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  1. Please trust me when I assure you that there is no stalling taking place. The matter is being dealt with under due process in relation to the Constitution and Rules agreed by the clubs at last year's AGM. That takes time. No amount of pressure on an Internet forum will speed up the process, this has to be done by the rule book. I will be saying no more about this.
  2. Yes there are. The Midland League and the North Region SJFA League.
  3. Not correct, the game carries on with 7 players. It's only if it's less than 7 players the game has to stop.
  4. The clubs elect the WoSFL Management Committee. Nobody "put themselves in charge".
  5. They might well, good luck to them if they do. They have the right to have the chance to earn a place in the Scottish Cup the same as every other team in the WoSFL.
  6. From the competition rules :- "3. This competition shall be played by member clubs that are not full members of the Scottish Football Association, nor in membership of the Scottish Junior Football Association. 4. The competitions shall be played on an annual basis and it shall be mandatory for all eligible member clubs of the League to participate." On that basis, Drumchapel United will be playing in the competition again next season.
  7. Matches which end in a draw are decided by a penalty shoot-out for an extra point.
  8. The referee abandoned the match, so they played as long as the referee allowed the match to continue.
  9. Not officially relegated yet. The outcome of tonight's abandoned match has yet to be determined.
  10. Jim, Once again, there was no committee in place when that decision was made. It was the Lowland League board who were running the WoSFL. They negotiated the set-up with the Scottish FA, and when agreement was reached it was set in stone, otherwise the Scottish FA would not have sanctioned the very creation of the WoSFL in the first place. You really need to trust me on this.
  11. Yeh, ok, so maybe we might be in some relegation danger........ [emoji2357][emoji1787] It doesn't look like things are going to work out for us, but you never know, miracles can happen. I'm content in my knowledge that our management and players gave everything they had right to the last minute of the last game. If you'd told me before the season that we'd take points from 22 out of 38 games and amass 50 points in total, I'd have happily taken that and thought we'd be comfortably safe, especially when the safety mark at the mid point of the season was 23 points. But it looks like it wasn't to be, unless both Blantyre and Cumbernauld can pull of unlikely wins over Glenafton. I think at the start of the season most neutrals had us down as one of the favourites for the drop zone, but we have taken it to our last match and actually beyond that. Que sera sera.
  12. Jim, I respect your opinion on many topics on here. Although I don't always agree with you, I like the way you post in a respectful manner and are generally open minded. Please trust me when I tell you that the current WoSFL Management Committee were powerless to change the set-up agreed by the Lowland League with the Scottish FA. We took over after all of these agreements were cast in stone, and only shortly before the end of the Covid-abandoned first season. Promises had then been made to all clubs that the status quo would be rolled over to the 2021-22 season. We had to honour that.
  13. As we've said though, that decision was made by the Lowland League board who were running the WoSFL at the time, in consultation with and with the agreement of the Scottish FA. The league format was then set in stone and approved by the Scottish FA Board in June 2020. After that it couldn't be changed. The Interim Management Group weren't formed till after that, in preparation for the handover to the WoSFL Management Committee which didn't happen until 1st March 2021. We inherited this situation and had no option other than to play it out.
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