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  1. Have you ever been on the end of a social media pile-on that has left you too anxious to leave your house for two days and had to turn off all your social media? That was me last Thursday and Friday. After checking Largs Thistle social media about a statement I wrote. How long will this go on for? A few weeks? Every time I post something about streaming? I’d rather not deal with it again, but I know I will be. I’ve tried to avoid saying much on the matter. But it’s where we are. I’m still learning what we can and can’t do, in football and society in general, during coronavirus, and I have good reasons for being cautious and strict. I’m less and less sure we will even have a full season. I don’t live in Largs, incidentally. I wasn’t there last Saturday and I haven’t seen a match since March. There are bigger things going on in the world, but we’re getting there. For the benefit of doubt, there were lots of reasons I felt as I’ve described above. But this situation doesn’t help one bit.
  2. When you share a statement on social media and get abuse because of it... that’s not good for my already messy mental well-being. There’s much bigger things at stake than just football, and if anyone knows me I’m hardly available during the day hours (and won’t be for some time... and I live well away from Largs... and, well, I can explain privately if anyone wants me to). Posting this as I’d otherwise do something I’d regret or would cause trouble. Please be a bit kinder, folks, coronavirus doesn’t care for footballing rivalries. Pie and Bovril is a decent place and it’s Twitter etc that is bad, but take heid. (It’s obvious what this refers to...)
  3. He did this... https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/politics/labour-councillor-escapes-disciplinary-action-over-humza-yousaf-tweet-237400
  4. Ah, vultures - I get it! I'm very silly, please explain the visual pun (I suspect I'd like it).
  5. Not quite TA, but a Facebook page that did the round during the 2010 World Cup - “I only support two teams: Scotland and whoever England are playing” - which has a cack-load of followers for that time, changed its picture to a choob waving the Scottish and U.K. flags shortly before the first indyref, staying they were proudly supporting the union. The demograph exists...
  6. To be pedantic, there are no juniors in Ayrshire anymore.
  7. Bad news = bad takes - https://twitter.com/wee_albert58/status/1313856698910638082?s=21
  8. After four years, we're a wee bit behind. That's nae feather in the UK's caps. Out of interest, did you vote Remain or Leave?
  9. It's nae easy to stick at it - after eight seasons at Largs Thistle, there were times in 2019/20 I really just wanted to turn the camcorder off and watch the game. Watching the full matches showed how little attention I was paying, compared to the clips used in highlights. Think that's a sign I need to revamp how I cover it all.
  10. On a scale of 1 to clusterfuck, how well is Brexit going in your opinion? “I voted remain but respect the result” needs a better justification now.
  11. I assume this has changed now, but I once read that every team above a certain level in England needed to have a match programme - meaning some clubs would produce a shell with opposition-relevant changes for each match. Unless I’m wrong? (Tbh, I can’t imagine our programme this season will be the all singing all dancing one I’ve done before... I’ve a wee bit too much on).
  12. A bit of whatabootery by LongTimeLurker - when I began reluctantly watching Largs (I literally spent most of the match asking how long was left) I certainly didn’t really think we’d go far in the Junior Cup... even though we’d just won it. When I grew older, it was more the lure of backing a team that wasn’t the Old Firm (Aberdeen weren’t very guid at the time) and being able to tell kids at school who weren’t very nice that I go to the football every Saturday. I was as excited by going to Dalmellington as anywhere else!
  13. That’s not a guid idea. Even if that’s the point of the post.
  14. Looks like John Mason has a challenger for the SNP Shettleston nomination. Thank goodness.
  15. This guy engages with the hard-right ergo is worth ignoring. AgentP22, I’m looking at you.
  16. This is less petty or weird, but I recall being contacted by a groundhopper, not long before our junior cup final in 2019, wanting to visit for our match v Glenafton. He was keen on a programme. I had to take time off the club before the cup final due to stress. I was in no state to do significant work and was off from my day job, and also hadn’t intended to even be at the game, so I told him I couldn’t do a programme that week, but I would be delighted to sell him our programmes from earlier that season. He didn’t reply or turn up for the match. That was poor.
  17. Being a pedant, do most clubs charge for friendlies anyway? We typically do donations at the gate.
  18. How common are non-league national cup competitions, particularly outside the U.K.? Germany scrapped theirs years ago. I’ve never seen any enthusiasm from the Highland League for one.
  19. Now that would be interesting. Come on, local Ruchazie-ers... Less well-off communities and teams should just stay in their place, clearly. How un-junior-y.
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