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  1. I think we all know where we can file any of MR's thoughts about operating in this division.
  2. 100% this. Picture is from just before EF goal on Saturday and it's a common theme for the season, plenty bodies back but doing nothing useful.
  3. The thing to remember is Gary Miller's versatility. He can be equally as effective at RB as CM
  4. Roses are red; Now here's a suggestion; Announce another midfielder; That's a statement, not a question.
  5. This idea of just forgetting/ignoring Holt's involvement isn't helped by weekly reminders in the form of our current sub keeper...
  6. They seem to be getting a better rate of return from Connolly, at a higher level, who knows what they could do with one of our strikers....
  7. Fellner came off the bench in at least the first semi-final I'm sure. Played a key role by staying well out of the way so Kevin James could equalise.
  8. I'm all for "expect the unexpected" but if there's any hint of accountability from these idiots before they go it will be one of the most surprising things to happen in all my time supporting Falkirk.
  9. I'm just about 10 minutes in to watching the Q&A video and I don't know if I can stand any more. Colborn blames the fans. Deans takes the mic and says "eh we're not blaming the fans".
  10. Good to see the club now actively trolling some posters on here.
  11. Sheerin saying that Keena doesn't get himself in the box enough I can think of something that would make that easier for him....
  12. Well that makes me feel old. One of my early Brockville memories is Simon Stainrod standing on that table with the league trophy, but for some reason if I think of Brockville I think of Gareth Hutchison scoring from distance (can't have happened all that often) and Davie Moss heading an imaginary ball as he comes onto the pitch...
  13. It's a real question. If it's a race, I don't know why we're sticking to 8 weeks between first and second doses. Entirely biased on my part being about 5 weeks since my first one.
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