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  1. All WoSFL games are now off tomorrow.
  2. All Premier Division matches are now off.
  3. I know it was for EoSFL teams previously, but not sure where that funding came from.
  4. The old West Region Championship used to relegate 4 teams out of 14 every season - 28.6%. Next season the WoSFL Premiership will relegate 7 teams out of 20 - 35%. But that's a one-off to sort the leagues into the tiers they were originally planned to be in next season.
  5. Plus a defibrillator available on site and at training on all occasions, not a cheap item.
  6. Rutherglen Glencairn v Hurlford United tomorrow night is now also postponed. A couple of miles along the road at Queen's Park there are hundreds of people walking on the pond, sledging, walking dogs, ice skating, and even playing ice hockey !
  7. Even if there is no snow, 3G pitches can be unplayable. They are not "all weather" pitches. But it takes an enormous amount of people, effort and time to sweep snow off an entire football pitch. Not many clubs at our level have the necessary resources to do that. And generally, if it's cold enough to snow, the surface underneath the snow wouldn't be playable once swept, whether artificial or grass.
  8. I would imagine Troon is the most likely grass pitch to be playable this weekend, given its location almost on the beach.
  9. The games at Bonnyton and Largs should be on at least.
  10. Holm Park is owned by Holm Park Community Trust. Yoker and Clydebank are equal tenants.
  11. I was partly correct. It wasn't a ballot, clubs eligible to play had the right to withdraw and still receive a participation payment equivalent to the round at which they would have entered. I understand that's what Talbot and Girvan did, rather than losing out in a ballot which I incorrectly referred to earlier. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-cup-202021-format-confirmed/
  12. I understand that, due to the late start of the season, the number of clubs outside the SPFL who were permitted to take part in the senior Scottish Cup was very limited. I think it was a ballot for those teams, and those who were unsuccessful got a payout from the SFA equivalent to participation in the opening rounds.
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