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  1. Lowland League Highlights

    Whitehill Channel
  2. Good choice but I wouldn't have Bingham. It would have to be one from the likes of Bobby Mann, David Raven, Gary Warren, Ryan Esson, Graeme Shinnie, Grant Munro,10cc, Richie Foran and (whisper it) Russeldinho. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Caravans

    Good honest names like John Deere, no trying to pretend they're a spacecraft or something Plus, they usually turn off within a couple of miles.
  4. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Not entirely random, but never mind. Heaton Stannington (Newcastle) 1 Whitehill Welfare 5. A great day out in the sun amidst the bevy for the Fergie Park Faithful.
  5. Caravans

    Why do caravans get such bizarre names, such as Freedom, Crusader, Xplore, Pursuit, Conqueror, Challenger etc. Why can’t people be more honest and just call them Obstacle, Obstructor, Nuisance, Trundler, Delayer, Snail, Tortoise, Traffic Jammer or just BAAAASTAAARD?
  6. The Photography Thread

    Yes but I tried manual focus before, using live view so we’re back to square one Cant see the point of using manual without live view as my own eyesight is the limiting factor. edit- I’ll use AF to focus it then flip the switch to manual [facepalm/] anyway, been pretty busy, so still to try it using a bigger sample. Got some shots of adult ospreys landing on branches etc and on the nest, although not any better than last year, and it was pretty overcast. Also sat in the hide at the fishery for 3.5 hrs but not a sausage booked for the Bass in a couple of weeks but very much weather dependent.
  7. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    14.5k I think the announcement said. About 30 Runavik fans. Headcount by @Rab B Nesbit made it 70.
  8. Bsc Glasgow

    Cheers. Never trust Wikipedia
  9. Bsc Glasgow

    I’d love to be 43 again but I sure wouldn’t be running about a park then getting lectures off the wife when I moaned about coming downstairs the next day
  10. Bsc Glasgow

    Think he is, but he's 43.
  11. Bsc Glasgow

    Seen him a few times with Pollok. Class is permanent , even if he’s 35 now.
  12. England and their celebration scenes

    One incident from 40 years ago. The rest involving those cuddly, Union Jack waving, Rule Britannia singing chappies, Scottish only by birth. To advance your argument you'd need at least half a dozen examples involving the TA, foreign cities, riot shields and water cannon. Instead you get things like this: I must admit the England support has improved a lot in recent years but that's meant changing to appreciate other cultures, rather than treating them as inferior.
  13. The Photography Thread

    Oooft! I feel your pain. Was over in the Netherlands for Euro 2017. Got some great shots of a GC Grebe feeding its chick. Deleted them accidentally when I got home. I’m in aviemore right now trying to get more ospreys. I was doing everything you said except the back button focus but I don’t think it’s relevant here although I do use it in the field. To me, the point is that with two consecutive shots, one was backfocusing, the other was frontfocusing, which to me indicates variation in the AF. Obviously you’re a Nikon user and I’m Canon but putting aside all the usual jokes I don’t think AF is perfect. But I will try a large batch of shots.
  14. The Photography Thread

    Dock arrived today (and also a couple of those focusing charts which are dead cheap anyway) so I took a quick couple of shots using autofocus rather than manual like last time. I used focus at 10m- infinity and 2-10m. Just stuck to 600mm as I'm planning to go after more Ospreys tomorrow. This was before downloading the software, so I also used 2 different bodies just in case the software could cope with this (it doesn't, which strikes me as a bit of a flaw). But 2 shots is not enough as the AF is a bit erratic. I actually got a front focus and a back focus in 2 consecutive shots. I think I'd need about 10 shots to see if there's a systematic error. Just wondering what you did?
  15. The Photography Thread

    These are excellent. Never tried cricket but always been impressed by these shots with the bails flying off Mind you, must be easier than in the old days with film.