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  1. link back and read the pages afore and after. He'd had enough wae the scrotes.
  2. Easy peasy Gareth. There are quite a few from that time/thread that indicated granny had had enough. I wish him well, in his non p+b life.
  3. I'm sure I could search for it Gareth....want me to ?
  4. Granny D died on here about 3 months ago. Around the time of the mhak rapist stuff, he made a post saying he understood why I kept posting in the face of unremitting insinuation / abuse. I thought it weird at the time, though accepting the goodwill, but that made me think he, granny d, would be gone shortly.
  5. You got a greenie for a banal post like that. Of course its pointless.
  6. ^^^ doesn't understand the game.....thinks its a male version of "on the kitchen table"...
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