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  1. Macron Scottish Junior Cup 5th Round Draw Pollok v Fauldhouse Talbot v Tayport Stoneywood Parkvale v Beith Broughty v St Rochs Hurlford v Gartcairn Petershill v Darvel Kello v Meadow Rob Roy v Neilston Ties to be played on 25th January
  2. Craigmark v Kilsyth Dalry v Shotts Lesmahagow v Larkhall
  3. The power of social media. Thanks guys. You are quite correct. The normal return to 2PM is the start of February. I hadn't changed the KO time whilst uploading the data to the website. All sorted now. Thanks for spotting it.
  4. Johnstone Burgh v Yoker listed for 25th January
  5. I'd just like to add that these fixtures are not set in stone. The nature of Junior football means that we all need to be flexible and prepared for any changes. I'm waiting on the draw for the Scottish Junior cup to see if I can put in any 'Provisional ' fixtures in case of postponements, for instance.
  6. A great junior enthusiast and ambassador for Kilsyth. Always enjoyed talking with him. But I always wondered why he never invested in a new folder for all his paperwork. The one he always had with him was pretty battered and held together by duct tape. I asked him about it once and he said "Ach, it's got a few years in it yet, a need my money for Kilsyth." My condolences to all that knew him.
  7. Just to give my perspective on the fixture related questions. My remit is to produce a 2 part fixture list. Part 1 produced at the AGM from the start of the season till the end of the year. Part 2 produced by 30th November to cover the remainder of the fixtures including all those postponed from Part 1. Last season it went reasonably well and I was quite satisfied that it had done so. The feedback from the clubs and supporters was positive in general and that was appreciated. This season is however different and there’s a few reasons for that. Last season – 4 clubs groundsharing, but not in the same leagues, this season – 6 clubs ground sharing, and one of the pairs are in the Premiership. A non-Junior Cup taking preference over other fixtures. A great way of promoting the juniors and I’m all for it, but it doesn’t half cause me headaches. The Scottish Junior Cup also causes headaches through postponements and replays. I am aware that the last 2 reasons were there last season but this season they seem to have become more problematic due to the main reason for the way this Part 2 list has been squeezed into a seemingly tighter timeline. The Pyramid Play-Off. My remit this season was to try and produce fixtures that would provide the Premiership title winner by mid to late April. To demonstrate whether it was possible or not. To let us see what changes we need to make in preparation for the West Region joining the Pyramid in season 2020/21. An impossible task without utilising midweeks and floodlights. On the questions raised and there has been a couple, firstly, let me point out that I am well aware that there are certain ‘glamour games’ and the implications of them. Everyone would prefer their games on a Saturday, so would I, but it’s not feasable. Secondly, let me also point out that I have 63 clubs to look after. I will not and never will favour one of these clubs over any other. It is not my intention to disadvantage any club. Clydebank’s last Saturday home fixture is on 15th February their last Saturday fixture is away to Rossvale on 29th February. Without using the midweek facility their next available date for their game v Pollok would have been 4th April and v Talbot would be 25th April and that is without factoring in what would happen if Pollok and/or Talbot were involved in the Scottish junior Cup Semis on 28th March and 4th April. So, I think it’s better for Clydebank to get these games played. Cumnock have also complained about their games, again it’s about Talbot. I have put both their games down for midweeks. Not ideal, I know, but would the financial loss cover the financial loss of waiting more weeks without a game? They have gaps between games already, but that’s a consequence of their facilities. These gaps may be filled though as we go into winter. Using midweeks for both these games was done for 2 reasons. 1) An attempt to keep them as far apart as possible instead of finishing with a double header. 2) If Cumnock v Talbot was to be played on a Wednesday, I thought it only fair and balanced to play Talbot v Cumnock on a Wednesday. I know this is pretty long-winded, but I hope it shows what I’m trying to achieve and you can accept my reasoning. Being the ‘Fixtures Guy’ doesn’t mean that I’ve lost sight of what it takes to keep a club going and all the problems associated with it. I’m still a supporter. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  8. Fixtures Update for next Saturday due to today's Macron Scottish Junior Cup postponements. McBookie.com Premiership Cumnock v Beith McBookie.com Championship Blantyre Vics v Irvine Vics
  9. Premiership Beith v Benburb Hurlford v Clydebank Kilbirnie v Cumnock Troon v Pollok Championship Arthurlie v Renfrew Blantyre v Dalry Cambuslang v Craigmark Irvine Vics v Gartcairn Shotts v Darvel St Roch's v Cumbernauld Whitletts v Kilsyth League One East Kilbride Thistle v Bellshill Glasgow Perthshire v Girvan Kello v Carluke Maryhill v Larkhall Royal Albert v Greenock Shettleston v Ardrossan Wishaw v Lanark League Two Annbank v Vale of Clyde Ashfield v Muirkirk Forth v Lugar Johnstone v Ardeer Saltcoats v Vale of Leven Thorniewood v St Ants Dundee NE v Rob Roy in Scottish Junior Cup Lochee v Neilston in Scottish Junior Cup Glenafton v Meadow in Scottish Junior Cup
  10. McBookie.com West Region League One Port Glasgow 2 Lesmahagow 0 Port Glasgow go top of the league.
  11. Why would you post this? Game is in progress right now and it's 0-0. No issues with playing surface.
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