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  1. Was possible in the juniors. The only thing is, in the juniors it would have been scheduled for a 6.30pm ko on a Monday night It never was, and never would have been.
  2. Well it's just after 11am, all parks have been checked and after a late inspection at Dalry. All games are on. I'm attending Auchinleck cos I'm SJFA observer. It's 1pm, time to leave. 1:45 arrive at Beechwood. Get a cuppa and a chat with committees of Talbot and Hurlford. 2:30 KO. 3:17 end of 1st half. Time for a quick half-time cuppa. 3:35 2nd half kicks off. 4:23 Full Time. Off to the Talbot Club to collect the results from all the other games and post the results and update the tables. What’s your predictions?
  3. Now that we've moved to align everyone with 'Senior' football and therefore the Senior calendar. I think we can forget about this debate.
  4. Thank you Alan. You've just confirmed that I've made the right decision. But, just before I go, I'm a 'FOOTBALL Fan'. The level that I prefer is the level that I have been involved in since I was a boy in short trousers. Since then, I have seen many, many changes. I hope to be around when more changes happen as they surely and rightly will. I have been involved in some of those changes and hope that my contribution has been an improvement and I also hope to still be around when the new changes come about. I sincerely hope that the people that genuinely have our best interests at heart get round a table and thrash out a solution without all the bitterness and resentment that is being promoted on here.
  5. It would seem that there's a lot of statements being issued from various clubs and organisations, so here's mine. Since my election into the post of Fixture Secretary for the WRSJFA, I have been happy to use this forum to get information out to the committees, players and fans of the WRSJFA clubs. I have decided, however, that I can no longer use this medium. A single click of the mouse takes me to a forum titled 'Junior Football', unfortunately, it now seems as if it should be re-named 'Anti-Junior Football'. My recent contribution - Fixtures Update - was posted to inform the Junior fraternity that I had re-cast the Premiership fixtures to include the postponements. This was quickly jumped upon by someone that no longer has a connection to a Junior Club and used as another means to have a pop at our Association. I do not wish to have my input used in this way. I have, therefore decide that for the time being, I shall refrain from posting here. My information will in future be circulated on the relevant pages on Twitter and Facebook. Kennie Young Fixture Secretary WRSJFA
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to turn this into another Pyramid thread. I was only pointing out that we are ok with fixtures so far. In fact we are further ahead than our counterparts in the East. This year was always going to be experimental to see how we would fare if we needed to finish by early May. If we over-run then we could look at what we need to do to ensure we would finish in time and with the improvements that some teams are putting in place, I'm pretty sure we could meet that deadline. Right now with no real deadline to meet, there is no point in forcing teams into 3 games per week.
  7. Any news on the Championship fixtures? I'll be working on them over the next few days. Still got to look after the day job.
  8. Interesting comment Alan. I tried to find the East Of Scotland premier League's fixture to compare, but, unfortunately I could only find fixtures for March. I did find league tables though and it would suggest that we're not doing too badly considering the chaos of the Junior Cup West Premiership - Games - 240. Played - 169. Still to play - 71. On the list - 71. EOSL Premier - Games 240. Played - 145, Still to play - 95. On the list - ?
  9. My life would be so much easier if it only rained on a Sunday and everyone had undersoil heating to lift any frost in the winter. But we live in Scotland, it rains sometimes.
  10. Premiership fixtures now listed to end of season. A few tweaks still to come due to cups. But still no Mondays used.
  11. Games Off as of 10AM Premiership Glenafton v Benburb Rutherglen v Largs Championship Craigmark v Dalry Cumbernauld v Renfrew Irvine Vics v Kilsyth St Roch’s v Shotts League 1 E Kilbride v Larkhall G Perthshire v Ardrossan Maryhill v Royal Albert Shettleston v Bellshill Wishaw v Girvan League 2 Ardeer v Lugar Forth v Jo Burgh Muirkirk v Vale of Leven Vale of Clyde v Newmains Macron SJC Talbot v Hurlford Darvel v Broughty
  12. Craigmark v Dalry - Off Glasgow Perthshire v Ardrossan - Off
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