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  1. Pollok

    ^^^^^ Completely missing the joke.
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    So far this season we've had Ryan Kerr, Div Quinn, Rhys Donaldson, Jordan Leyden, Dale Simeon, Ryan McArdle, Sean McGuire, Harry Mitchell, Jay McKay and Gary Smith all missing games due to holidays. It's just the way it is in junior football nowadays unfortunately.
  3. Rutherglen Glencairn 2018-19

    Two long trips in a row for us now, away to Craigmark Burntonians on Saturday, and then away up north to play Islavale in the Scottish Junior Cup. I'll miss the Craigmark game as I'll be in mid air flying home from the Costa del Sol, but I'm thoroughly looking forward to the trip to play Islavale.
  4. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Players on holiday during the season is unfortunately just something that teams have to put up with nowadays. It's frustrating but that's what squads are for. Fans want to see their strongest teams, but the players also have families and (in most cases) semi-professional football wages is not what pays the bills.
  5. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Seriously, grow up.
  6. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I don't do predictions. [emoji846]
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I just list the games and ask for people's thoughts. People can respond in whatever way they want.
  8. Pyramid

    Has a deadline been set for the PWG to come to a conclusion/decision/recommendation ?
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I don't ask for predictions.
  10. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Saturday's fixtures :- Benburb (2nd) v Whitletts Victoria (4th) Craigmark Burntonians (13th) v Rutherglen Glencairn (1st) Dalry Thistle (8th) v Darvel Juniors (10th) Irvine Victoria (12th) v Arthurlie (5th) Kello Rovers (15th) v Kilsyth Rangers (6th) Larkhall Thistle (16th) v Neilston Juniors (11th) Rossvale (7th) v Cumbernauld United (3rd) St Roch's (9th) v Girvan (14th) Your thoughts ?
  11. Pyramid

    Coming in at tier 6 seems to be the only offer on the table to the SJFA, if the reports we're getting are true.
  12. Pyramid

    Oh yes, that is inevitable over time. But only one club from our set-up would be involved in this play-off, and that would be the champions of what is currently the West Region Premiership. To get to that standard, you'd need to have a bit of investment about your club anyway. What I'm saying is that there are a lot of scare stories and misconceptions out there about the cost to clubs of joining the pyramid. For the vast majority of clubs there will be no cost and nothing will change, unless they particularly want it to change by applying for a licence which they won't initially require.
  13. Pyramid

    The point I'm making, though, is that there won't necessarily be an increase in licensing applications from junior clubs if they are integrated into the pyramid, as it will not be a requirement at the level they will be joining. And I don't think many will look at Girvan and say "we want some of that", as they have been in the senior Scottish Cup for a long time without that happening.
  14. Pyramid

    Not many though. One or two perhaps, but it is not a requirement for tier 6 where the junior top league teams would enter.
  15. Pyramid

    Yep, there is absolutely nothing to fear financially for the junior clubs in terms of integration into the pyramid. In many respects it's pretty much "as you were", and there are a lot of misconceptions flying about that club committees really don't need to concern themselves about.