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  1. Did you not get the Scottish football in general? I mentioned Ibrox as it's relevant in the thread topic. I didn't expec the bloody inquisition! Long story short. If I moaned the face aff ma da he'd take me to a game somewhere. Broomfield, East end park, murton etc. Anywhere to shut me up!
  2. Seriously? I was brought up at Ibrox by my grandad and uncles due to my catholic dad not being interested in football. I was there when the cup winners cup trophy was paraded. I was and still am a supporter of Scottish football in general. When I moved to Falkirk in 1980, I started to go to Brockville and have supported them since then. So. By your rules, I'm one? Really? Edit: pselling!
  3. Maybe I missed the post but, I don't remember anything that you posted that is not a reasoned (if not agreed with) opinion.
  4. Yes you can. You can post bull and shit at the same time! To get back on track. None of the authorities running the game in this country have any credibility left. Longmuir had a great opportunity and missed it by a mile.
  5. Like you, Ihave followed this thread from day one. Didn't contribute muc hthen as my questions, etc had been covered a few posts later. I mainly now just look in to see what's changed. To be fair to WRK he's responding to a pile of shite and is guilty by association. This thread will get back on track when there is more information available to debate. In the meantime. Let the kids squabble in their sandpit. When the original and noteable absentees return, we'll know we'ree back on track.
  6. The SFL have to make a statement before the season starts. I said (thousands of pages ago) that getting sellic and newco as far apart in the leagues would be a chance to get those "clubs" to weed out those responsible and the SFL and, for that matter the SPL, should be making it clear to both that POINTS DEDUCTIONS will be imposed otherwise. Would be interesting to see how that affected league positions.
  7. So. Lawyers in now? Thought that would have happened ages ago (posted hundreds of pages back about that). Said then that they would have the legal eagles trying to f**k us over and now it's happening. Just like everything in this farce, it is left until the clowns that are charged with running our game, run out of ways to feed us shite and diatribe so, go for corruption and compound that with threats. Thought Longmuir had the baws, when passed the poisoned chalice, to tell those corrupt arses to GTF but, instead falls in to the hole they are all digging for the game. Shame on them all!
  8. Thought Longmuir had the balls to tell the SFL to gtf. Perfect opportunity for him to say "we have done ok on our own". Gies them. We'll take and deal with them. Now f**k off and stay out of our league. Shame.
  9. Maybe it's the constant trying to catch up on this thread that is bursting my head but.. Punting TCFKAR into the 3rd (at best) gives good time for issues to be addressed. 1. Sectarian singing/chants, etc. Get them as far away from each other as possible in the leagues and then 2. Punish any of that crap surfacing by deducting points. If this "supposed" cleaning up of the bile generated from these two monsters is to be eradicated, then surely the biggest "trial separation" in football can be the time to do it? If they are as far apart in the league as possible the respective (or ONE) bodies could stamp on it without the "they started it" pish. Shellik "fans" giving it pro IRA etc, TCFKAR doing the "up to the knees" stuff etc. Get them told that points WILL be deducted. See if that gets promotion, wins leagues or gets a euro place! Maybe it's a good time to let that crap settle. I'm most likely spouting pish but, there is a general idea there somewhere. (dons tin helmet &hides behind couch!).
  10. If someone like Philip Differ has been looking in here, I'd expect a right good t.v. comedy from it!
  11. lol That's one reason I'm addicted to this thread. More truth and info here that I don't need to look anywhere else.
  12. Absolutely. However I was making the point that their inept decisions add to this thread. I'm in no way disagreeing with you.
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