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  1. Is anyone else wondering why the Tranent v Linlithgow fixture postponed from MD10 on 31 August 2021 has not yet been scheduled?
  2. Penicuik v Sauchie is being played at Penicuik Park Astro 8pm ko
  3. ok had a look - home team, video footage but cant find a match report - help please
  4. Where can I find his match reports and updates apart this 'unofficial' site?
  5. Out of interest Casey - how many games have you attended this season behind closed doors?
  6. The referee 'sent off' the Crossgates Manager and his Assistant for comments made from the technical area - they were none too impressed - maybe something was said that shouldn't have been?
  7. And when the highlights go up later you will be well and truly silenced and id be delighted to see two dozen BU fans all in line with the ref
  8. Slippy due to the recent weather, bobbly in bits as the top cut up, rutted certainly wasn't!
  9. Not on the public Planning Meeting agenda on MC website. Would be good to see Bonnyrigg Rose confirm where they got the lights from given their previous public criticism of MC on 'we get no help' front.
  10. The old.chestnut again - Midlothian councillors I believe used their former 'community'funds to improve council owned assets at Penicuik, Dalkeith and Easthouses as well as other sports facilities e.g rugby clubs for the long term benefit of the community. These clubs use the facilities under lease or other arrangements with the council and pay for those facilities so the capital cost or otherwise of the lights may well be being recovered long term through those arrangements. Midlothian Council should be applauded for improving local facilities shouldn't they?
  11. All 12 clubs were due to be part of Licensing Committee report to the scheduled SFA in February which was subsequently cancelled. Every club would have been informed by the Licensing Committee of the content of that report re 'variances' or full compliance and therefore meeting the entry level requirements prior to the SFA board meeting. The expectation of the clubs would have been that the SFA Board meeting in February would have accepted those who met the criteria 100% into membership. The process and timelines were quite clearly laid out and explained during the licensing process and the audit by the licensing officials. If any other club thinks different i would be interested to know.
  12. The SFA rules state that derogation can only be granted by the Licensing Committee to 'member' clubs. None of the six rejected clubs who failed to meet the entry level standard due to not having floodlights were or are member clubs. A member club is one who on meeting the Entry Level criteria that is audited by and passed by the Licensing Committee is then recommended to the SFA board as having met those requirements and their membership application is approved by the board. The clubs who were both approved and rejected would have known prior to the Licensing Committee meeting in early February as to whether they had cleared any 'variances' or had any e.g. floodlights outstanding. They would have been fully aware in either scenario of the Licensing Committees decision. Derogation is open to member clubs after their annual licensing audit where they have 'variances' and they have to apply for it. This will apply to any member club i.e. LL clubs currently without floodlights after their next audit. The refusal of licences is due to criteria changes during the application to audit process and the SFA dont cover themselves in glory. Any future new applicanys will need to be very wary od the timing.of their applications. PS would be interested to know where the lights Bonnyrigg have in storage.came from and when do they think.they will obtain planning permission as.not on MC planning agenda this week.
  13. Anyone wanting to see the OF game should just head to Penicuik for 12 noon and watch the game in one of the towns fine hostelries. The Navaar, Crown, Royal and the Miners Club will all be showing it and will make you most welcome.
  14. If you read the manual properly it refers to 'Clubs' as SFA members and the process of derogation and the appeals process apply to member clubs. There is no direct reference to derogation or appeals for applicant clubs. It seems that until you are a 'member' derogation is not in the hands of the Licensing Committee which may clarify why the Board were involved. It was clear from the Licensing Officials that new applicant clubs had to meet the criteria 100% with no 'variances' before being recommended as 'new members', hence the clubs who did not meet the criteria 100% were not recommemded by the Licensing Committee for acceptance. Just trying to clarify the process without commenting on other issues, as it seems alot of commentary and misinfomation around from posters.who may not have been directly involved.
  15. BREAKING NEWS Penicuik Athletic Football Club are delighted to announce that the SFA have confirmed that following consideration by the Board, our application for membership of the Scottish Football Association has been approved. Our Membership will be effective from the commencement of the Scottish FA Annual General Meeting, which is being held on Wednesday 12th June 2019, at which the club will be represented. Everyone at the club is delighted at this news and having achieved SFA Quality Mark status during the season the full SFA membership is an achievement that was set out when we made our move to join the SFA pyramid last June as new members of the East of Scotland Football Association. The club now heads to the next chapter in its history with a place in next seasons Scottish Cup to look forward to and further ground improvements taking place at Penicuik Park over the close season. The club would like to thank everyone who has made this achievement possible .
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