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  1. The irony of us calling out Stirling for being but for two players a mediocre squad is comedy gold. Glad to see Ally back though. Hard working and usually gets a few key goals every season.
  2. I would be curious to know we’re all this money is coming from? Would have loved Ray Grant back but hey ho. Love and Goodie keeping us up again no doubt
  3. Was actually rather impressed by our first half performance. Looked ‘comfortable’ at the back meanwhile being dangerous going forward. Second half the visitors made a few changes and started cranking up the pressure. Didn’t take long for the pressure to take effect. Jamieson made a really important impact and hope he and Ottoo can be retained for next season. Well done to all the club. Management, board and fans. Great to be back at Broadwood tonight amongst the fans seeing my heroes. Roll on August or is it mid July?
  4. League 2 will be shite but at least we will have a chance to win games weekly. Keeping most of the squad because we have no money to attract anyone better. Not much fun following Clyde at the moment. I’d be surprised if we retain the management at this rate.
  5. You couldn’t make it up lol. What an utter joke!
  6. Delighted for the lads and the management team specifically. hope to god we are back supporting you next season. No idea why none of us can get into grounds atm. disgrace
  7. And how are things going to improve next seasons when QP come up? We are going nowhere under Lennon.
  8. Love Danny but has he reached his ceiling at the club?
  9. Another hideous performance from Clyde yes!
  10. Hopefully freshen things up tomorrow night. Defeat isn’t an option and I think Clyde will triumph 2-1.
  11. Lost for words how poor we were again. No service for Goodie and really struggling to make simple passes. I hope we have a clear out in the summer if we manage to stay up.
  12. Don’t see Clyde getting much here. 0-2 to the visitors. I do expect a win on Thursday though
  13. 0-1 Clyde (Goodwillie) good luck lads
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