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  1. See Nathan Austin is on the League 2 list.
  2. Some entertaining stuff from the ref and his assistants at least... How did the linesman give the corner when Langfield (probably didn't) slide the ball out??
  3. Boooo. Thought St Mirren had one good penalty shout though.
  4. Liverpool recalling Aberdeen's keeper? Can they change their minds on the Rogers deal? https://twitter.com/BBCjsutherland/status/686289123309654019
  5. Deserved to concede at the end there, felt completely inevitable. Already sitting back too much and then we brought another defender on. Thought O'Hara did really well.
  6. From a bit of googling it looks like Gary Gillespie has the record, 16 and less than 2 months. Best information seems to be on http://www.falkirk-football-history.co.uk/ - also suggests there may have been a 15yo back in 18-something
  7. I'm sure I remember going mental at a Falkirk goal disallowed at St Mirren Park, somebody nicked the ball off the keeper and put it in. Sure I was proved to be wrong about the rules afterwards...
  8. Surprised how poor Thistle were. Decent from us. Maybe we don't need another striker if the defenders just keep scoring...
  9. Yes - you can buy more but only on behalf of other members.
  10. I think you're going to be out of luck there, c'est la vie.
  11. Go an early goal up, and immediately our fans get stuck right into winding up Yogi, making eventual defeat all the more painful.
  12. Dire stuff from Falkirk. Brechin must be gutted to lose that.
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