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  1. Kilsyth will be streaming today's game vs Drumchapel
  2. How many clubs have been approached with a promise of a £10000 gov grant for non rateable properties. Just after your bank details and copy of statement .
  3. Its total rubbish . No this is not happening and no such players even exist !! Same guy spouted same pish a few years back about getting a player from clyde ... dunno what he gets out of it.. thinks it's really funny a suppose
  4. Nobody buying your shite mate. Give it a rest
  5. Was switched when forecast was for poor weather all week. With both teams yet to play it seems the wise decisions to use Renfrews astro . Seems a bit of a odd statement from yourself. Duncansfield is seldom off outwith the norm
  6. There would have been little point in a inspection in this area, it would simply been called off.I understand they gave it a chance . The ground was covered in frost till after 10 and yes the sun was out but by 11 o'clock we made the call just down the road. The top layers had gone but shaded areas and any ruts were solid. I would imagine guys meadow was the same
  7. Let's not lose perspective here. What was said was totally unacceptable and he has now rightfully resigned. This is a man who has given a lot to the game and yes he used language that has long since been deemed derogatory and offensive. That said it doesn't make him a racist. He shouldn't be demonized in this way. Not one delegate stood up and took him to task at the time of the meeting. Hes the product of a by gone age, and chat like that just proves he should have been gone long before, but please let's not try to hang the man for one poorly chosen turn of phrase. Hes gone . Hes apologised. Let's move on .
  8. Oops!! Rob roy obviously from your school of thought !! So that's refs to pay bus for kilwinning all on a hunch it will be fine
  9. Pitch verti drained this week and tractor left some rutted areas which are solid.
  10. I can assure it wont. I'll send u a picture. U dont just wait for the teams to run out at 1.45 by the way !
  11. Badly missing whyte in goal. His replacements have all looked a bag of jaggys
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