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  1. This should be a tight game and is only the first leg. Main thing for both teams will be to stay in the tie until the next leg.
  2. Hope he's fit again soon. I think it was Omar that was involved in the challenge, just before he was subbed off. Having only seen it once, I'm not sure what sort of contact there was. It's a shame someone got injured because I think the tetchy nature of the game was one of the best parts of it.
  3. I'm the same, I actually find myself resenting everyone else being out and about and slowing down my drive to work
  4. Hoping we get another good result and annoy Hartley some, that would be pleasant. Dumbarton to win 2-1, goals from Ian Russell, John Gemmell and Isaac Layne.
  5. East fife bench have sounded a little unhappy in the first half. What's bothering them?
  6. Boy Turner in centre midfield was excellent, great appetite to get on the ball and played well. I see Jim claiming we tried playing with two wingers, when was that?
  7. Does anyone have stats for the games that would detail average length of pass etc? I know that the long ball frustrates and is quite ineffective, but I wonder if part of our problem is that we want to play our way up the park, effectively filling the space and running out of room for shorter passes. Huntly sat off us in the first half and we then found spaces, but I felt Peterhead played differently. I agree that Frizz and PJ need the ball at their feet, but they also need space to run into. Perhaps the front three could work, but with the two much wider?
  8. That's three kicking mistakes from the goalie in 5 minutes when he's had next to nothing to do, ffs
  9. Is that a light or a speaker about to fall from the stand roof?
  10. No I didn't sorry, dont pay those leagues much attention, I guess that's shows.
  11. Define junkie please, that seems really unfair on the boy from what I've read.
  12. All these junior players would be on good pay I would guess. We know that the likes of EK and Darvel are being heavily supported just now. I would also guess that there might be incentives, such as sign on fees, for those players to sign with senior teams. Reading between the lines and giving Duffy some credit, maybe we dont have much or any transfer kitty to trade with? Out of interest, does anyone have a list of Duffy signings?
  13. The Duffy kicking is getting a bit boring now guys, hopefully we get a good game on saturday and it cheers us all up. I think Aitken had a much easier job attracting players and yet he still made some poor decisions. He would have had more money, a higher league and bigger teams to play against. I dont know what Duffys budget is, but I guess he's shopping where he can. I think East Fife signed 3 kids on loan before Nathan Austin, perhaps they've put all their available money into that one signing?
  14. I can recommend Cycletrade and Bike for Good in Glasgow for buying good used bikes. Checked over and set up by experienced mechanics and a good vibe about both places.
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