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  1. seems bizarre to call off a game with a playable pitch Heading to ice hockey tonight, I guess I should expect the same....of course not lol
  2. When you message someone like on facebook or whatsapp, and it says "seen" and they don't reply
  3. Ended up having to go to work so god knows what team I have as I didnt set up the order (expected to be there live) ah well its the taking part that counts haha!
  4. 1. Yahoo, but happy with whatever is chosen 2. Live 3. "Standard" scoring. 4. Playoffs 5. 4 6. Week 10-12. 7. either is ok 8. league is ok 9. Waiver
  5. What I generally find other than the Salmond bashing, is that most people are obsessed with the UK being a global "super power" and wanting to be part of it....Bizarre
  6. Cheers guys, mainly just asking as I will be at the 3 London games, so will need to update while I am at the tailgate/pub. dedication!
  7. does fleaflicker have an android app?
  8. Appears so, with rumours that Daniel Bryan - Kane will be a buried alive match
  9. Walking along waterfront at night Her :- what are the red lights for in the water? Me :- thats buoys to help ships navigate in water Her :- What do the white ones mean? Me :- thats a car headlight
  10. I will be at Clan VS Flyers tonight, looking forward to it, took this up as my new sport
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