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  1. You can get them online apparently, Teamwear website perhaps?
  2. It was 4-4-2 throughout, but bucky and mcniff were often really far apart. New players; lynas, love and byrne look promising. Trilaists; the redheaded midfielder (findlay gray?) was in amongst it, but was often a half second behind the play. No other caught the eye. Braves; very technical and content with a short fast passing game, a few of their players looked more than comfortable in the game and I really liked their left back.
  3. I'm surprised that there hasnt been departures from the group on 2y deals. Paton might be the only one who left for something better, but I kind of imagined that some of them wouldn't have fancied playing in the 2nd.
  4. I'm maybe a little late to the season ticket chat, but it seems great value when compared to the walk up price. I think there us also an option to pay the ST up over the year which is quite considerate nowadays.
  5. If the players can be as assertive as they were on Tuesday and we can get the first goal, then who knows what will happen. No mistakes today, take our chances and see what we get.
  6. Stanger has been pretty decent for us, but was definitely out of sorts on Tuesday. If he was going to make a mistake, and who doesnt, that wasnt the best time for it. I think we've got a chance tomorrow, in hindsight I think we played really well but were undone by the first 2 freaky goals. We're capable of winning the game and if we can avoid throwing them in at the other end, the tie could be close.
  7. Out coached. I'm pretty sure we played exactly the way EC wanted us to. That said we made plenty of half chances and some terrible mistakes that were punished. Stanger has been pretty solid in general but his mistake for the first set the tone. But before that we'd seen signs that our defence was unnerved by the long ball and goal kicks. EC seemed to have 4 men up, man for man against our defence for every goal kick and we were a little fortunate at one point when the 2 CBs went for the same ball and never got it. I dont see us turning this around.
  8. God loves a trier. Duthie is one if the hardest working players we have, so I guess that might be what swung. Personally I voted carsy and carlo
  9. Yet he's applauded off the park by your fans.
  10. I think the only issue that might stop Faz fielding the same starting 11 for the 3rd week in a row would be Carsys knock from last saturday. If he's fit, expect the same, if not I hope he brings in Wilson or McKee instead of moving Carlo into Cm. Looking forward to it today, get right in about it early.
  11. Fair play to Kieran Wright and Connor Duthie, both kept us in it today. Big Norway was gallus when winning the pen, always under control, never rushed, silky smooth. Delighted for him, Duthie and the rest of them. Got to take it into next week now
  12. Faz said on Tuesday that our good performance on Saturday was tied to having our best players back and that he'd like to have a settled team. In which case expect the same as last week. Only one of that lot I might change would be Duthie, perhaps for Wilson or Wylde.
  13. What's the parking situation at Alloa nowadays? Is there still a waste ground next to the KFC with the other option being the supermarket up the road? Expect the same line up as last week. Although Duthie works hard and is very direct, he might be the player I'd change out.
  14. Colin Steven is tomorrows referee, so frustration and bookings galore
  15. Aye, but I was looking at the recent games. If we'd won our recent head to heads against they 2 we'd have 32 points, peterhead 25 and east fife 20. Arguably we'd be feeling safe.
  16. For lots of reasons, Montrose are better than us and should win. If you were a betting man I'd get on them just now before the odds shorten.
  17. It's going to be tight I think; peterhead have 28 points and are to play us and east fife, 6 points from last 33. Us, 26 points and 8 points from 33, peterhead at ours in a few weeks. EF; 23 points and have taken 10 points from 33. How different it would have been if we'd not lost to EF and Peterhead.
  18. I dont think a change is coming, so I guess theres nothing else to do but try and support the players. I thought the boy Stanger done ok at left back on Saturday. But keeping Boyle and Muir on the bench is a perfect example of Fazz' signing strategy, man management and support to the younger kids. Never mind that he's dragged Lynch out of hibernation and thrown him in the 11, then subbed him and then subbed the right back again. He might be a nice guy, he might talk a good game, but we've got to be better. He was lucky in January I think when on a honking run of form he signed Wylde and Josh before a win and 2 draws. Since then it's all gone wrong again and we've seen changes in shape, horrible tactics, a terrible lack of squad depth and frustration from the players. Hopefully he flukes 1 or 2 wins again
  19. Bronsky was signed because Faz burned Lynch when he was struggling. Wright was signed because Faz burned Ramsbottom when he was struggling.
  20. Theres not an issue with 31 individual errors as such, it's the mentality and how you react to that mistake. His response this far has been to burn that player and sign another, now he cant and he's left looking at the bench wondering who's minded to knock their pan in or be a match winner for him and the club, answer is no one. That lies with his management throughout the season.
  21. 2nd bottom in the league and we play out a complete non event. Toothless and accident prone are not a good combination. I'd accept that Faz was limited by suspension and Covid today, but to field a team with 7 defenders and therefore minimal attacking threat is ridiculous. Falkirk are unsettled yet we didnt try and get in about them. He's got to go and give someone else the chance to help these players turn it around, if he was capable of that we wouldn't be in this position.
  22. Dumbarton to play with the same shape as last week; Wright; Bucky, Bronsky, Stanger; Wylde, Paton, Carlo, Orsi; McKee; McLean and Duthie. Theres a good chance we'll sit really deep and look to counter, so might be Orsi up top. 1st goals the winner.
  23. At one point yesterday Stanger played a ball from the half way line over the head of Stokes and out for a bye kick, Farrell turns around in frustration and shouts about passing the ball properly. Stanger is a kid we've signed from the senior leagues because geggan failed and he lost confidence in Lynch. You could argue he's misused his budget and then failed to get the best from, or improve the players. We re at the arse end if the season and I cant think of a player who has got better over the season.
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