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  1. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Haha would I be so nasty Anyway looking forward to seeing you
  2. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Good Man
  3. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Oh I am sure you will find a way to play Don't understand why they are making the west ties to played on a Wednesday night though
  4. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Hope you are fit mate would be good to see you turn one more time at Abbey Park mind you will likely will be still playing when the rest of us are collecting our pensions lol
  5. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Yeah that would be good we will give them the upmost respect as they did beat Greenock but as you say a great opportunity to get to at least the semi's
  6. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    This game is scheduled for the 13th May 7pm
  7. Kilwinning Rangers Season 14/15

    Dean Agnew was a superb signing for the club he gives us something that we have been lacking for a few years and he is so good to watch when in full-flow Yep do expect a few new faces to go along with the squad we have at present as in Super 1st you really need strength in depth. But I know the aim of Chris and Colin is to be very competitive and I see no reason why we cant be
  8. Auchinleck Talbot 2 Ardrossan Winton Rivers 3

    Interesting tie next Mr Strain Senior up against his former club and he will have them up for that big time
  9. Todays scores 2nd. May.cheers.

    Scorers for Kilwinning Rangers today Kemp.Lewis and McLaren
  10. Todays scores 2nd. May.cheers.

    Beith 1-3 Kilwinning Rangers FT
  11. Weekend Odds 2nd May

    No mate it finished 3-3 that day
  12. ayrshire cup draw

    Rest of the draw please
  13. ayrshire cup draw

    More than likely the Ayrshire cup ties will be midweek Any news of the other ties
  14. Tonight's scores 29/4/15

    Cheers Lonewolfie
  15. Tonight's scores 29/4/15

    Full Time score at Vics and Winton was 2-2 has gone to pens