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  1. 29 appearances and 5 goals for Bankies part of the promotion winning side good lad and has pace
  2. Can I just say as a board member of Clydebank fc that at no time have we as a club commented on any of this and this post should be retracted. Terrible accusation to make which some people could believe if they don't read the whole thread.
  3. How long are the sick lines for? It would be nice to know if our game on Wednesday is going ahead so we can make arrangements with players, fans, caterers, programmes etc.
  4. Absolutely not , questioned and Released with no charges to answer to the fabrication !!
  5. Who were ladeside scorers yesterday please
  6. Take it from me an email was sent to our club outlining segregation rules. The gates that talbot fans would enter and the sides they would occupy. The gates at the bottom end for Clydebank fans and their areas . If you’re not going to adhere to it then don’t send it out . Simple.
  7. Absolutely outrageous to say that on a public forum total bollocks , car loads of fans chasing women, are you serious? Why is there no incidents with Clydebank fans at any other grounds? Get your segregation right and you won’t have any problems. On the highlights at talbots 2nd and 3rd goals it’s all talbot fans behind the goal in an area your club sent out in an email as designated for away fans only. I will await the prosecution of the car load of thugs with baited breath.
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