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  1. That must be every team in the top two leagues having applied?
  2. Do you believe they would have stayed where they were otherwise? 45+ sides went to the Lowland League meeting. But I guess that doesn’t fit your theory...
  3. Peterhead got an 8000+ crowd - midweek - when they hosted Raith Rovers in the Scottish Cup in 1987. That's not in itself reason to go back to those Highland League days.
  4. Idiots like Historywoman are still putting out their uber-Unionist shite - just utter fucking roasters. Steve Sayers is banned fae Twitter, sweet merciful f**k.
  5. Waiting particularly patiently to see if one established club apply - I vividly recall a senior official at said club telling me "they (personally) don't want to play boys teams" in the LL. (Official is on P&B, incidentally, but such a comment warrants criticism).
  6. Logically one could expect the Tories to see a boost in Scotland too but it hasn't happened as much?
  7. Shettleston https://www.facebook.com/ShettlestonJfc1903/photos/a.151451288377037/1244762975712524/?type=3&theater
  8. Has JuniorFitbaSC said anything? They've blocked the Largs Thistle account again.
  9. Isabel Goudie’s been at it on Facebook - and been doing the “Pie and Bovril shared a private message” shtick too.
  10. Careful now, I’ve heard that at West Region meetings before...
  11. I’m half-expecting the West junior-backed league to turn up at Hampden in their single digits, have a few club reps stand on the stairs and pose for a zoomed in photo, and Gordon Ronney and co claim “here’s just a few of our amazing supporters”
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