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  1. Looks like the ball is yet to hit him and would clear his arms. Is the rule not been amended to say something about the shirt sleeve being a playable part of the body? Either way VAR couldn't have seen enough to overturn the decision
  2. The SFA need to look at what they can do to reduce the queuing time. I take the point that people could turn up earlier but what is the point in changing the ticketing system if it takes longer in actually getting fans into the ground than paper tickets?
  3. I would recommend Grain and Grind on Battlefield road next to the old hospital or Sinclairs on Sinclair Dr, both good food and good coffee in both and about 10 minutes walk from Hampden
  4. Redhurst is a good shout although since they’ve refurbished it might be too busy on the Saturday night for a quiet one. Definitely less busy than pubs around Hampden though
  5. The irony of these people following blindly and not doing their own research to know if the BBC still own the building!
  6. Live not too far away and can confirm they’ve converted it to a temporary car park. No idea what the process is for using it though, assume you’ll be able to drive up and park.
  7. Is it a coincidence that we’re on a winning run with the games so close together leaving less time for training where we seem to pick up so many injuries?
  8. I know we’re 3-0 up but how has Rudden missed that chance? Bread and butter for a finisher
  9. Haven’t thought Cardle has provided enough this season but when he and Erskine came on there was a wee bit more of a threat and at least made a couple of chances. If Brownlie had cleared the ball rather than trying to pass out of defence we’d have held on at least to 1-0
  10. Should have scored when we hit the bar and post then looked the more likely to score until the sending off. If Sena was playing in the first game we’d have held on to the 2-1, Sammon was pretty anonymous
  11. We need a couple of goals today, we’ve kept clean sheets but have given up at least one decent chance to the opposition that we’ve not been punished from. Can’t see that bit of luck being kept up. Also get into good positions and final ball has been lacking, need to make the most of that.
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