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  1. Away put your tampon back in. I'm proud to wear the hoops on my holiday & I couldn't give a toss what anyone else thinks. I had a great time Rome is amazing the only downside is the locals are all rude twats.
  2. On my last day in Rome. The metro & buses ate on strike so were chilling at the hotel until the next hotel shuttle runs. Rome is an amazing place for sight seeing .the buildings are mind blowing. We booked our tickets for the Vatican and the Colosseum which bypassed the massive ques. We used the official websites too. There are scam merchants everywhere you go. At the Vatican we were told for an extra 40 euros each we could get into st Peter's square after the Vatican tour finished and it's the only way in. He said look we are official and pointed to a painting of the Vatican seal. I told him to bolt & we did enter the square after the sistine chapel anyway. Centhusiasm outside will offer you a picture with them make sure to better a price before hand I almost got caught out with that one. There are lots of africans trying to sell you hats bangles water etc just blank them they will try sweet talk you before hand say it's free then ask for money for the baby etc they are annoying as f**k. I've also seen woman with kids on the metro they say a loud prayer and then ask for money everyone blanks them. The metro is great you can get a ticket for 1 euro 50 cents that can be used on metro and buses for 100 minutes metro goes everywhere but we were warned by locals about pick pockets especially on the bus. Terminus is a shitehole we saw 1 young asian girl giving cops a statement I think she had been mugged. The Vatican was good but by end It was like being herded like cattle even without a guide. The Colosseum is amazing as is the Roman forum but you could do the Colosseum in an hour or so easy. Trevi fountain etc are all ok well worth a look. Got to say I'm enjoying the holiday but it's the hottest place I've ever been to and the locals and customer service are shocking I now really dislike the Italians quite a bit total cu*ts if you need advice ask an elderly person much better chance. My Celtic top has helped me a good few times too getting a convo about the footie is always good with the Italians tell them your Scottish not English helps a bit too. Going to do the hop on bus in a bit too fkn hot to walk around today. Chow
  3. Thanks again guys I'm buzzing for this trip now. We arrive on Tuesday night and are staying at the Sheraton hotel not quite in the city center but I got a good deal on it. The nearest thing to it is the gay village so we might try it for a laugh believe its an open air night club. Were booked in for the Vatican tour at 12:00 on the Wednesday. I thought about going early to catch the pope but unless he is wearing the hoops and gives it a chorus of Rome is green and white from the balcony I'm not that bothered about seeing him or the crowd. I know about the dress code but I've heard there is no back packs allowed in the vatican city either ? I love a bit of history and I'm buzzing for the colloseum and the Sistine chapel. Rome looks amazing. What have the Romans ever done for us ?
  4. Sevco like oldco seem to be running while insolvent. When will the SFA start to enforce their own rules ? I can't see old has been South American players making an instant impact in our league. Aberdeen have nothing to fear about losing their 2nd spot imo. Joke of a diddy club.
  5. I reckon Christie will stay with us and Hayes will be coming too. Buying one of your best players will weaken your team a tactic we seem to do very well. Why ? Because we can HH
  6. Thanks guys, some great advice there. I have now booked tickets in advance for the Vatican and the colloseum tours. We are thinking about going to the coast for a day if we get time too. What's the best way to get around & did you get a taxi from the airport ? Looking for stuff to do or see at night too.
  7. Taking my gf to Rome in a few weeks time for a short break. We have 3 full days to go sight seeing & would like to go see all the usual sights, Vatican city etc. Has any one been and do you have any tips/advice at all ?
  8. I live in Glasgow I'm a Season ticket holder and ive been going to watch Celtic for over 30 years & just incase your wondering yes I did go to a Catholic school. Jealous as fck & looking like a dick by showing it imo ^
  9. Just made my morning seeing all the diddys seething with their bitter jealousy. GIRFUY we are going to dominate Scottish football for eternity and I fkn love it. Get back under your rock the lot of you will forever be in our shadow.☘☘☘
  10. Bennett years later & still utterly seething at bloggers & their donations GIRFUY you let your club die and these guys are making money from it Is everyone stocked up on jelly & ice cream for the Craigy Whyte court case
  11. For all of the fans from all over Scotland who spent their hard earned cash following their team week in week out through the EBT years, the very least the SFA can do is strip the tribute club of their TAINTED titles. CHEATS FC
  12. Just here to fkn lol at the deid embarrassment of a joke club. Mind the gap ya Diddy tramps. HH.
  13. The gullible idiots have chosen to defend their club when they should have saved it. They let their club die and are now still doing nothing but trying to defend the honor of those who are ripping the utter pish out of them. What a fantastic embarrassment of a deid club and what must be the most gullible fans in the world. You let your club die & are to blame for the ongoing & fun epic mess GIRFUY HH
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