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  1. Connor is a very talented footballer.Clever feet,quick and is a real attacking threat.His main problem is consistency,he is (at the moment) a "Confidence" player who's head can go down at times.Having said that he's still young and probably needs a good run of games to rectify this.
  2. But then again TW does like to put up the odd smokescreen nowandagain.All the talk of Sammon etc then up pops MOH
  3. I can see you are hurting as well sweetie.4-1and three players sent off..Bad day at the office as Lomas would say..I take it that this result officially confirms that you are indeed our bitches
  4. Roaster Alert Look son you've had a bad enough day without adding to it by making an absolute c**t of yourself on a public forum.
  5. Eh,Standing outside the box and his hands are in front of him..The most stupid comment of the day by far
  6. So both of our "Smokescreen"targets have signed for thistle..Oh well never mind eh.
  7. Great Player you should buy him..He has the added bonus of two knees
  8. Not me I reckon he could be a very good signing g for you..I just feel that a six month loan deal with an Option to buy would have been the sensible option.Taking a chance on giving a four year contract to a guy who sustained such a horrific career threatening injury seems a little risky to say the least.
  9. That's a lot of money and a very long contract for a guy who's knee was hanging by a thread..Still it's a great move for him in if his knee does pack in he still gets paid for the next four years..I really do wish Stevie well but it's a hell of a risk
  10. Breaking News he "Banter" page has just been sectioned under the Mental Health Act
  11. With Kane going on loan could be a loan deal coming in for the same period
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