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  1. I never mentioned Juniors. I'm talking about the LL v the WoSFL Premier Division. At the moment the LL is not a very interesting prospect to be looking forward to, and doesn't look likely to improve at a decent rate. Thanks mainly to the lack of promotion opportunities. One day it will be an attractive league, but it's not just now.
  2. Not until it's something worth jumping into they wouldn't.
  3. It is 3 UP from all Divisions apart from the Premier Division. That is set in stone. Relegation will be the amount of teams required to bring all Divisions to 16 teams apart from Division 4. If there is no loss or gain at the top of the Premier Division (no team up to LL, no team down from LL) it will be 3 down from Premier to First, 3 down from First to Second, 3 down from Second to Third, 6 down from third to Fourth If there is a net gain of 1 club from the LL it will be 4 down from Premier to First, 4 down from First to Second, 4 down from Second to Third, 7 down from third to Fourth If there is a net gain of 2 clubs from the LL it will be 5 down from Premier to First, 5 down from First to Second, 5 down from Second to Third, 8 down from third to Fourth If there is a net loss of 1 club to the LL it will be 2 down from Premier to First, 2 down from First to Second, 2 down from Second to Third, 5 down from third to Fourth.
  4. Who would decide if the SOSFL was to be downgraded to tier 7? More to the point where does the SoSFL Winner go? I cant imagine the WoSFL teams agreeing to a League sitting adjacent to their First Division with entry to the Premier Division.
  5. They don't want to be involved in running another competition. Other than providing referees.
  6. At present, the Premier Division for next season has 7 licenced clubs out of 16. Let's say that over the next 5 seasons no-one else gets a Licence and 5 of those clubs gain promotion into the Lowland League. In year 6 we would need to relegate all teams that had remained in the Division over the 5 years. Hurlford, who finished in 6th place were the highest non-licenced club this season, so 6 years from now they could win the Premier Division and get relegated. It's also thought that through time we could be looking at a Premier Division that is populated mainly by teams that through no fault of their own, just cannot get a licence. Do they get relegated and never allowed back in if they've had 5 years?
  7. It was a proposal that was intended to be put forward by the MC for the AGM. After further discussions on it the MC decided against putting it forward. There was no consultation with the clubs in the first instance, so no consultation is required to withdraw it.
  8. They should have tried the Lowland League. £40K gets them in. But can they provide someone with a club tie for the selfies?
  9. What happens when Aberdeen want the same privileges for their club?
  10. You've got your opinion and that's fine. I'll just stick with facts.
  11. I didn't delay the competition. It was always the intention of the WoSFL that the last game of the season would be the Kilmarnock Pie Cup Final. So, I'll say it again, it couldn't be played any sooner.
  12. The Kilmarnock Pie Cup could not be competed for any sooner than it was due to the teams involved in it also being involved in the Premier division title race. Darvel, for instance had a backlog of league fixtures that needed cleared before the 14th May. The Junior Cup had no impact on any Kilmarnock Pie Cup games. But', I'm sure you won't let that stop you blaming the juniors.
  13. Not sure how you think it is a 'voluntary' cup. There's provisions for it in the WoSFL Constitution. I'm also not sure what clubs were inconvenienced this season due to the Junior Cup, I thought there was more problems from the others that we are involved in and not forgetting that there was a deadline to be met for the Lower Pyramid Play-offs. The weather, replays and abandoned fixtures caused more problems than anything the Junior Cup flung at us. Moving onto next season, it will be easier to get a more structured grid to try to abide by.
  14. That was a mistake by the WoSFL, we had people there at Blair Park and wrongly assumed they'd be doing the coverage for us. There was a lack of communication and we should never assume something will happen. We need to make sure it is. A lesson has been learned and hopefully it won't happen again. As for the other point, yes, the Scottish Junior Cup is another association's competition, just like the South Region Challenge Cup and the SFA Scottish Cup where we always try to provide coverage where the WoSFL teams are involved.
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