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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I've always said that communication is a good thing and I will try to answer queries and even complaints as long as they are relevant and reasonably respectful. But as soon as a thread drops into the gutter and becomes a bit of a bitchfest , I'm off and I'll leave you all to it.
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    There are ways that fixtures on the 13th October will be affected. A postponement followed by a draw, a draw followed by a postponement or 2 postponements. Other than that fixtures will go ahead on the 13th as planned. I can't foresee how things will turn out on Saturday or the following Saturday, so I can't help you out on whether you should book a bus or not.
  3. Fixtures

    I will be informing the clubs at the General Meeting on Thursday 27th.
  4. Referees

    As a neutral official of the Region's Management committee, I have been going to random games, where I have no allegiances to either team. Standing between 2 sets of supporters can sometimes be a revelation. In instances where it is a 'tight call' he has either got it wrong and is an effin idiot (or worse) or he's 100% bang on and it's "Well done ref, good decision." 99% of the time, he's actually got it right. I've been at games and wondered if I'm watching the same game as the supporters. Both sets just seem to be wearing glasses tinted in their own colours.
  5. Sectional League Cup Final

    A few weeks ago, I sent out the following email to all 63 clubs in the region. To all clubs The West Region are looking to hold Cup Finals at suitable venues. Would your club like to host a Final? Does your venue fit the bill? Sell it to us. Tell us why you think we should come to you. Tell us about your facilities and why they would be suitable. Tell us about the benefits we would get by holding it there. Tell us about transport links and nearby facilities for fans etc. It's over to you. Reply to me via a separate message preferably with a PDF listing your application. Many Thanks Kennie Young Fixture Secretary WRSJFA The response to this was very, very disappointing indeed. It was our intention to try and find suitable venues to take our finals to outwith the 'normal suspects'. We are also considering, for next season anyway, announcing at the start of the season where the final will be placed, and no matter who gets to that final, that's where it's to be. But back to the matter in question. As I said, the response to my email was very poor, 8 clubs replied. On this occasion we also had a request from Lesmahagow Juniors F.C. to consider and that played a part in our deliberations. It is, therefore, our view that Newlandsfield is the best option out of those 8 applicants.
  6. Sectional League Cup Final

    Fixture changes for the Final. 13th October - Hurlford v Talbot and Saltcoats v Lesmahagow - Both Postponed. Hurlford - Idle 13th October - New Fixture - Ashfield v Saltcoats (moved from 20th Oct) Ashfield no longer the idle team on 13th Oct, but now idle on 20th Oct. 20th October - New Fixture - Vale of Clyde v Saltcoats. Vale of Clyde no longer the idle team on 20th Oct
  7. The date and venue for the Sectional League Cup Final will be discussed at the WRSJFA Management meeting on Tuesday 11th September. Traditionally, the Ayrshire final was on or around the first Sunday in October with the Central final a fortnight later. I had it down for Sunday 7th October in my original fixture proposal for the AGM, but certain factors have come about that might make that date unsuitable. 1) - The new dates of rounds 1 and 2 in the Macron Scottish Junior Cup. Saturday 6th October would be the date of any replays in Round 2. 2) - Talbot's involvement with the William Hill Scottish Cup will need to come into the consideration.
  8. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Why is the result of this game blank on the West Region website at the moment ? Because I hadn't received a text with the result before I packed up the laptop and left the game I was at.
  9. Today's scores 18th Aug

    All results now on SJFA website
  10. West Region KO times

  11. Cumnock vs kello

    Once again, please accept my apologies. I did not realise I was being obnoxious. I thought I was explaining the other side of the debate. But perhaps you are right. Perhaps it's better if I refrain from using Pie & Bovril and leave you to it. There shall be no further input from me.
  12. Cumnock vs kello

    I apologise for my long-winded post. I didn't realise that it was. Agree or disagree, that's up to you. I can't do much about that. There are rules for your example that show common sense was not the deciding factor, it may have been used, but there is a rule to assist in the decision. - If a match is brought to a premature finish through the conduct of its officials, players or supporters of one of the contesting clubs, in a Cup tie the game may be awarded to their opponents irrespective of the score at the time of abandonment of the game. Similarly in a League game, full points may be awarded to the opponents. In both instances the Committee may take any further action against the offending club.
  13. Cumnock vs kello

    The series of events leading up to the decision to replay the game had absolutely nothing to do with the West Region management. Yet all we have is an opportunity for some of you to use it as a stick to beat the hell out of the Region management. Calls for us to use common sense and discretion is all well and good, and in this occasion we would love to use those, but unfortunately there are times where common sense and the rules and laws of the game do not go hand in hand. Simply awarding the game to Cumnock has the potential to cause problems further down the line. It might not happen this season or even next season. But rest assured if a similar situation arose and the common sense approach was to order a replay, someone would cast up the decision we made in awarding the game to Cumnock. If we could avoid a replay, we would. Why would we want the extra hassle that comes with another fixture? The simple answer is we don't want it, but we have no alternative. If some people do not want to accept that, there is not a lot we can do about it. I've tried to give you our perspective on the situation and that is all I can do.