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  1. If your using the app pics don't show up anymore
  2. Cove was junior for a few years before highland league [emoji106]
  3. I dont think Talbot will walk it The lowland league seems to be getting stronger every year and it could be a few years till Talbot get there but I do believe if Talbot went for it a few years ago it would have been a different story and would have won the lowland league easily
  4. GLENAFTON ATHLETIC CLUB STATEMENT As most of out members and fans are aware of we were in talks to incorporate the junior set up into the SFA, but eventually the pyramid talks collapsed, sonafter long discussions on social media, group text and live feeds Glenafton Athletic has decided to apply for the proposed new league set up for next season. There will be a new West of Scotland management committee formed and the it will be taken forward for presentation and as existing members of the Scottish junior FA we still will be eligible to continue to compete in the Scottish Junior Cup , but may be some alterations to suit the new league set up. This is an enormous opportunity for our club to participate in this new exciting venture and challenge, all applications must be in for 7th April then to be ratified by the SFA in early June, but in the meantime we will keep everyone updated and release any information as it comes available. So everyone please stay safe and healthy and hope we return to some normality in the near future Yours in sport John Stewart (Glenafton Athletic Secretary) Surprised that this hasn't been mentioned here or did I just miss it
  5. Heard the sjfa have sent the lowland league a box of chocolate as a piece offering hopefully now every one can now just be friends
  6. Kello rovers Facebook says there playing at cumnock 2oclock kickoff
  7. Good point don't think it's been discussed on here be interesting to see everyone's views [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. Unfortunately not will need to start walking on Monday hopefully will make kickoff [emoji6]
  9. I don't often comment on here but that's way out in my opinion not that it matters looking forward to Wednesday [emoji2957]
  10. Couldn't find a pyramid thread on the east of Scotland forum: how's the new teams settling in after there first season [emoji1787]
  11. Well done on getting to page 5 [emoji851] . As for the red dotting I have no idea as can't see it on my phone
  12. Just read the first few pages [emoji106] after that it's just people repeating the same **** over and over again
  13. Shouldn't matter how many injuries ayr have .ayr should still be winning this tie with a bit to spare but then again it's cup football you just never no
  14. New cumnock road shut all weekend you will need to use the back road [emoji106]
  15. a fa cup 3rd round qualification game is on live now on he BBC red button shame we don't get something similar for the Scottish cup
  16. thanks for the advice just putting in shop to get fixed
  17. Done that been in rice for a week It was dropped in the pool on holiday It turns on conects 3g/ WiFi then just turns off with the battery to hot charging paused warning
  18. Not charging just saying battery overheating charging paused . Can this be fixed?
  19. Fixed it by dialing *##1100# and turning off wifi power saving
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