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  1. Was genuinely looking forward to going to the game. It’s only 5 minutes along the road from me. £18?!? Get in the bin with that. I’ll spend the afternoon at the fringe instead. At least I can have a pint during a show!
  2. They're showing this one! Not sure if you'll need a VPN or if you can watch it from within the UK though.
  3. Does anybody know if Falkirk carried forward their no 0-0s policy this year? I can't wait to drag someone I really hate along to the next game for free. Either that or my girlfriend...
  4. The Hearld seem to disagree... http://www.heraldscotland.com/mobile/sport/football/extended-spfl-season-would-wreak-havoc-on-player-contracts.120381385
  5. We got so bored last night that the 2 other people I was with decided to count the number of passes Falkirk strung together. Have to say it made the last 20mins of first half reasonably interesting. We only twice got above 3 though. We once got to 9 passes in a row! Surprisingly enough the few times we did get above 3 passes we actually created something that could be described as a chance. Take from that what you will but hoofing the ball got us 0 chances.
  6. Fairly certain Hamilton paid a fee for Darren Hill making him the biggest signing in the SPL this year so far (unless Celtic have spent money now)
  7. I'll bite, Millen looked to have stamped on him. He then looked to have dived under no contact whatsoever. I think there was another Dunfermline player threw an elbow at Tawio in the melee after but it all kicked off then so difficult to judge. The reaction from Bia-Bi was over the top but it certainly looked like Millen should have been sent off for stamping on him then took a dive under no contact whatsoever. Would hope the camera(s) caught it and Millen punished severely if I'm right. On the other hand if he did headbutt him then including the reaction it's probably at least a 4 game ban.
  8. Looked to me like the first half would be out line up against the likes of Rangers, Hibs and Hearts whereas the second half more attacking possibly the line up against the rest of the league. Wouldn't surprise me if we don't get any more signings in now but maybe go for a couple last minute loan signings. Looks to be the way we're going seeing as we've had no more trialists.
  9. I would have thought that could be too late? If we go up through the playoffs it'd be the 25th of May before we know what league we'd be in next season. By that time other clubs could have come in for some of the guys worth keeping.
  10. Clicky Starts a 1:43. The pitch is awful but the goal is orgasmic.
  11. I was speaking about this with a few Rangers fans at work and they've said the exact same about their young players. A lot of the younger players up here just don't seem to give a shit. If you follow any of them on twitter etc it's constant tweets about Nandos/McDonald or playing FIFA and GTA. I don't think you'd ever see the likes of Wilshire, Ronaldo, Messi etc out on a Sunday night for a burger and chips. You could argue that comparison is a bit unfair as they're at the top of the game but surely if you're a professional footballer at any level these days you've got to a least give a bit of shit when it comes to fitness.
  12. He has admitted that he trained with us on Thursday & Friday though... Interesting to see we have no trialists in the squad for today. We finished our spending spree with a grand total of two players? Line up: McGovern, Duffie, Turnbull, Durojaiye, Vaulks, Kingsley, McGrandles, Leahy,Roberts, Fulton, Alston Subs: Grant, Sibbald, Martin, Greene, Bowman
  13. From what's been said over on OneF it looks like it was just an extra opportunity to beg fans for season tickets, while dodging all the difficult questions. Nothing new there then.
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