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  1. The Photography Thread

    Probably better to state your budget first, then @Stevo Fife will be in with the Nikon suggestions and me with the Canon But the market is crammed so there are no poor cameras. Sony make some real winners these days, and for holidays I carry a Panasonic Lumix compact which is excellent for about £250. I'm selling a Canon 6D at the moment but it's body only and probably not what you're after as an entry level camera. You have permission to pass the word around though
  2. The Photography Thread

    Was at the camera club last night for the Annual Cups awards. Got an unbelievable 20/20 for all 3 digital images. Obviously have to tell somebody. The first is 'Metrosexual' which was taken with an iPhone. The other two are 'Caledonian Isles' and 'Killing Machine'. The dinky wee trophy looks like this:
  3. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Cheers for that - I'd never heard of them before Can any of the grown-ups on here tell me if portable toilets are acceptable at a licensed club? I can recall Alloa having them a couple of years back. Also I imagine there would be a requirement to provide a disabled version. ETA - cheers @Nimmo's Notes , post overlapped.
  4. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Looks like Stjarnan are at home on the Friday night. It's to the SW, an easy 20 min bus run from the centre of Reykjavik. Also Breidablik on Saturday afternoon. Never been there but it's even nearer, almost walkable from the centre.
  5. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Is it not the case that clubs can hire portable toilets?
  6. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    What, over in Perthshire were you
  7. Rotterdam

    Went in the train from Amsterdam to de Kuip with Mrs Mantis back in the days of van Hooijdonk as the Ajax fixture had been moved to the night before we arrived. Saw a pretty dull 0-0 with NAC Breda . Amazing how the away support have their own platform at the station and are escorted over a walkway to the away end without encountering anybody else More recently, stayed one night there at the women’s Euro 17. I was determined to spend a night in the Cube Houses and managed to persuade the Mrs even though it’s a hostel. Was terrific though. The Oude Haven is just round the corner from it. Loved it all apart from €20 per day parking.
  8. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Every time (2 separate words ) Cosgrove pretends to know all about something that has just been brought up. I don’t have a problem with that. Not sure I’ve ever even used the word, so if I do, f**k knows how it’ll come out
  9. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    You don't need a license to listen to the radio. The bit about having receiving equipment in your house is a myth too. It's whether you watch or record live tv that matters.
  10. Breastfeeding in public

    What if the baby has its first couple of teeth and you hit a bit of turbulence?
  11. Scottish Islands

    I’d been before so it was just to let the missus tick it off her bucket list. Buzzed up and down on our bikes and had a few drinkies in the hotel. Food was great. Mrs Mantis wanted to visit Achamore Gardens too, but you’re right, not much else. A bit of a contrast from 96 though. I stayed at the b&b above the P.O. run by the McSporrans. McSporran was on the tv back then as he had so many different hats/jobs. The community bought the island and seem to have improved it.
  12. Scottish Islands

    Took the missus to Campbeltown and then over to Gigha for a couple of nights. From Campbeltown, walked over to Davaar Island which is tidal. Davaar has a cave painting of the crucifixion which dates from 1887. I was there in 1996 on a cycling trip, since when the painting has been vandalised into a likeness of Che Guevara and restored to the big man JC once again Had to fit it in with the tides so we then had some quick scran then tried to make Mull of Kintyre for photos before dark. But failed. It's 15 miles from Campbeltown but takes over half an hour due to the poor state of the roads, so pitch dark when we arrived. Saw the light over at Rathlin Island in Norn Iron though. And some red deer. Stayed at Gigha Hotel on a Wowcher deal. The hotel is now owned by the community so has an obese English bloke as manager, who needs to look up from his computer occasionally and get some exercise before he pegs oot. The excellent staff were all Lithuanian.
  13. Can't be Bobby Russell. He's upright. He played for Rovers didn’t he? I took that as a standard anti-Rangers comment then I started to wonder... eta - I think the podgy-looking Hibee in the background is Ally McLeod. The blurry Ranger is probably Parlane.
  14. Admission prices list

    I was at Leith this season, asked for a concession on the spur of the moment, don't usually bother at non-League, but I'm over 60 so always get one at SPFL games. The guy on the gate just basically took the piss, in front of a couple of young lads too, said it was £5 for everybody and left me feeling like a right tit.