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  1. I seen the lights on at the Rock last night, there was a game last Tuesday night but I think it was Rangers youths playing a game.
  2. Aye, booked in for 8 to 830 departure. Looking forward to it
  3. Peterhead seem to have had a good start with 2 draws against good teams and I'm sure will expect 3 points against us.
  4. St Mirren were better organised than us and limited us to very few chances. Great free kick to decide it, but they didn't create much either. Would be quite content to take their goal scorer Jack and the big centre back on loan.
  5. The 1.3 diesel by any chance? A friend has sold his to a mechanic after years of it cutting out whilst driving around. Its suspected to be the fuel manifold pressure sensor but it's been in 2 garages about 3 times each.
  6. I tend to agree with Wilf with regards Duffy and Steele. We all complained that Duffy wasnt putting a squad together and that some of the players being signed weren't proven or experienced. It now seems that Duffy had a smaller budget at that time.
  7. I intend to go on Tuesday and will probably take the wains too. I've not seen us play since the Motherwell game and the club need the money.
  8. East Fife 1 Peterhead 2 Falkirk 2 Dumbarton 0 Forfar 2 Stranraer 1 Montrose 1 Airdrie 2 Raith 1 Clyde 1
  9. I don't mind Kyle Hutton too much, if he's given a role that suits him. I don't think he's attacking minded enough to be an attacking or advanced midfielder and that protecting centre backs should be his remit. Not playing wide in a 3 or 4 man midfield. I think he's good in a set role and just now he's being asked to do something in the team he's not suited to. He also gets brownie points with me for playing through injury last year. All that said, I'd rather 1 Gary Harkins than 2 Kyle Huttons, every day of the week.
  10. I don't remember Colin Hosie putting it in exactly those words, but reading between the lines that's what's happening. I'm quite content for the board to take care of the club at the expense of the league. There should have been more consideration of where the money was going when we were enjoying the wealth of the championship.
  11. I think they changed Voulez Vous to fit in praise of their centre back, Hartley? Quite impressive because of the pace of the song, must have spent a long time behind chip shops practising.
  12. Credit to the motherwell fans for changing an Abba song to suit a player.
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