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  1. Glasgow Perthshire

    Thanks AWRFC but I already done that but I see they only had three subs that day . Did you list their management in the programme?
  2. Glasgow Perthshire

    sent the secretary an email and no reply.
  3. Glasgow Perthshire

  4. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Glenafton v Pollok Craigmark v Glenrothes Carluke v Lochee Utd Royal Albert v Clydebank Kilsyth v Hurlford Darvel v Largs Kilwinning v Banks O Dee Blantyre Vics v Auchinleck St.Rochs v Luncarty Thornton Hibs v Renfrew Lanark Utd v Rossvale Dundee North End v Cambuslang Rutherglen v Ashfield Girvan v Dundee Violet Rostyh v Annbank Utd Carnoustie v Troon
  5. Glasgow Perthshire

    Anyone supply me with the Shire squad plus back room team for this weeks programme ...cheers
  6. More fixture farce

    Had you not went out last night to e.kilbride you would have been at home on Monday so a bit of your own doing really then it would have been 3 away and 1 home
  7. West Region KO times

    Excellent, the programme I’ve almost completed for the Pollok game after spending hours on it is of no use as all info will have changed come December cheers
  8. Today’s scores

    Cheees guys
  9. Today’s scores

    Scorers please for Kilwinning and medda yesterday anyone
  10. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Cambie scorers please??
  11. Scores 30/7

    Who scored Troons second goal tonight?
  12. I'm the programme editor for Clydebank can anyone supply me with the Vale squad for the coming season so far including management and back room team, thanks
  13. Central Sectional Cup final

    I'll answer the programme part for you I decided 200 as the last time we met Pollok in the final I got 300 and was left with 80 after the game . Hope this answers your question
  14. Central Sectional Cup final

    I have produced a programme for the final with the help of Mandy the Pollok proggie editor
  15. Pollok FC Programme

    Can whoever does the Pollok programme contact me please regarding the Sectional Final. Thanks