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  1. I agree with you that its easy to get to. Train station right there and loads of buses going past. Terrible ground though. Fans are too far away from the pitch and the place is falling apart.
  2. What was the official attendance?
  3. Another big game for Largs on Saturday. The 3 points against Kilsyth were vital to get us back on track. I expect another win against Shotts to continue our push towards the Premier League.
  4. You cant compare juniors to that. Ross County are a top side. Yes they were underdogs but it's not exactly David v Goliath stuff. It was a game of football where the favourites didn't win. Happens all the time.
  5. The difference will be if Murray is still there or not. If we have a new manager by then that will mean new hope and we'll take a big crowd. If we're still stuck with Murray, it will almost be as bad as Morton's on Friday.
  6. Looking forward to Saturday. Huge game. How far is the nearest pub from the ground? Haven't been before.
  7. The 'unwashed' are going to be in the stadium though so there is still arguably milage in the shite joke.
  8. Looking forward to Saturday. We've had a great start this season and I fully expect it to continue this weekend. Should be a good day out. Theeeeeeeel!!
  9. Thought Clydebank were okay. It was a pretty even game which neither team dominated. We just took our chances. The return leg will be a good one!
  10. Looking forward to the start of the season proper. Relatively confident of a win at home to Shotts but with Largs you never know!
  11. Think we'll get our first win of the season on Saturday. It cant get any worse surely? It won't be pretty but Shankland is a good signing and will make a difference.
  12. Celtic didn't pay much for him. His price represents his value fairly.
  13. Really hope we can win this one to get our season started. Dumbarton will be on a high after last week and will be a very tough opponent. Can honestly see us struggling here. A win in any form would do nicely!
  14. Not in the best 11 but the squad clearly lacks depth as shown last night. He's be a good squad player for you when the big players are being rested. 500K is hardly breaking the bank.
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