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  1. If Rangers have their way "this season" won't exist either. [emoji6]
  2. Are you suggesting that we are on lockdown forever and there will never be a "next season" ? [emoji849]
  3. It's really good to see you so keen and positive about joining the pyramid, as you were very sceptical a few weeks ago. At least next season you'll have a visit from (probably) at least four current Premiership teams to set your finances up for the season.
  4. Very sad news. I didn't know Franny personally, but I knew of his fine reputation in the game and many people at our club always spoke highly of him.
  5. Excellent post, thank you for clarifying your club's position. [emoji106]
  6. It wasn't even that. It was a rhetorical question that was asked, "Who in this room doesn't want to stay together ?" Nobody really thought they were expecting to have to give an answer, but two clubs did put up their hands. It wasn't a question asking who does or doesn't want to join the pyramid.
  7. No there wasn't. That's just simply not true.
  8. You only need to look at the quotes that came out of Thorniewood United and Wishaw over the past 24 hours.
  9. Somebody would have to take the lead and start phoning round potentially like-minded clubs to see what their thoughts are. As has been mentioned previously, at least 17 clubs didn't initially express an interest in the LL-WoSFL.
  10. I don't think Kennie will be doing the fixtures next season. I believe there will be a season-long fixture list.
  11. He wasn't referring to us. Get up to speed.
  12. Probably just because it won't be the juniors. Whatever that means. [emoji849]
  13. It's good to see Cambuslang Rangers very active on social media in the past few weeks. Things had gone very quiet for a while there apart from word about boardroom resignations, so it's good to hear them being positive about the future.
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