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  1. Outstanding stuff.... well done lads. Really big win today I think!
  2. While the hysteria of the weekend is still very much at the forefront of my mind. We are (league-wise) still in a somewhat precarious posistion. Big two games coming up which are winnable. Really hope we can take 6 points pre Airdrie, Raith and Falkirk to end February.
  3. Very happy to get through on a difficult pitch...
  4. It's a great escape from the rigours of the daily reality. I'd be lost without football on a weekend generally. F**k going shopping! I don't understand men's needs to shout obscenities at players personally. Football is a fantastic escape.
  5. Are we confident for Saturday? Big game for the club!
  6. Very happy to see Tom back. Big strong lad - happy with that.
  7. Really looking forward to this game. Great incentive for both sides but I hope Clyde can progress and hopefully get a money spinning tie - in the next round.
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