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  1. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    I've heard it all now. Snake pit !! And venomous! . Who's writhing this stuff for you !! . For 22 points at this stage of the season and relagation certainties in any other season, had it not been for reconstruction . Good young management team tha you keep keep refereing too have been afforded a free run and all on the promise of what's to come next season. Then and let's be clear they or he quit.
  2. Kilsyth Rangers

    Mark Daly and Glenn Weir
  3. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    In my original post you clearly took offence as to where the blame for this sorry mess should be placed. I questioned why the council were to be made the scapegoats, into why the proposed new ground had hit the buffers. I assumed like probably most people, that the sale of Adamslie and the surrounding ground had all been sold off and money banked. My question then was, if this wasn't enough to go it alone without the assistance of any other bodies involved and purchase land and build a new stadium. Then why sell up in the first place. You mentioned Kilsyth had placed demands ? I'm not here talking about Kilsyth .
  4. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Eh?? Kilsyth demands ?? So if the access is sorted you will sell up and move to your new ground? Well that's good news.
  5. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Why should EDC be made the scapegoats in this mess? The whole affair is solely the making of the committee who sold the land. When it all kicked off there was no talk of having a partnership with the local community or the council footing the bill for part of the new stadium . Now years down the line and money obviously squandered they need a backer as can't afford to go it alone! Now it's petions and save our club and the scandalous way they have been treated by the council. I have sympathy with the local punters who go along and support their team and have been led up the garden path on numerous occasions. I have only 1 question. Why sell your ground if the proceeds don't enable a new home to be constructed within your own town ?
  6. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Don't want to be a smart arse but yes you are wrong. The rule change was around 3 seasons ago. The year after JC appeared as your keeper after being released by Forth.
  7. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    You can't sign a player who has been released after the 31st or play him as a trialist if he has been signed with another junior club at any time that season .
  8. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Play-off was under league rules last season . Amateur or non signed players for the whole of that season can play as trialist.

    Kilsyth v Glencairn on
  10. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Bigger and better??? Manager to coaching staff at Boness!! Don't think so Hoggy!!. [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Make no bones about, it he left us on our arse!! That's why he left. No structured preseason no signings no clue without his side kick McBride . Writing was on the wall when he packed it in.Goes on to blame lack if budget and talking of taking the team as far as he could !! Same league you found it in would be that answer. The most challenging circumstances in the club's history, after the fire and he was gone before the smell of it!
  12. Games off 20/1/18

    Kilsyth v Carnoustie OFF
  13. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Decio Espinha remember that name!!! Linesman today on paper but quite the worst display I have witnessed, and I have seen some belters!!!!!! Second time we have had him and today was worse than the 1st and that took a bit of beating. Off side from goal kicks in last visit and he went on today to repeat that feat and then had a 15 min spell of utter madness. The ref obliged every time. Some of the decisions were farcical surely he could recognise this guy on my lime is not up to it, but no, he then goes and awards a pen of the harshest nature. A hate getting beat just like everyone else but when you get 3 guys totally destroy your efforts it's a bitter taste to swallow. Well done Darvel you win and we move on, that's what I'll tell myself ..... just no the night [emoji21]
  14. Sat 12th Aug 2017. Goals, & gossip.

    Rob Roy score?