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  1. West Region Fixtures - Sat 17th Nov

    Well, I won't need to tell you where to go then.
  2. It's International Weekend, so if your 'Big Team' isn't playing get yourself out to one of these.
  3. West Region Fixture Update

    I feel sorry for you that you're so insecure that you have to come on to a thread that has nothing whatsoever to do with 'your pyramid'.
  4. West Region Fixture Update

    On a serious note, whilst it is nice to know that my efforts are being appreciated, those of you that know me will know that I'm doing this for the love of the Juniors. I'm not in it for fame and fortune and it's highly unlikely that I'll be listed on the New Years Honours List. My aim is to produce a workable list of fixtures that will assist clubs to maximise their income and be better prepared for all their games. My aim is also to make this list and any update information to be seen as commonplace and not the novelty it may be seen as at present. It will become standard, expected and matter of fact. I will then just fit into the background and carry on doing what I have been asked to do, and probably the only time fixture lists will be mentioned is when a cock-up is spotted. I also believe that communication is a key to a better relationship with clubs, committees, players, management and just as important, the fans. I'd rather put out an explanation of why something has been done, than leave it up to you all to guess the reasoning or even make up your own versions. I hope to continue in this way and I'm quite happy to use this forum as a means of conveying relative information and answering any queries you may have. (As long as they are put to me in a reasonable manner). I really don't mind you pointing out any cock-ups, if it's something I've missed or got wrong, then your input might help me put it right. Thanks again for all the messages of support, both on here and at all the different clubs and venues I've been visiting. Like I always say, - "If you fancy a wee chat, come over and see me." Kennie
  5. West Region Fixture Update

    Steady on, Bul2, don't you and my cousin dare start being nice to me. I'll not know how to handle it.
  6. West Region Fixture Update

    Fixtures now updated to include 19th January 2019. I need to await the results of the Macron Scottish Junior Cup ties, before I can proceed with any further fixtures. But just a bit of clarification for you. Cumbernauld play Vale of Clyde in the Ardagh Group Cup on 1st Dec. The winner of that tie will play Shettleston on 19th Jan. If it is Cumbernauld, then Kello Rovers will be idle on the 19th. If it is Vale of Clyde, then St Anthony's will be idle on the 19th.
  7. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup Round 2 Saturday 12th January 2019 1:30 PM KO (in case of penalties) http://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/sjfa/competition_fixtures.cfm?page=1761
  8. McBookie.com West Region League Fixtures now online for 5th & 12th January 2019 http://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/sjfa/competition_fixtures.cfm?page=1761
  9. Well, that was quick. Situation sorted. Thanks everyone. Details of how you can view the draw will be posted later.
  10. The draw for the 2nd round of the Ardagh Group West of Scotland Cup will take place on Saturday around 4:30 - 5:00 pm. (As close to 4:30 as possible once I have all the results in from the 1st round) The venue for the draw is Troon's Portland Park and helping us make the draw will be Graeme Shepherd, Director of Operations at Ardagh Group, and Craig Brown CBE, former Scotland Manager. It is my intention to live stream the draw. So, here's my request to you. Is there anyone out there in Pie & Bovril land that would like to offer their services to get this done? Get in touch with me directly if you can help.
  11. West Fixtures 24th November

    Clydebank didn't get a home draw, so Maryhill are at home v Ardrossan Winton Rovers on Sat 24th Nov Blantyre Vics drew Talbot, but there are no spare teams available in League One, so Blantyre will be Idle on Sat 24th Nov. Blantyre will play Talbot on Sat 1st December, unless Talbot draw with Fraserburgh, in which case, Blantyre will play Bellshill as listed.
  12. Bill McMahon RIP.

    A true gentleman and genuine Junior stalwart that always had time for a chat, and I enjoyed having those chats with him.
  13. League Fixtures now listed for Saturday 24th November. 1:45 PM KO If Clydebank get a home tie in the draw for the Macron Scottish Junior Cup, Maryhill v Ardrossan Winton Rovers will be switched to Ardrossan. Whoever is drawn against Auchinleck Talbot in the cup will be idle on the 24th, unless they can be paired with one of the idle teams on that day. That is the fixtures up to date till 29th December, I've tweeked a couple in December so all clubs should check the revised list. These however are all subject to change depending on the outcome of the Macron cup games on the 24th.
  14. That's the 10am deadline past for official inspection requests. So far, my information is - Auchinleck, Girvan, Troon, - All OK at present. Bellshill - Being inspected again at 11AM Maryhill, Shettleston and Vale of Clyde - OFF
  15. West Championship 24th November

    Talbot v Lesmahagow has the potential to muck up other fixtures, Archie. If it's a draw then the replay will be on Sat 10th October, postponing Lesmahagow v Largs and Kilwinning v Talbot in the Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup. If Talbot win, then whoever they get in the 4th round of the Macron Scottish Cup (if it's another West Region team) will become available for a fixture on Saturday 24th November. Talbot's Scottish Junior Cup game will take place on 1st December. Meaning the 1st December list will need altered. If Lesmahagow win, they will be playing in the 4th Round on Sat 24th November. League 2 fixtures are also dependant on the results of the replays on Saturday concerning Lanark and Muirkirk and League 1 fixtures are dependant on the Wishaw and Royal Albert outcomes. There are too many possibilities at present to put out potential fixtures for both these leagues, so I'll wait on the results before processing them.