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  1. League game with Clydebank between Cumnock and Johnstone Burgh. I should have known that.
  2. Be 4 in a row with Raith and Cumnock Make it 5 with Johnstone Burgh in West League Cup
  3. Largs v Cambuslang had already been set up before it was known who was all going to be available. So, only 4 were left without a fixture. Pollok v Meadow was not an option as it is already set for 5th Nov. Pollok had played Clydebank and Kilwinning fairly recently so those weren't options either.
  4. Cup games coincided with scheduled league away games. Not much I can do about that.
  5. Free week on 20th August because of the South Challenge Cup in which you got a bye. Free week on 29th October (this Saturday) because your club didn't want a fixture after being asked if they did.
  6. What about the choice of the players, coaches, committees etc? Do they not get a choice?
  7. Kello Rovers have been withdrawn from his competition. Finnart are through to the next round.
  8. There is no 'grassing' involved. The WoSFL have a Discipline Secretary and an Assistant Discipline Secretary. It is their jobs to check EVERY teamline against the suspension list. It is not done by way of the opponents putting in a 'protest'. They have split the job into 2 with one doing the Premier, First and Second Division teams with the other doing the Third and Fourth Divisions. The person you're having a go at does not do Arthurlie's teamlines.
  9. All Upcoming Fixtures – West of Scotland Football League (wosfl.co.uk)
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