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  1. Wouldn’t give Danny January. His signings have been dreadful!
  2. Totally agree with you mate! But he isn’t going to go anywhere of his own accord. He probably won’t get another gig after this let’s be honest.
  3. Danny ain’t going anywhere he loves the club and the branch love him equally as much. massive game next Saturday. All aboard the Danny Lennon train
  4. Well done Clydebank. What a result for you. as for us utterly speechless!
  5. Has dgw had a kick today? Seems very little from us going forward?
  6. With this squad it might be in a couple years Spot on!
  7. Best we could hope for really pre season. I never understood supporters saying top 4 playoffs
  8. Hopefully back on it next week. Big big game!
  9. All in all pleasantly surprised thus far!
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