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  1. Less than a week in and we've learned that these new nurses are an aspiration over 10 years. Johnson wants a crazy law to put pressure on Europe to give him the deal he wants. Borrowing goes through the roof with likely tax rises rather than cuts. Absolutely no surprise.
  2. Brilliant analysis. You are Garth Crooks and I claim my five pounds! 😂
  3. Surely Tom Weir is world famous in Scotland but nowhere else. But only if you're over 40. I'd imagine his likely appearances in tartan pensioner porn like "the people's friend" sent to generatric immigrants in Canada and New Zealand are long forgotten. Like Tom, they've taken the celestial Stannah stairlift to the great beyond.
  4. Been fucked for years. The only way a "Labour" government will be elected is a Blair style effort enacting Tory policies with higher welfare for the plebs. Sad but true.
  5. I hadn't looked at the percentages but good point. I wonder how the soft yoons will go when brexit kicks in? Boris is about to stab them in the front with this border in the sea. Can't see that going down well at all.....
  6. Keir starmer? Labour will probably shoot themselves in the foot again with Angela Rayner or someone just to let a woman have a turn.
  7. With a nationalist majority in Norn Iron for the first time ever you'd think that, combined with the Scottish result puts the UK on life support. It surely has to follow that calls for a border poll will increase.
  8. The ballot papers were spotted on holiday with Jack McConnell.
  9. Thatcher manages decline of heavy industries. Everyone becomes poor. New service industries develop. English people look down on these jobs. Foreigners come over to fill these jobs. Locals complain they have taken these jobs. Locals vote Tory to boot out these foreigners and bring back the good times. Amirite?
  10. Bears repeating. Did he just say that unless the SNP get over 50% of the votes in Scotland there's no mandate for indyref2? Moron. p***k. Call him what you like.
  11. Stuart Campbell's head would explode. And on that basis I hope it happens.
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