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  1. f**k aye. Nothing better than coming off a strange shift and being blootered by 3PM. The looks of disgust from the average office types is fab. (Or envious looks from office types with a drink problem)
  2. It's single transferable votes along the lines of the counties with Dublin divied up into some "county" councils and not one authority. (Fingal Cc/ South Dublin CC for example) I don't know about up the country but in Kerry it's a large geographical area with variations on the sub-divided "seats" based on the bigger towns (Killarney/Tralee/Kenmare/Dingle/Listowel). It's multi seat wards like Scotland is now. Independents do well. The Healy-Rae clan have three councillors scattered about three different seats, for example. FG/FF don't dominate. If FF were polling at 10% in Kerry local elections it wouldn't make much difference to be honest.
  3. 😄 I wish we could have done that. But if you start on the ground floor and work up you can catch any missorts back on the way down. Thick bundles with post and election shite then- when folk still posted letters. My first impressions about him - an arrogant oddball- were correct though! 😉
  4. Back in my postie days he and his wife lived on my walk round the corner from Meadowbank. This must have been on the run up to the Scottish elections in 2007. It must have been his first go at getting elected and his missus was standing too. The election material was a good earner then and you'd post it through with all the other households. He lived on in a ground floor flat and I'd posted some election stuff through his door before delivering up the rest of the stair. When I came back down this wide eyed lunatic was standing there hand outstretched with an SNP and Labour flyer wanting me to take them back. I said no bother not really wanting to engage and an easy life before getting on. Then he starts asking me about who I was going to vote for and who everybody in the delivery office was voting for. I told him, although it was nothing to do with him I was voting SNP and that a few round the d.o. were thinking the same. He then went on a bizarre rant about how "Salmond was a danger" and how the Liberal Democrats were the only option. I made my excuses and left. It was only some time later (he lost) I saw him on some show years later and realised who the bam had been. A very strange guy.
  5. The media loves nothing better than permanent faux indignation coming from a nice boy your granny would like. I don't think the media give a f**k. I can't remember the last time I heard him get airtime to moan about anything. Seriously, it seems months since I've even heard his name mentioned. It's all about that Cole-Hamilton dude now.
  6. Schalke clearly concerned about the €200 fine had they forfeited the match.
  7. Does the crazy Governor confiscate the guns to execute the babies? I think we should be told.
  8. As it turns out, the statement was just a load of pish about how he'd employ 3000 more teachers paid through "Barnett consequentials". A wee bit of fantasy socialism with money that may, or may not exist. I'd imagine any further funding may be swallowed up by the NHS. The free schools that exist down south is something I'd NEVER wish to see here. You can go on Gov.uk and apply to start a fucking school! https://www.gov.uk/set-up-free-school To set up a free school, you’ll need to apply through the Department for Education (DfE). A free school can be set up by groups like: academies businesses charities community or faith groups independent schools (private, fee-paying schools) parents schools maintained by local authorities teachers universities So, you can do this for profit, or as a keen amateur, to name but two. These schools actually exist down south. At least he didn't moot any of that pish.
  9. I remember being on a School exchange to West Germany in October 1989. We'd been to the East German border a couple of days before and experienced the NVA looking at us through binoculars from watch towers on their side and thinking how bizarre it all was. It was the 40th anniversary of the DDR and my exchange partner's mum was watching the East German telly (broadcast in black & white- in 1989!) With Gorbachev in Berlin meeting Honecker for the "celebrations". Stage managed bullshit by the party. The Tagesschau on West German telly was reporting on unrest in Leipzig, unreported by the east (unsurprisingly). It was clear the game was up for that system at that time. The public wanted change. "I give the regime two years. Gorby will force change on the east" she said. A month later the Phillipsthal border we visited was opened, the guys with guns were standing around watching everybody pass through and then reunification happened the following year. It happened in the blink of an eye so I absolutely agree- circumstances, particularly political or economic circumstances can be the catalyst for ridiculously crazy seismic changes. That trip was a first hand view on history. As well as a pile of drinking as the legal age was 16 in West Germany!
  10. If that c**t is not already dead I sincerely hope he lasts long enough to see the butcher's apron come down the flagpole at Edinburgh castle that final time. And then, as he croaks his last a thoroughly broken man, he realises that "Jesus Christ", "God" and all that pish is a human construct. No white light. Just nothing.
  11. Or the abolishment of RC education and spending a notional 500 million on "protestant" schools. The "staunch" vote would fucking love that. But aye, Mixu is right. Academies, start your own school and anything to take things out the hands of local authorities will be the announcement. Just as well he'll never get the chance to enact it.
  12. Crook. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/cash-for-access-scandal-sir-malcolm-rifkind-to-step-down-as-mp-for-kensington-and-chelsea-10066651.html%3famp
  13. Fianna Fail polling at 10% this week. Martin avoided the tag of the first FF leader not to become taoiseach, but he's probably en route to becoming the least popular. I've never rated him but he's clearly toiling now. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40047926.html
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