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  1. Usually get a flock of them flying about the sea wall at Musselburgh in winter. Somebody tweeted seeing them this week.
  2. My broadband never gets above 40 MB but I had no issues. Apart from the shite commentator, the lack of zooms, the lack of replays, the baldy MoM, etc, etc.
  3. We all emailing [email protected] then? Do they not state how many subscribers they got, or was that just the Pars last week because it was in-house?
  4. If it's any consolation he seems to know more about the Ayr players than ours...
  5. The Feith Uaine bothy, miles from anywhere and Long known as the “Tarf Hotel” because of it’s AA sign. The sign was kept on after the bothy was renovated.
  6. A few pretty average shots from Shetland a couple of weeks ago: Gannet, Ringed Plover, Twite, Curlew, Fulmar, Turnstone. Quite pleased with the Gannet diving mind you, been trying to get one of those for yonks.
  7. How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the oven till its bill withers.
  8. What happened the day then? 1-1 at half time against a team that will be well up the table.
  9. Kind of ironic this as ICT will be getting more money from me this season due to the Covid and I’ll be watching them more often. Gave up the season ticket years ago and now only make a couple of home games a season, so it’s usually the away games I make.
  10. This one of mine has been floating about the internet for years but it’s all I have. With hindsight I would have been snapping away at the football since I got handed a Kodak Instamatic at age 12, especially if you could predict all the changes. When you’re young you kind of assume the world’s always going to stay the same.
  11. Victoria Park, Newtongrange in the 1980s. The stock car racing is on. The site is now covered by houses. The Borders Railway runs along the bottom of the picture and the road is the A7.
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