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  1. A great out the box appointment! Fantastic to see! Too many clubs go with the same faces that do the rounds all time! All the best [emoji1303]
  2. Told yous when you played Albion Rovers that yous were pish! Seems have came to fruition! I will accept all apologies [emoji23] cause yous might go down again 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. What a pathetic statement to make about a former player of your team. Scotty is one of the best technically gifted player I’ve worked with in the juniors and a great guy into the bargain. Sour grapes possibly cause he choose to leave?
  4. The answer to both those is yes. Not bad for a smart arse eh?? It’s you that doesn’t seem to know anything.
  5. So “The Reporter” only reports on stories he doesn’t actually know the truth to and stories he likes to fabricated all for the purpose of shit stirring? You will have a good career in the media will those sort of skills.
  6. Why ask a question when you know fine well that it has no relevance to junior football. The guy has made a mistake and posted on the wrong forum. Easily done if he is potentially jumping between forums. Just as you have with your walking football posts. Although he didn’t feel the need to ask you a pointless question as to the relevance of your post.
  7. I’m not suggesting that the guys posts were in the correct forum cause they are not. No need to jump on him though when you post about walking football in other thread. That was my point JK.
  8. A new concept of the game? My point exactly. It is not junior football and therefore by your strict laws of this forum it does not belong in the junior forum. The junior football forum is for junior football related matters. Not walking football. So if your going to jump down someone else’s throat then at least adhere to your own rules.
  9. Not junior related in anyway. Is walking football part of junior football? No it’s not. So it’s irrelevant to this forum.
  10. Just as relevant as your walking football posts are in the junior football forum. Give the guy a break.
  11. Aye he’s doing shite. Must be under pressure having topped the league cup section with 3 wins. Time for you to f**k off out of this thread and come back out when the team gets a bad result.
  12. Can’t be that thick can I? Said the other night after your win that yous weren’t good enough against a very inexperienced Albion side! Come the Saturday and yous get beat by Ayr at home! Fans of your team on this very forum saying you will not get promoted, things need to change etc! Aye I sound thick! If you can’t see your not good enough then your in for a long season [emoji23]
  13. Yous might be better off signing ewes cause yous are jobby ming bong!
  14. Told yous the other night that yous should be worried after watching the Albion Rovers game! Yous then preceded to tell me that yous are winning games and yous happy! When in reality if yous want out the champions yous will need to strengthen by a considerable margin! Yous should be worried because yous are pish!
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