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  1. The administrators (and Kennie Young in particular) have shown incredible flexibility, to such a stage where we are already a third of the season through the league season and it's only mid September. I do appreciate, though, that you and your other 30+ user names have a particular agenda against the WoSFL, so your opinion is best dealt with the way everyone on here generally does, i.e. ridiculed.
  2. A 20-team league is the cards that we have been dealt though, none of that was the decision of the current administration. As far as I am aware no club has voiced an objection to the WoSFL Cup taking place this season, the only negative voices I've seen are on this forum.
  3. The clubs had the option to propose changes to the constitution. None of them chose to make such a proposal. The clubs in the WoSFL are being asked to play 38 league games (Premier Division only) + WoSFL Cup games (6 rounds max I think), plus South Challenge Cup (6 or 7 rounds max I think), plus Scottish Cup ties or Strathclyde Cup ties (5 rounds max). As I said earlier, if they choose to play in competitions outside of the WoSFL's remit, that is not something the WoSFL can control.
  4. Correct, ideally it would be played throughout the season as it is the WoSFL's major cup competition. The only reason that hasn't happened this season is as stated before, to concentrate on getting phase one of the fixtures complete. Once that is achieved, we can fit in the other cup competitions. If certain clubs choose to prioritise cup competitions outside the WoSFL's remit that they are eligible to take part in, then that's entirely the individual club's choice. Taking part in the WoSFL Cup is mandatory as part of membership of the organisation. Taking part in competitions outside of the WoSFL's remit is optional.
  5. Hopefully the plans for a national non-league cup competition from tier 5 downwards will come to fruition, and the WoSFL have been at the forefront of those discussions by submitting a proposal to the 4 Leagues Meeting (Lowland/WoSFL/EoSFL/SoSFL) which has gained their approval and has now been submitted to the Scottish FA and is on the agenda for discussion at the next Pyramid Working Group meeting. It has also been noted that the SJFA went public a week or two ago stating their intention to form a similar competition. Hopefully all parties will work together to make this happen.
  6. It wasn't the last to get organised, it has been in the WoSFL Constitution from day one. It was the last to get scheduled as priority has rightly been given to getting the leagues to the end of phase 1, which will happen in early November. Once Phase 1 is completed, league positions could be declared in the event of another enforced shutdown, and consequently get the leagues into their linear format instead of Conferences. An enormous amount of thought and discussion has gone into the scheduling of the fixtures this season, and it is to Kennie's great credit that it looks likely that we will be able to comfortably get 38 Premier games played and all of the cup competitions. Kennie has also been very flexible and accomodating with the Scottish Junior Cup being incorporated into the WoSFL's schedule, although quite rightly it no longer takes priority over other fixtures. The WoSFL Cup was always going to be held this season, the clubs were informed of that it right from the formation of the WoSFL 18 months ago.
  7. Except the West Region of the SJFA was formally closed about a year ago, so organising competitions purely for former West Region clubs who retained SJFA membership would seem a bit pointless when there is an equivalent competition for them in the WoSFL.
  8. This is the only cup run by the WoSFL which involves every WoSFL team, it is the major cup competition in the west of Scotland. It is fair to compare it with the old West Region SJFA's West of Scotland Cup, although the new competition has more teams in it than the old one.
  9. Any club who gets their licence at next summer's Scottish FA AGM.
  10. The u20s Development League is run by the Lowland League. So it would be no change for them if Talbot were to win the play-off and be promoted.
  11. Another good win for us on the road and, apart from the slip-up at Kilbirnie, we've done a good job in picking up wins in the games we need to be picking up points in.
  12. Tomorrow's fixtures :- Benburb v Irvine Meadow XI Blantyre Victoria v Auchinleck Talbot Bonnyton Thistle v Rutherglen Glencairn Cumbernauld United v Clydebank Darvel v Cumnock Juniors Pollok v Rossvale
  13. A cracking three points for us today as we were down to the bare bones through injuries, suspensions, holidays and Covid. Coming from behind twice after losing an early goal and one just before half time, we showed a lot of character. We rise three places in the table as well. [emoji106]
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