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  1. I'd also take David Goodwillie back tomorrow! He could have a rather fruitful partnership with LJ.
  2. Can we turn our nose up at a player like Ray Grant when we still have Kevin Nicoll on our books?
  3. Ray Grant released at Forthbank! Thought he would have been great for them.
  4. We did have a replacement ... Jamieson! Nothing surprises me with the way the club is run.
  5. Amazing job Danny has done tbf losing the best player in the league and that.
  6. Nowt to talk about on the pitch. As was always going to be the case when Goodie departed.
  7. What an embarrassment some of our 'true fans' are.
  8. Great point! If only Goodwillie stayed we'd probably have made the playoffs. Oh well maybe next season
  9. Hoped the club would ride the storm. Reckon Goodwillie will call it quits now. Sad
  10. Will start Danny start our most recent addition?
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