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  1. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Kilwinning Rangers 3-1 Largs Thistle West of Scotland Premiership, 16th February 2019
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Are they seriously looking at either going junior or senior? Would be a guid day oot and a new frontier.
  3. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    St Roch's 2-5 Largs Thistle Scottish Junior Cup fifth round, Saturday 9th February #theesel
  4. Maybe not, maybe in a few years. When (some at) Talbot realise they won't stop being a strong part-time outfit when they go senior, anyway.
  5. You do you the juniors will in all likelihood be part of the pyramid next season?
  6. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    In 2008? They were relegated the following season.
  7. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    From the time - when junior football was thriving -
  8. Changing allegiance

    Largs voted in favour of joining the pyramid, in principle. I've since reread last year's survey and noticed you're club did the same, so I'm willing to retract my above statement, but I'll still reiterate my conversation with your guy (what was your own opinion in the "would you like to join" thread, incidentally? It wasn't positive, though perhaps it doesn't reflect your CLUBS opinion again) BTW I've made my, and the clubs, opinion, to the member you mentioned, plain, though they're entitled to their view and it's a fair sight less harsh than your mans was. I'd like to stress I'm good friends with killiepiyo.
  9. Changing allegiance

    If, say, a long-time local ex-Old Firm fan came to support Beith, set up an immaculate highlights package and media operation and helped solidify themselves as the biggest side in Ayrshire, because they were sick of the baggage either of the two sides hold, would you chastise them forever after as having walked out on their first team? You’ll know as well as me there’s folk in Beith, like in Largs and elsewhere locally, who’ve never been to Bellsdale but could recite every English Premiership XI in a moment. No, I wouldn’t leave Largs Thistle, but again I know nothing of other people’s circumstances.
  10. Changing allegiance

    Killiepiyo's decision is none of your concern and, from the outside looking in, it appears he's got more out of being at Talbot than Hurlford. ps - it's none of my concern either, I add.
  11. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Largs Thistle 1-1 St Roch's Scottish Junior Cup FIFTH ROUND - 26th January 2019 #theesel
  12. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    I accused RRG of being behind the account, he then PMed me on Twitter to deny, saying "it used to be him"... I, alongside the Largs Thistle account, was immedately blocked.
  13. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    I wonder why eh, child abuse is clearly a guid laugh.