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  1. The most noticeable thing for me is that in the Merganser, the beak is thinner and tilts slightly upwards. You can see this even at a distance. The Goosander’s bill has a definite downward hook on the end.
  2. Are you determined to go at Easter? I was the same (see post above) but went in September. May or June maybe? We’re lucky that we can go any time as the missus has the parents’ house. Could have been Feb, could have been April, but confident we’ll get there sometime this year.
  3. Wee Wren the other day. Not in the garden, like. We get feck all but Magpies and sparrows and pigeons.
  4. Just check the QoS thread from Wednesday for the answer 😂 Who's Lauren? She must have some playing experience, thought she was excellent.
  5. Exactly. Away fans find it amusing because for them it’s a one off. For us who’ve sat through it since day one with the baldy linesman, complained to the club and been ignored, we’re fucking angry.
  6. Why's Storey not going to meet that ball? Ends up conceding a foul, lazy c**t.
  7. Guys, none of us know him but apparently he supports County. Remember we've had to suffer him all season, we've heard it all before, so some new patter would be nice...
  8. Met this guy David Bauckham at Gala when he flew up, from Sussex I think, to write this INCREDIBLY DETAILED ARTICLE. Think it was his first time in Scotland and he was only there for the stand. Whitehill kind of pissed on their chips that day. I'm in one or two of his shots but just for a laugh I got one of him 😉 🔽🔽🔽
  9. Spot on. I’ve seen 1 or 2 of Steve Marsh’s videos and he’s certainly a great ambassador for Scotland. 2 hours though 😂 This made me have a squint at the CalMac timetable as I was up there with Mrs Mantis in (gasp) 2007. The sailings have changed a bit but what we did is roughly achievable today. Sunday - drove up to Oban with the bikes and climbed Meall Nan Tarmachan on the way. Stayed in the YH ( we were on a budget, we would do it in comfort nowadays). Monday - Hostel allowed us to leave the car all week. No trivial matter as I have always found parking in Oban a bit tricky. Got the 8am ferry to Coll with the bikes. Had most of the day in Coll and stayed at the hotel. Brilliant seafood platter. Met Rob Wainright (Scotland rugby player) who moved to Coll to work a farm. Tuesday - whole day in Coll and ferry to Tiree about 6 pm and got brilliant fish & chips on the boat. Cycled to Millhouse Hostel where we got a double room. Wednesday - whole day in Tiree Thursday - whole day in Tiree and ferry back to Oban about 8pm so very late in Oban. Stayed over in the YH again. Friday - home. The ferry seems to be quicker now as it was 3 hours to Coll when we went. Same boat though. Unfortunately it pished rain Mon and Tues, Tiree was better but the totally stunning weather was Friday when we were back in Oban...
  10. According to the latest Scottish Birds, a breeding pair was confirmed in D&G in 2020.
  11. Wiki says one pair bred in 2020, presumably in the deep SE. No doubt @LondonHMFC will put us oot wir misery...
  12. Beat me to it Stevo. Checked online and seemingly White Storks are now in the uk having been introduced. I’ve seen them in Extremadura where they’re ten a penny along with Griffon Vultures, and I even saw one Black Stork. There are Fallow Deer in Scotland but I’ve only ever seen them at Loch of the Lowes, twice, and I doubt if they ever grow headgear like these which are presumably park deer.
  13. And he went across to Ernie’s cart and he didn’t half kick his ‘orse.
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