinders much and they eat batteries. But got a shot of a mate's, the viewfinder is much improved and the eye recognition is a game changer. Got rid of my 2 DSLR bodies and only using the Canon R5 now. Canon already has about 20 RF lenses but I can use my old EF lenses with an adaptor. I bought one RF lens for landscapes and got rid of my old EF 16-35mm. Expensive but amazing quality.
  5. I've got the 150-600 Sport and it's decent, but I'm saving for a Canon 500mm f/4, maybe end of the year. It'll have to be second hand and it'll be even heavier than the Sigma. BTW I tried a Sigma 1.4TC with it, thought they would go well together, but it was so bad I sent it back. I've already got a Canon one to encourage me to save up Edit- here's a pic
  6. Well deserved 3 points for Mussy. First look at the Rookie Cuikie this season but they never really showed up.
  7. Hare was lucky to stay on as he managed a couple of sly kicks in the Banks boy’s ribs as he got to his feet. Not sure why the Banks player got booked at the same time. Was the penalty contentious? I was heading towards the exit so it was miles away, but the Rose players didn’t seem to argue given that it was essentially going to put them out.
  8. Just been listening to Tam Cowan talking about supporting your rivals in Europe. No qualms back then in the HL.
  9. If you went back to ICT's formation in 1994 they would rate more than a 'maybe'. Wins at Parkhead, Tynecastle and Motherwell as a lower-league side. Quarter-final in 1996 as a div 3 side. Semi-finals in 2003 and 2004 as a div 1 side. Knocked Celtic out twice, before doing it again in 2015. Also, pre-1994, you could make a fair argument for Caledonian as the Talbot of their day.
  10. It was actually a Whitehill win in 1987, their sole victory. They’ve had, I think, 8 draws against league sides.
  11. Should have twigged that - the Futbology app told me 2 days ago that I was there 9 years ago
  12. Aye I would doubt if they would issue, but I remember one year the programmes were tied in with the sponsorship, must have been during the Tennents days.
  13. Always a tall order going to Muirton but they had played Albion Rovers on the Wednesday night. There was a day when I would never miss a Welfare game in the Cup, I'd avoid booking holidays etc. Can't see them winning this, so they'd be out of the Cup before end of August for the first time in their history. Probably take in Lithgae v Banks. Are Jeanfield likely to issue a programme for this?
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