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  1. So whats the solution for clubs like Kelso? Unfortunately EOSL is in decline, teams like Coldstream, Hawick, duns etc are all heading in one direction and that's to join lowland league and I don't blame them. Who knows maybe one day the borders league might join with the EOS and give it a wee boost but it'll never be same as before.
  2. Hope this isn't true, enjoy my short spell there and good people at Kelso!
  3. It's got a lot better the last couple years with the fencing complete. The club seem to be moving in the right direction. Before this it used to be pretty shit
  4. P.s well done salters on winning a treble this season!
  5. Never seen the game but (Sunday) salters are a very committed and hard working side. Some unfortunate results this season but on there day they'll beat anyone in there league. See Robbo got another 4 goals, standard! Also got player of the year for leafa!
  6. That is bizarre. Is it just in the scottish that it goes straight to pens?
  7. Hahaha...enjoyed that read whilst doing a shit!!
  8. Where and when is the semi finals? Might have to go along and support Dalkeith ams. Never knew they even existed but great achievement to get so far.
  9. I play with the lad creedy at NMV and this lads has bags of ability. Scores plenty goals from midfield and doesn't stop running. Deserves to be in the select team and good luck to him the rest of the squad for making it
  10. Well done Dalkeith! Never seen them play but a lot of guys writing them of on here! Good luck
  11. Danderhall looking for a friendly tomorrow nite.
  12. For me personally summer football would be the solution but can't see that ever happening. Not played a competitive game since the 13th December.
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