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  1. "I haven't noticed any shortages", says Dawson Park Boy. Fooled by cardboard cutout produce, in place of real stuff. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/oct/22/supermarkets-using-cardboard-cutouts-to-hide-gaps-left-by-supply-issues?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  2. So, absolute shite then. That's one of the worst ratings I've ever seen on that site. My god.
  3. I think he'll be in his wee Tory bolthole in the east neuk, moaning to his stepford wife about Sturgeon, Scotrail, Marcus Rashford and no indyref two, before nipping off down his shed to furiously knock one off to another one of his "grey area" surreptitious snaps- with big tits.
  4. "Hopleaf Pale Ale" sounds a bit different from the standard Mediterranean euro fizz. I wonder what it was like?
  5. Probably filled with half full bottles of Smirnoff from Vic Kasule's days.
  6. I remember going to see Supergrass at the Barrowlands about 97/98. They projected all these 70s ones onto a big screen before they came on. Alvin Stardust and all that.
  7. "I'm hyperventilating and taken my mask off. Please help! Next stop is Kirkcaldy"
  8. Get him to f**k. He sounds like the Carlos Kaiser of academia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Kaiser_(footballer)
  9. I think Gerald must have let him go from the glass collector job at the golf club. He must have been caught helping himself behind the bar. It's a wee shame.
  10. 25 years old? Unnatural causes? I must study the mental health of the spouses of sub-saharan middle distance runners.
  11. That would be even more embarrassing in many ways. Imagine if Malta or Cyprus starting poaching British HGV drivers! The seethe from the usual suspects would be off the scale as former colonies stick the knife in.
  12. Just like two months ago, more extremely concerning issues with my MS medication, manufactured in the Netherlands. Supply is extremely scarce. This is the reality now. Nothing is improving and worse still, no effort is being made to improve things. Here's Frost more or less firing the gun on a trade war with the EU. This country is fucked.
  13. Not a good look from the guy on the top right to be fair. What was he thinking modeling his look on the "Tartanist Gonk" of all- Maggie's favourite Unionist paedophile Nicholas Fairbairn.
  14. What's YOUR fucking plan? Don't give me a load of flannel about "sovereignty". With all due respect, if you've found a legally solid loophole to the Act of Union for another indyref we're all ears. You're sounding like President McGlashan of Transnistria here.
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