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  1. We have a governing body that are NOT fit for purpose. I hope all clubs have been fighting for their right to play. How long is this farce going to go on for?
  2. Fingers crossed! Hopefully they at least get the games played now. My own team Clyde aren’t in a great way but football to me is better than nothing.
  3. The laughable thing is I can’t imagine next season will be much better when Tom Lang departs. Cant wait for the football to start again in whatever capacity. The club are clearly chomping at the bit to get back in action for their fans,
  4. Good luck with that! Probably get about 8 games in League 1 then they will call ‘another’ lockdown. Rinse and repeat!
  5. We are not supposed to get out of it. What we are seeing is a desecration of society. Again as mentioned this is about far more than a virus. To provide some context I was in a country very recently with on average 2 deaths per week(Covid), mandatory face masks in/outdoors. Comply fully or face a huge fine/prison. Based on a whole two deaths per week?
  6. The fact that ‘no fans’ have been allowed back into Broadwood since the 7th March I can’t comprehend. The club have done everything they can to cover all Covid bases. Can’t imagine the players are enjoying the beautiful game with nobody in the stadium. This quite clearly isn’t solely about a virus. No dates have been given at any point, the rhetoric (in March) was all about a ‘new normal’ . We may never go back to normal, which is a very distinct possibility. Based on a death rate that is below 1%.
  7. Starting the thread again for Clyde; in a hope that another win will be forthcoming like last Saturday. The visitors took a good win against Falkirk and having smashed Clyde for five already and should be confident of winning at Broadwood. Timely win at Cove which was great to see. I am hopeful we can nick this. Clyde 1 nil
  8. Didn’t see that result coming today. Buzzing for Danny and the lads.
  9. Looking forward to the game at the weekend. Cove will be up for it after a few poor results in recent weeks. Will Megginson be back? He seems to be a key player and a sure contender for the Capocannoniere. As for Clyde I presume Dave Mitchell will return in the sticks thankfully as will Mcniff? Some good forward play last week again. Here is hoping Goodie can get a goal for us. 1-1
  10. I have said before it is a league 2 squad with 3 stonewall exceptions. Queens Park will come up next summer and League 1 will toughen up further. We have regressed on last season. Maybe the young lads will come good over the season? Can’t see us getting much change out of Cove or the next 3 fixtures for that matter.
  11. Gutted for the lads! Just our luck. But we gotta stay safe and protect our chronically underfunded NHS.
  12. 1-2 Montrose The visitors are a decent, well organised outfit. They will be disappointed if they don’t take something from an empty Broadwood.
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