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  1. No, that was in place before the WoSFL joined what was previously the 3 Leagues agreement. We needed all three parties to that agreement to agree for us to join them. As the WoSFL has yet to complete a full season, and the current Management Committee have only been in place since the summer AGM, perhaps you should give us a wee bit longer to try to influence change in that respect. [emoji6]
  2. I accept that possibility regarding the LL. However, what I'm saying is that the official rules of the WoSFL Premier Division, rubber-stamped by the Scottish FA, do not make any reference to the possibility of 9 teams being relegated to the new First Division, and it has never been communicated to the clubs as a possibility.
  3. It can't happen without the agreement of each of the parties to the 4 Leagues agreement. That's why the West Region SJFA couldn't become part of the pyramid instead of the WoSFL, because any changes to the 4 Leagues agreement need to be approved by all parties. The official rules of the WoSFL Premier Division (formally rubber-stamped by the Scottish FA and published on the Scottish FA Live Club Admin Site) makes no reference to the possibility of 2 teams being relegated into the league from the LL and 9 teams being relegated from the Premier Division. It does refer in detail to the various options for 6, 7 or 8 teams being relegated from the Premier Division with one or no teams relegated from the LL. The WoSFL have never at any point informed the clubs that 9 teams being relegated from the Premier Division was a possibility, and none of the graphics produced by the WoSFL have given any such indication either.
  4. The promotion and relegation agreement between the four leagues allows for one team to be relegated and one team to be promoted. Any change to the four leagues agreement has to be agreed by all parties to the agreement. The LL already has more than 16 teams in their league at the moment.
  5. Two teams cannot be relegated into the WoSFL from the LL.
  6. I'm still unclear as to why you have 9 teams highlighted in red at the bottom. It's a maximum of 8 teams going down, but most likely to be 7 or 6.
  7. I expect (but am not certain) that the draw will be made at the next WoSFL General Meeting of the clubs at the end of January. That would allow the cup to continue to run in parallel with the dates of the latter stages of the Scottish Junior Cup, which was always Kennie Young's plan.
  8. We were far from our best today, but we got through and that's the important thing. We managed to rest O'Byrne, Michael Lone, McIlveen and (for most of the game) Schoneville and Mitchell, so it was pleasing to progress in the end.
  9. He's a game behind for the six teams who played in the league on Saturday. [emoji6]
  10. It is, yes, when there is more than one place to fill in.
  11. We're only halfway through the season. [emoji849]
  12. As long as Phase 1 is completed in all leagues, which should be by the first weekend in January, then points per game will not be a factor. If the season has to finish before 100% of matches are played, then the final positions will be declared by the final Phase 1 tables. That is what the clubs agreed to before the season started.
  13. If the season has to finish before all teams have played all games, then the final Phase 1 tables will be the final season tables. 100%.
  14. In that scenario, if the season couldn't be played to a finish, Auchinleck would be champions.
  15. https://wosfl.co.uk/a-guide-to-promotion-and-relegation-season-2021-22/
  16. Another terrific result today and that's us on 30 points and up to 7th place. I love these late winners.....
  17. Willie has been far from well in recent months but thankfully he appears to be on the road to recovery now.
  18. Chris Strain's attempted overhead kick where he missed the ball completely, followed by the merciless derision from the crowd, was a really fun moment to watch. Fair play to him for the effort, and fair play to him for taking the pelters from the crowd with a big smile on his face.
  19. Yes, apologies for the length of the grass and rough surface today. We had trouble with our tractor this midweek, hopefully resolved now. We had to repair the divots from last week's game manually, and with a small committee it's impossible to get them all without mechanical help.
  20. Delighted with our win today. [emoji846] To be honest I'd have been happy with a point before kick off and, when Kyle Chrystal was carried off near the end meaning we had to finish with ten men, I feared a late sickener. But our boys had other ideas, went for the win and got our reward. My heart could have done without the 94th minute Beith penalty that was and then wasn't. [emoji3061] But 27 points and 9th place at the halfway point of the season is more than acceptable. [emoji106]
  21. A lot depends on the personnel within these clubs, whether licensing is a priority for them or not. Having the necessary ground requirements is one thing, but having people willing to commit to the minefield of paperwork (that never gets mentioned when licensing is discussed) is another thing. Ground criteria make up only about 25% of the clauses that require compliance.
  22. It's not "easy" for any club to get licensed. As has been mentioned on here many times, stadium facilities are only a small part of the licensing compliance requirements.
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