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  1. Yeah heard theres a possibility 🤣
  2. The journalist didn't even get his name right, and Colin said he didn't speak to him. So perhaps not too much attention should be paid to the contents of the article.
  3. There has been quite a lot of interest from clubs from various backgrounds and locations. It's not my place to say how many and who, that will be done through the right channels. Clubs are being visited and assessed prior to being proposed to the members for acceptance. It would not be fair for clubs to be named who may not meet the criteria at this stage.
  4. Just more speculation by Jim O'Donnell I'm afraid. Who is this Gordon Boyd vice-chairman chap anyway ?
  5. You surprise me. [emoji849][emoji1787]
  6. "Line O" "Space between" "Toes facing it" Some of the big guy's phrases which he said about 200 times each game and always made me chuckle. A real character.
  7. Oh that's very sad news. I always liked to stand near him and listen to his constant instructions to the team, most of which made no sense at all, but I absolutely admired his passion for his team. And he always had a smile and a pleasant word for me. RIP big guy. [emoji26]
  8. Yes, good luck to them. This time last year I was involved in some of the WoSFL preparations, so I appreciate how busy they will be.
  9. Hopefully it will, I'm just calming the hype a wee bit as it's not a done deal yet. But yes, the talks are positive from what I'm told.
  10. I wasn't at Tuesday's meeting, but have had official feedback on it. Talks have been positive, but it's far from the completed pyramid that has been spun on here today. There is still a lot of talking and work to be done to make that happen.
  11. As I said on the other thread, the proposed Midland League has a fair distance to travel before it is a done deal.
  12. The proposed Midland League has a fair distance to travel before it is a done deal.
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