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  1. Never knew you were a goalie. Last time WW got drawn there in the cups it was 5-2. WW played their U21 goalie for whatever reason. I think Eyemouth scored first, WW quickly equalised, then the U21 goalie let a passbook roll under his foot for 2-1. The back four spent the rest of the game keeping the ball away from him... this is the legend Wayno scoring with a flick in the second half.
  2. Great times there with Whitehill. Mince pies (rather than Scotch pies) were superb.
  3. Never used BirdNet and not really sure how it works, but a couple of times I've used the Voice Memos native app on the iPhone and you can edit out the silent bits. I got some good recordings of stags roaring at night near a house in Glen Brora, and a Tawny hooting away right next to Edinburgh Castle Esplanade one night. Maybe it can upload to Birdnet later?
  4. Here's a greedy wee Dipper down the Esk
  5. As I remember it, the North Stand was suspended above the terracing, and when the toilets overflowed, the pish just dripped down. The terracing had its own toilets at the back, but you had to go under the drips to get there.
  6. Our 12th draw in 27 will guarantee your safety by a bawhair it appears. Welcome payback for that great day in 2010.
  7. Aye sorry, I was sitting with eye drops in at the hospital, fair jumbles up the keyboard 😂
  8. It actually strengthens us anyway. Robbie Deas has been playing at left back where he’s clearly not happy. He moves back to CB and Cammy Mackay comes back in at LB after losing his place through injury.
  9. Isn't there something you once heard a supporter of Uncle Roy's mercenaries say, can't quite remember...
  10. He should just STFU and let the Irish guy talk between the silences. He's almost as bad as Andy.
  11. They’re around the Pentland Hills and there’s quite a few in Glen Shee, or is it Glen Clunie, the bit between the ski centre and Braemar. Just going by reports, I’ve never seen them myself. You also get migrating Dotterel on the highest tops of the Pentlands for a couple of days in May and on the way back in the autumn.
  12. Well all this must have been inspiring, I got out my bed on Sunday night/Monday morning at 2am and went looking for the Milky Way. It was -3 according to my car and I was back in my bed on the stroke of 4, absolutely frozen and Mrs Mantis wasn't best pleased... Milky Way was quite weak but at least you can see it.
  13. Good for you. I've only ever seen one. I've heard where to look for one though so might have a look in the next few days.
  14. How’s Stewart doing? I used to correspond with him back in the day and contributed a wee bit. Must have been before email 😂 I assume he’s getting on a bit.
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