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  1. My father in law used to say “better a lucky team than a good team”…….we were so lucky in so many games this season!!!
  2. Serious rebuild needed, having no Goodwillie does not help. Also in the past it has looked like players do not want to come to Clyde. Suggest we build a team for 2 seasons…..stick with a bunch of players equipped to win L2 next year if we fail to stay in L1…..staying in L1 with a settled team would be a bonus. We can’t go on rebuilding from scratch season after season
  3. I can’t remember ANY Clyde player going out on loan coming back.
  4. It can be sunny and war in the car park but for some reason once in the stand it is always FREEZING.
  5. Got to apologise to Danny for suggesting earlier in the season that he should go. I seriously did not expect us to stay up this time,. Serious work required now from everyone to make sure we make a go of it next season.
  6. Absolutely did not see that my coming……..made my day.
  7. The DG story is history now. Let’s get back to talking about football.
  8. Thought Danny should chuck it. However next week vs Peterhead should be a “do or die” match. Lose this then there is no way back. Try and get some money for DG in the January transfer window.
  9. Can't see Danny staying now....we are a complete disaster. Probably go down as well, can't see the team improving at all.
  10. Going from bad to worse…..can’t see where we are going to win points. Big game against Dumbarton next week.
  11. I believe we have signing problems because no one wants to come to our club. unfortunately I think the only solution is for DL to go. I can’t see us being in div 1 next season.
  12. Worrying thing is that in Danny's post match comments he sounds down.....maybe he is thinking he has taken this club as far as he can. Wouldn't be surprised if he packs it all in (although I hope not).
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