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  1. They're almost as tidy as my red and grey pair. Love Asics. Comfiest trainer out there.
  2. She thinks youre a bit creepy. That was an awkward smile and tbh I don't blame her.
  3. He looks like a fucking ballsack. He's got 10 years left in him at most.
  4. Got caught because I'm a silly billy
  5. Am I the only who lies down to wipe...?
  6. People who don't pass first time genuinely shouldn't be allowed to try for another 10 years.
  7. Cheating keeps a relationship spicy
  8. I would just like to say that while I was locked out for the week I felt the bullying of Philpy was pretty harsh and unacceptable. I'm all for laughing at people but some people took it a bit too far.
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