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  1. The meeting next week (on Thursday) is a Special General Meeting of the West Region SJFA. It has nothing to do with the WoSFL.
  2. The people in charge know fine well what they're doing, they've been successfully running the Lowland League for the past few years.
  3. I don't think they've played any card, to be honest. But the clubs have been left in no doubt about what is expected of them after yesterday's email to all the Lowland Region clubs from the Pyramid Restart Group.
  4. At the time of the alleged breach of the rules, the club accused were still under the remit of the SJFA West Region. The WoSFL didn't officially exist until the SFA AGM a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Some teams have been announcing dates for friendly games at the end of August.
  6. I'm told there is actually no such thing as a 4G or 5G pitch, just developments of 3G. But I'm not an expert on the subject.
  7. The clubs were informed long ago that the South Challenge Cup is likely to be the only cup that WoSFL teams will be required to take part in this season. There are rules in place for a West of Scotland League Cup, but it is unlikely that competition will start until 2021-22.
  8. No, the clubs are being kept informed and consulted.
  9. There was a time last pre-season that football teams couldn't get bookings at Glasgow Green Football Centre because both pitches had been booked out, one by a rugby club and one by a frisbee throwing club, both from outside Glasgow. I kid you not - Glasgow Green FOOTBALL Centre, paid for by Glasgow tax payers.
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