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  1. What about the choice of the players, coaches, committees etc? Do they not get a choice?
  2. Kello Rovers have been withdrawn from his competition. Finnart are through to the next round.
  3. There is no 'grassing' involved. The WoSFL have a Discipline Secretary and an Assistant Discipline Secretary. It is their jobs to check EVERY teamline against the suspension list. It is not done by way of the opponents putting in a 'protest'. They have split the job into 2 with one doing the Premier, First and Second Division teams with the other doing the Third and Fourth Divisions. The person you're having a go at does not do Arthurlie's teamlines.
  4. All Upcoming Fixtures – West of Scotland Football League (wosfl.co.uk)
  5. The direct advice from the SFA Discipline Department to ALL CLUBS was to check with them if anyone wanted to be 100% sure of a player's status. Buffs did so and were informed that the player had no outstanding suspensions.
  6. Not surprised with Colin Boyd pulling the strings of WOSFL board. Buffs can do as they please. Wrong target on all counts. If you need to have a go at someone, you should look towards the SFA Discipline Department who gave Kilwinning the wrong information when asked about the player.
  7. Following the draw for the Preliminary Round of the West of Scotland League Cup, I have been able to re-schedule some of the postponed games from 20th August. These were postponed due to the Trade Radiators South Challenge Cup. Please note the new fixtures for Saturday 22nd October. Premier Division Arthurlie v Troon Auchinleck Talbot v Hurlford United Clydebank v Darvel Glenafton Athletic v Irvine Meadow Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Pollok First Division Blantyre Victoria v Kilbirnie Ladeside Shotts Bon Accord v Rutherglen Glencairn Second Division Muirkirk Juniors v Yoker Athletic Third Division East Kilbride Thistle v Port Glasgow Juniors Girvan v Newmains United Larkhall Thistle v Ardrossan Winton Rovers Royal Albert v Lugar Boswell Thistle All kick-offs are 2PM unless otherwise requested. All subject to change, especially those that may still be involved in the Scottish Cup on that date.
  8. Everyone wanted a Fixture List right through to the end of the season. It's been provided. If I've now to draw fixtures forward from later in the season it will only create a hole in the Matchday it was originally down for. Those teams will be idle on that day unless I start altering all games for that day which will then have a domino effect further on. The blank matchdays can only be filled by displaced games. (Postponed games, weather related or Cup Fixture Priority related or similar) At the moment there are no suitable displaced games to go into 20th August. I am a bit concerned though that there are 3 teams that will be idle for 2 Saturdays in a row due to them not having a game on the following Saturday (27th August) Which is the day for the Scottish Cup, Scottish Junior Cup and the Strathclyde Cup. So I might have a look at that as it would be better to bring a game forward for them and leave them idle for only 1 of the Saturdays and idle again on the day of the original fixture, rather than 2 in a row. Some of the games that were displaced on 20th August due to the Trade Radiators South Challenge Cup will be re-scheduled to be played on 22nd October now that the draw for the Preliminary round of the West of Scotland Football League Cup is known.
  9. I never mentioned Juniors. I'm talking about the LL v the WoSFL Premier Division. At the moment the LL is not a very interesting prospect to be looking forward to, and doesn't look likely to improve at a decent rate. Thanks mainly to the lack of promotion opportunities. One day it will be an attractive league, but it's not just now.
  10. Not until it's something worth jumping into they wouldn't.
  11. It is 3 UP from all Divisions apart from the Premier Division. That is set in stone. Relegation will be the amount of teams required to bring all Divisions to 16 teams apart from Division 4. If there is no loss or gain at the top of the Premier Division (no team up to LL, no team down from LL) it will be 3 down from Premier to First, 3 down from First to Second, 3 down from Second to Third, 6 down from third to Fourth If there is a net gain of 1 club from the LL it will be 4 down from Premier to First, 4 down from First to Second, 4 down from Second to Third, 7 down from third to Fourth If there is a net gain of 2 clubs from the LL it will be 5 down from Premier to First, 5 down from First to Second, 5 down from Second to Third, 8 down from third to Fourth If there is a net loss of 1 club to the LL it will be 2 down from Premier to First, 2 down from First to Second, 2 down from Second to Third, 5 down from third to Fourth.
  12. Who would decide if the SOSFL was to be downgraded to tier 7? More to the point where does the SoSFL Winner go? I cant imagine the WoSFL teams agreeing to a League sitting adjacent to their First Division with entry to the Premier Division.
  13. They don't want to be involved in running another competition. Other than providing referees.
  14. At present, the Premier Division for next season has 7 licenced clubs out of 16. Let's say that over the next 5 seasons no-one else gets a Licence and 5 of those clubs gain promotion into the Lowland League. In year 6 we would need to relegate all teams that had remained in the Division over the 5 years. Hurlford, who finished in 6th place were the highest non-licenced club this season, so 6 years from now they could win the Premier Division and get relegated. It's also thought that through time we could be looking at a Premier Division that is populated mainly by teams that through no fault of their own, just cannot get a licence. Do they get relegated and never allowed back in if they've had 5 years?
  15. It was a proposal that was intended to be put forward by the MC for the AGM. After further discussions on it the MC decided against putting it forward. There was no consultation with the clubs in the first instance, so no consultation is required to withdraw it.
  16. They should have tried the Lowland League. £40K gets them in. But can they provide someone with a club tie for the selfies?
  17. What happens when Aberdeen want the same privileges for their club?
  18. You've got your opinion and that's fine. I'll just stick with facts.
  19. I didn't delay the competition. It was always the intention of the WoSFL that the last game of the season would be the Kilmarnock Pie Cup Final. So, I'll say it again, it couldn't be played any sooner.
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