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  1. Pat Paterson is doing a show in Glasgow in October. Could be a chance to ask him some interesting questions about all that.
  2. Raw thread for this pish He's on Main Event sometimes. Jobbing to Mojo Rawley etc.
  3. I know him. He works at Sky call centre with me. Again he probably looks like the exact type of c**t that works in there.
  4. Sure there's an icafe place no far from the venue. Also there was an internet cafe in a building across from queen st station, of its still there. What time we think this will finish BTW. I'm conscious that I need to get a train from queen street home at 23.48. Hopefully as its tape delay rather than totally live it won't drag immensely.
  5. Always have done it on the fly. You can have 1+5 for the same price as well. There's also one on our system where you can just have movies premier for a fraction of the price of the full sky movies. Again its not actively promoted and these are only used as a retention tool when customers phone in whinging about price.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. Was not expecting him at all.
  7. Am I the favourite there aye? In actually had the conversation with a work colleague. He's a total health freak whereas I'm safely in the ooppoite bracket. He could die before me quite easily though. No scared of it anyway. Life's too short
  8. I'm calling it the now. Eric Bischoff will be on Raw this week. Similar to Teddy Long last week in that he will campaign to be the new Smackdown GM and also his DVD is out this week.
  9. I honestly thought I'd left spaces when I did that. Shitey tablet...that or I should go to college.
  10. Never been to Nandos Never been off sick once from work in my puff other than for hangover/comedown related reasons Never seen Game of Thrones either (thank f**k its no only me) Never been to Wales (dunno why but I want to go now) Never set foot in a college Never made a PnB alias (which would be pointless as I am one)
  11. Might get complicated there as my usual alias is Sir Kevin of Kilsyth. He is more likely to attend the event than your friendly neighbourhood Hurricane. Aye there will be dark matches and all that. I watched this weeks B shows on WWE network this morning and it was all taped in London last week.
  12. I'm in 333 on my tod. Cesaro section hopefully.
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