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  1. We are pleased to announce the signing of left sided defender Craig Sideserf, 23 years old, most recently with Cumbernauld United and Ashfield.
  2. Reece has started two games and has been a used substitute in three games out of our nine competitive games so far this season.
  3. Three away wins on the bounce for us, ten goals scored and only one conceded. Mustn't grumble.
  4. Saltcoats Victoria v Irvine Victoria has just been called off according to Irvine Vics Twitter.
  5. And the people arrested for that incident were outside of the ground and were not people known to Rutherglen Glencairn FC. To suggest that they were attacked by "home fans" at Rutherglen is simply not true in any remote fashion.
  6. I haven't seen anything of yesterday's game as I'm in Barcelona at the moment, so I'm looking forward to seeing Gerry's highlights. It's good to see Ryan McManus getting up to speed in the goal scoring stakes, that's 6 goals in 3 games for him (1+2+3) and he's now level with Jack McIlveen. It took him a few games to break his duck for us, but you could see from his performances that he was going to score goals for us, he just needed to break that psychological "first goal" barrier.
  7. It certainly isn't insurmountable, but it needs everyone involved in the club to buy into the concept and contribute to the process. We managed it with a committee of eight, everyone played a part, some small and some enormous. The Scottish FA Licensing Department guys Brian Mann and Stuart Brown are extremely helpful and guide you through it, there would be no need for somebody at the WoSFL to fulfill that function.
  8. Again it all depends on the resources at committee level. Having a nice compliant ground is only about 15-20% of the work, the paperwork and qualifications and training courses and Disclosures and policies take up an enormous amount of the Licensing process.
  9. Also, the WoSFL Constitition and Rules clause B1 states that "All Clubs must be committed to the principles of the Scottish FA Quality Mark, National Club Licensing, and the Scottish Football Pyramid."
  10. Every club signs a declaration at the initial application for Scottish FA Licensing that they will commit to the principles of the pyramid system. Any refusal to accept promotion would be referred to the Scottish FA Board as a potential failure to comply with the Membership Criteria and could lead to withdrawal of the club's Scottish FA Membership.
  11. Good to get our first league win today and we played some nice football. There was a bit of pressure on us today as our fans were expecting a win, so it was good to do it with a solid result.
  12. There will be for licensing purposes, but I'm not sure what it is.
  13. The club can confirm this evening that midfielder Tommy Lone is available for transfer. Any interested parties should contact either Willie Harvey (Manager) or Peter Ferguson (Club Secretary).
  14. It's a massive undertaking for any club and it needs everyone to buy into it and contribute to it in terms of time and personal commitment. I would encourage any club seriously thinking about it to give it a go as the benefits massively outweigh the initial costs, but they shouldn't underestimate the personnel required and the time commitment.
  15. The SRCC ties do not automatically move to next weekend, a rescheduled date for the 2nd round ties will be advised in due course.
  16. Incorrect, I did not post on this thread until many hours after the news broke about the postponements. However, having read through the posts this evening, I did feel it was necessary to point out that the vast majority of postponements of this weekend's matches were not decided by the WoSFL.
  17. It's actually 4 leagues who operate the South Region Challenge Cup, including the Lowland League, whose teams had already been instructed by the Scottish FA that their matches would be postponed as they come under the jurisdiction of the Professional Game Board. I am not aware of what discussions took place in the lead-up to the decision to postpone the SRCC matches as I am not part of that committee. However, once that decision was made by the organisers of the SRCC, and given that all of the other leagues in the pyramid had already postponed their fixture cards, it was an obvious decision to make for the WoSFL to also postpone the only four scheduled matches which were under our remit for tomorrow.
  18. A factual one. The decision to cancel the four league games was taken after the South Region Challenge Cup Secretary had informed all the competing clubs that the cup ties were all postponed.
  19. The WoSFL only cancelled 4 scheduled league matches this weekend, two in the Second Division and two in the Third Division. The decision to cancel the South Region Challenge Cup ties was not made by the WoSFL.
  20. Rutherglen Glencairn's stadium only has one entrance and exit, but has a certified capacity of over 1600.
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