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  1. What happens if some clubs get their stadia compliant but others in the same league or conference can’t what happens then? I know it’s hypothetical but do you partially start the league or does the whole league to be compliant? Some teams may struggle to compliant out of no fault of their own which makes it even more harder.
  2. For me it is embarrassing to ask men to come to football with their strips on, play a game of football in goodness knows what weather and then travel home to have a shower. If you can’t get changed in a changing room perhaps 22 guys running about a park isn’t the best option either.
  3. Sadly that’s not true. It was included into a re-start considerations document sent to clubs after conversations with Thomas McKeown Chair of the Grassroots sub committee. So it’s been discussed but as Glensmad said not instructed. So I’d imagine he’s seen the document and seen that it’s a possibility. An embarrassing possibility is my opinion of it.
  4. I know it hasn’t. That’s why in my original post I intimated to the guy that his suggestion of players coming stripped was an embarrassment, an embarrassment to the professional level we play at. Then you jumped in with your junior dig, when no one mentioned it. Maybe not so quick off the mark next time [emoji1303]
  5. Where did I mention the juniors or if things would’ve been different? I didn’t but If I’m correct even the juniors wouldn’t have let a game go ahead if there wasn’t any showers would they not? Yet it’s suggest now that people turn up, play a game in which could be any weather, and go home in their strips which is just an embarrassment. That was my point.
  6. So called professional football, part of the pyramid system and your going to ask men to turn up in their car with their strip on? Couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing for this grade of football.
  7. The fact that you keep answering him, referring to his every post, referencing his numerous so called alias’s and all round egging him on suggests to me that he will keep this up. He seems to be entertaining you and keeping you on your toes wondering who he is.
  8. You very well might be. Will be a good fight for that top spot for sure [emoji1303]
  9. You said boys were proven at this level, there is no level now. Teams will attract possibly better players that may never have entertained the juniors before, teams budgets may have improved dramatically due to the chance of getting to the Tier 6 in one hit, therefore some teams will be unknowing. Basing your argument on guys that have won a league 2 years ago with another team is very thin. I do Arthurlie have mustered a strong squad which certainly catches the eye but in the current situation it will be difficult to pick anyone as favourites in any conference.
  10. There’s never been a league at this level so that’s a strange sentence.
  11. So simply their ‘points per game average’ has earned them a promotion from last year. It’s plain and simple to see. Shotts weren’t happy cause they didn’t get promoted like the other 3 teams and they felt it unjust.
  12. The fact they 3 championship clubs, who happened to be in in the top three places in the final league standings are in the new Premier league would clearly suggest there was promotion. No relegation but most definitely those teams were promoted. Strange that you even suggesting otherwise.
  13. I think the games in hand for you were certainly your advantage. Difficult to say wether you would’ve won them or lost them for that matter! As you say nobody will ever know. Nobody deserves to be relegated if the leagues couldn’t be finished.
  14. How can you possibly say in one sentence nobody will ever know and on the next sentence say your certain you’d overtake Troon? [emoji15] surely you can’t possibly know if you would’ve taken over Troon? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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