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  1. A very slick production from the club tonight. Really can't wait to get back to Broadwood. Hopefully we can return to normal when football finally comes back. I'm sick listening to the news, it is depressing and just want to re find a semblance of normality again soon. Well done Clyde FC!
  2. Cove will be a HUGE upgrade on Stranraer. They could very well reach the playoffs as a minimum.
  3. Roll on the new season, hopefully all clubs make it!
  4. With Tom Lang's loan expiring, who is likely to form Clyde's CB pairing next year? Howie/Rumsby or a rejuvenated Martin Mcniff?
  5. I was impressed with Airdrie when they played against Clyde. Their goals for usually flattered us.
  6. Many thanks for posting. Definitely could have done a part 2. Top bloke as well!
  7. Reads like you have a bee in your bonnet.
  8. According to Sturgeon no live football, until a vaccine is found. Surely a statement like that puts the 20/21 season in doubt also?
  9. Thought he was really off color in our final week of the season.
  10. A great watch! No doubt he and the rest of the squad will be chomping at the bit to get back on the pitch.
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