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  1. Paying a three figure compensation fee for Robinson and giving him what seems like a pretty lucrative salary seems a bit weird
  2. Noticed in the first ten minutes or so that abada was all alone quite a lot out on that side, whos meant to be marking him, mcginley or carroll? fucking pish defending regardless of whos fault it is
  3. Think its about 16p on the Go tariff, been with Octopus for a few years, was about 14p my tariff before this one I think. Going to be big changes come April time so no idea what it will be up to then.
  4. We’ve had a Cupra Leon Estate Hybrid since last summer. Mainly the other half driving it and with it set up on Octopus Go charging at 5p per kwh during the night she can get to work and back for about 50p which is pretty good. The car itself is nice, a similar spec VW or Audi would be considerably more $$$ too. Also I think I've only seen one other car like it in about a year since we initially ordered it which I quite like. The Formentors do seem to be a bit more popular but I guess thats just because everyone seems to be into SUVs just now.
  5. Going by the bold Tony’s latest tweet I definitely can’t see him still being a ‘Well player by the time we play our next game… ETA: I thought the wee orange heart was him trying to be controversial but after a scroll down his profile he has used it previously referring to us so who knows if theres anything in it…
  6. Anyone sampled the £15.99 Lidl peated blend? Keeps catching my eye at the checkout during the weekly shop but not took the plunge yet incase its shite
  7. I don’t think anyone would have had any real complaints had Wright been given the job. What’s hilarious is the individuals who made out that we were basically turning down Pep Guardiola by not giving it to him.
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwells-christopher-long-delighted-scoring-23443812.amp?__twitter_impression=true So it was the shirt number after all...
  9. Picked this up yesterday. Had originally planned on getting one in March/April time but obviously everything went tits up with coronavirus! With a few months of unemployment it was very much on the back burner but one new job later and a couple of phone calls out of the blue this weekend and here we are!
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