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  1. Jamie McKenna, previously of Port Glasgow, Greenock and Ardrossan Winton Rovers, is available for transfer. Jamie is based in Inverclyde and has netted seven times in 24 matches so far this season. Please call David Blackwood on 07711 764530 for more information.
  2. Since you’re so keen to tell us what you think on independence, why don’t you share your wisdom about Boris’ deal?
  3. Excellent result for Largs today - 6-3 winners over Whitletts.
  4. For someone who apparently voted Remain and called Brexit a tragedy, you seem affa OK with Johnston’s hard-right leave deal.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/top-football-official-admits-making-21299575
  6. Sadly, no. After we received Show Racism the Red Card cards.
  7. “With regards to the pyramid, the EoS is currently the n****r in the woodpile”
  8. Division One of the PJDYFL is down to EIGHT - starting with twelve - as Harmony Row have folded. When our 1996s entered the league back in 2015/16, there were 45-55 sides across three leagues and it was hardly halcyon days then - and halved in just four years.
  9. If Largs can go through four managers between 2016 - 19, and struggle to find anyone to take over until this season, I doubt it’s all just down to bad management.
  10. I lacked the confidence to say no. Became progressively harder when they bought drink, put it at my table and wouldn’t leave my side until I drank.
  11. No, the groping incident was before my time but the staff enjoyed boasting about it, calling the middle-aged guy a swell guy and wanting him to come along to nights oot, while doing the usual “she (a teenager) asked for it” comments. ETA - I know you were being facetious. Aware I’ve dumped my issues into this thread but not a place I’ve got over quickly.
  12. Once dealt with a colleague, an ex-soldier, who claimed depressed people should just "f*****g man up, I served in Afghanistan". When I stated the mental wellbeing, PTSD, stress etc of soldiers post-tour is well documented, he told folk I said they "deserved it". Also was once told by a manager it's ok to joke about staff losing their jobs and not being kept on for no reason, staff being dismissed for groping young women, and I had to sit in silence away from another staff member. Was forced to drink four sambucas at last year's night oot. Worst place I've ever worked (I don't anymore and wouldn't go back in). Don't shop in A*g*s S********n (large shopping centre in Glasgow) BTW.
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