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  1. Harris has started being a bit funny/aggressive towards some other entire males. Its really pissing me off as he has been well socialised since we got him and has always been great with other dogs but now he seems to be hitting a teenage phase he seems to be acting the big man. I ended up in A+E for a tetanus last week after having to break up a scuffle between him and a Pitbull/Staffy cross that bit me in the hand when I tried to grab it mid fight. They had played a couple of times before and been ok but Harris growled at it when it came over to him in the park and it all kicked off. Hes about 15 months now so we are just discussing whether to get his baws chopped off or not. Theres so much conflicting info out there as to whether it will actually change anything or not. As I said its just entire males so obviously has something to do with hormones/testosterone but I have read some people saying that its just a phase at this age which should pass but then the vet says if we leave it too long it could become a learned behaviour. Anyone had any experience of anything similar and able to offer any advice?
  2. Mate you hope we get beat in every fucking game, pipe down you weirdo [emoji42]
  3. Is there a pay at the gate option for the hearts game next week?
  4. In before MJC predicts a 6-0 loss and demands Robinson’s resignation...
  5. If MJC was correct in predicting results we would 100% be playing in the Lowland league by now wouldn’t we?
  6. Get some ChuckIt balls, the wee orange and blue ones. They aren’t the cheapest at about £8 for two but last for ages. We got a couple in about March that are still going strong when he was destroying a tennis ball the first time you threw it for him.
  7. Busy day for harris today with his wee cousin Juno. A weeks age difference between them, she follows him everywhere when out walking [emoji23] Also some sardines with lunch for a wee treat...
  8. Harris’ current favourite thing to do is to sneak up onto the dining chairs and sit like a human then act like your in the wrong when you question him...
  9. We regularly come into contact with a rowdy gang of Chihuahuas at the park with ringleader ‘Nacho’ the main barky wee shit. Luckily Harris doesn’t bother with them as I reckon he could probably fit all three in his mouth at once if he wanted! I don’t know about the rest of you but we find that 9/10 its the wee dogs you meet that are anti-social and aggressive rather than the bigger dogs.
  10. Just finished the last episode, meh. Didn’t really feel like anything happened the whole of the last series tbh, all of the episodes sort of merge into one when thinking back and the final episode just seemed to go at 100mph without wanting to let out any spoilers
  11. How does the quarter cask compare to Laphroaig 10?
  12. Quite keen on my Mrs getting a vrs estate now that we have a big lump of a dug, 4 months old and already about too big in the back of her corsa! Not to mention the corsa is so shit to drive and although its a 13 plate it feels about 20 years old inside. Also tempted by a bmw 335d estate but dont know if its daft to get a 14/15 plate one of those with about 50k ish on it. Decisions decisions
  13. Anyone used WBAC/ Arnold buy my car or the likes recently and able to tell me who gave them the best price/closest to their online valuation?
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