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  1. There was a guy on here that bashed cows heads in with a hammer. Maybe he knows about this.😉
  2. "I haven't seen anything to terrify me here". Bookmark this.
  3. I'd have loved a quick game of "bamboozle" waiting for the match to come back on.
  4. 7/4 France were to win this. Decent price I thought.
  5. What's the point of linesman? Sorry, assistant referees. What do they actually do now?
  6. He probably reaches the terminus leaning on the stop- "what kept ye?"
  7. Why yer da hates modern football: 1. Can't wear your proper colours shirt/shorts. 2. VAR 3. Offside rule. 4. Handball? Penalty?? 5. FLAG THE FUCKING OFFSIDE! Seriously, what's the point of that with Mbappe's goal?
  8. You get the impression France are playing well within themselves. I don't think Germany have the same quality. If they have a go in the second half I think France have the ability to easily pick them off.
  9. Still vote Torys though Yup. We have betrayed. We have been lied to. Our businesses are finished....... But it would be much worse in an independent Scotland within the EU. That covers it, aye?
  10. Those Perthshire fields that vote for Murdo won't have any cattle in them once those hormone filled, pesticide cuts from OZ take over the shelves. Idiots.
  11. I was delighted to see Grand Moff Tarkin referred to on the ticker by his proper title. "Solo" correctly referred to as "rebel scum".
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