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  1. Wages of Destruction by Tooze. On the economy of the IIIrd Reich. Some of the views/information there contravenes "common wisdom". Some cringeworthy typos or whitewashing, but on the whole an interesting read. Borys
  2. 'Mon the flying donkeys! Borys
  3. Some half measures ARE available: - gate sharing - flat distribution of TV/naming rights/ etc money. Ina SPL context - with its c. 50 million GBP turnover Celtic would still be light years ahead of the rest, while the "best of the rest" like Hearts, Aberdeen or Dundee would see their c.8-10 million unaffected (or make minmal gains). It would be the 4-5 million crowd which would gain the most. Hence it would be 2nd to 12th mob drawing closer. Which could be a Good Thing in itself. Borys
  4. These two pairings gave me a chuckle. Red dot due to fat fingers - will make good elsewhere. Borys
  5. Ain't Annan near the border, and Berwick smack on top of it? Or does Borders mean something else? Borys
  6. But do nos. 1, 2 and 4 have any bearing on Sevco? No. 3 doubtlessly would, and probably no. 5 also affect the newco, but the other three surely only are relevant for Rangers? Borys
  7. There are questions about what Sevco running costs could be. Here are some figures from a few years ago: http://www.football-finances.org.uk/spl/ A pity the site looks dead ... Borys
  8. Any help? http://www.footballgroundguide.com/scotland/index.htm Borys
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