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  1. There was never going to be 9 teams relegated from the WoSFL Premier Division. It's not within the rules agreed by the clubs at the AGM and ratified by the Scottish FA.
  2. I don't know to be honest, I'm not aware of the agenda.
  3. The Constitution and the competition rules were all sent to the clubs prior to the AGM. They were all approved by the clubs at the AGM.
  4. I'm afraid once again you are incorrect, it is clearly state in rule 11.b of the WoSFL Premier Division Rules 21-22 which was published on the Scottish FA Admin Site on 4th July 2021.
  5. Once again, all incorrect. The WoSFL Constitution is freely available for all clubs to view on the Scottish FA Admin Site, and it is a document which was approved by all clubs at the AGM. It cannot be changed without the clubs agreeing to it.
  6. Yes, it was originally planned to be after the Darvel game, but it wasn't cast in stone. However, it became clear that there was a clash of dates with the Four Leagues Meeting, so the draw was delayed by a week. I don't think the WoSFL social media people can in any way be accused of being inactive.
  7. It is not possible to hold the draw after the Darvel game on Wednesday as it coincides with a Four Leagues Meeting. The WoSFL General Meeting scheduled for the following week has been delayed by a week to 3rd February. It is most likely that the draw will take place that evening.
  8. Again you are incorrect, nothing has changed mid season. It can't be changed as it's all in the WoSFL Constitution & Rules documents agreed by the club at last summer's AGM.
  9. You are totally incorrect. What I posted is 100% correct.
  10. Your last paragraph is incorrect. If the WoSFL Premier Division champions are promoted to the Lowland League, and no team is relegated from the Lowland League to the WoSFL Premier Division, then only six teams will be relegated from the WoSFL Premier Division to the new WoSFL First Division. The new WoSFL First Division would then comprise of the 6 relegated teams from the Premier, plus 2nd to 4th place in each Conference, plus the 5th placed Conference team with the best record.
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