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  1. No chance of Malky walking away. In silence.
  2. And the problem with a yes/no question is what exactly? Easily understandable. Everybody kens the score. All this fucking about with leave/remain on the ballot and Scottish Tories on about two third majorities for a referendum that, apparently, nobody wants is all a bit queer. If there was genuine confidence of a further victory for the UK a section 30 would be granted nae bother. But the confidence is not there. It's 50/50 in the polls, even before a campaign and if you are to be believed, an appaliing Government with dreadful policies at the helm of the yes campaign. You know it's pish. I know it's pish. Scotland in Union know it's pish. When the shops run out if food in early November, the garages are rationing fuel and the lights start going off - under the union- there will be no way back. "It'll be worse under independence" won't wash and the union game is up the poll. Enjoy.
  3. Former leader of the Zanu PF party.......or Zanu pre funeral party to give it the full title.
  4. To be fair, if you've just been knee-capped and you're thinking about the last cheese slice in the fridge or the unseasonably warm weather, you're a bigger man than most.
  5. This Malky dude and his Glenanover alias remind me of Deegas on the 2013/14 equivalent thread. He just stumbled onto the thread- as you do- being a bristol rovers fan with about four posts and spammed it with similar pish for over a year. Great to see that the modus operandi remains the same at Scotland In Union or whomever by getting volunteers....sorry volunteer (singular) to give up their time to try and kick back against the tide.
  6. Fucking hell! Avoiding recession because firms are stockpiling widgets and folk are filling cupboards with tins of beans, calpol and American IPAs? The country is truly absolutely fucked.
  7. I'd imagine some long term jakes have croaked it bumping up the figures. Certainly the availablity of drink has increased. From all day opening in the 70s and pubs being allowed to open on a Sunday and extended hours. All the on trade stuff. In the off trade the amount of licences has increased. They were closed on a Sunday until the mid 90s too. Then you have the targetting of youngsters around that time with hooch and all the alcopops from that time that are still all over the place now. I'd be surprised if the figures for alcohol related deaths didn't get worse before improving. You'll have chronic jakes who started on the hooch now in their mid forties with all sorts of health conditions. Youngsters are all seemingly avoiding alcohol these days which will improve the figures longer term. Boring c***s.
  8. Will vote yes again. Will break the law by taking another snap of said vote.
  9. Pre hairy pie and bovril may be more to your tastes.
  10. One more thing I would say to the OP is aside from the legal assistance most unions give you a death benefit. I'm with PCS now and it's about £1800. They also offer discounts on hotels, shows, travel and the like. It's worth the cash in my case for the death benefit alone.
  11. Long gone. We moved out about 2008. Site sat for a while before being sold off for housing. The estate there now looks like East Germany.
  12. You in Edinburgh? The names Kenny Logan, Gary Clark or Willie Johnson mean anything? I remember in my postie days Kenny giving an empassioned speech from the loading bank when Brunswick Road was still there. He thought he was Scargill or something. I can't recall what it was about. Adam Crozier and the bogus colleague shares maybe. Or perhaps the vending machines had put the tea prices up by five pence. f**k knows.
  13. On the upside for these types is they'll get their Daily Mail the same day - not a day late - and carling down the pub.
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