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  1. Some terrible defending in there, credit to montrose but that second goal is a one mistake after another
  2. Duff has done a decent job imo and should be allowed to continue. The aberdeen game was an example that he knows how to put a team out that are organised, disciplined and hard working. I think that we ll pick up points now that players are settling into the squad. McKee, hutts and layne being fit would be a big help. How far away are we from some suspensions?
  3. Dumbarton to come together now that the new players are in and the departure lounge has emptied. Mcgeever, forbes and Seagal in a 3-0 victory
  4. No to Miller at any time, just no. From a distance, his speciality seems to be disturbing settled dressing rooms and undermining managers.
  5. I cant see us releasing anyone at the moment and am assuming that this is an admin error at the pfa.
  6. I feel for Rico, he'd played really well (as they all did). Looking at how Rico reacted, he's either gutted that he fouled Cosgrove or that he stuck his foot out to get him dive over it. Either way, there was no anger from him it seemed, just hugely disappointed. Thought everyone worked their socks off and we were a little unlucky in the end. The back 4 were organised, the midfield done well when we got the ball but we never really threatened. A good performance, no new injuries and some extra cash are the positives.
  7. I've got the worry bead that suspects Frizzel and Shields knew their intentions a few weeks ago and what we have now is Duffy playing the game expected of him; support the young player and their parent club by not rocking the boat or making a fuss. If there's another potential loan player from Rangers or Killie then that might make some sense. In other news; Daz MacKinnon has signed for Partick Thistle yesterday.
  8. Courtesy of Jan and the Lennox; here's Jim saying that deals had been agreed, but were then out on hold by the parent clubs. I think he's done a fantastic job in getting a decent tune out of this team. I was really pessimistic when some of these players arrived and I've been proven wrong. That said, we do need players in.
  9. Two interesting parts of the proposed build for me; the drainage pond to be built behind the houses that currently back onto the ground, and the noise attenuation that would be required to reduce the match day noise (effectively addressing the bad neighbour element)
  10. At the ground itself for a few pound, that includes a half time draw ticket. Area around the ground can be busy, morrisons or the retail park, 5 or 10 minute walk.
  11. *looks for chat about today's game, exits*
  12. Really frustrating afternoon and the game probably went the way stranraer would have hoped, fair play to them for that. That's the 2nd home game where another team have put us right off our stride by hard work and organisation. Hutton done his part in trying to get us on the ball and playing, but three of the players in front if him didn't do enough for me, Scullion gets some credit for his role in our goal and Tierney for finishing it, but the other 3 have got to offer more.
  13. That's an odd one for me, unless he thinks he's ahead of the others and deserving a start, why not keep him on the bench?
  14. I didn't notice Duffy today, was he missing? I thought we were terrible, Montrose better in organisation, shape and performance level.
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