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  1. Something is obviously going to happen on SD to "address" it but I don't understand why Raw had to squash them so badly. The 5v5 match was booked awfully. Think Joe was injured by all accounts but once he was out it completely killed SD off as any sort of threat, and made the crowd turn on the match. I hate it when they do the early elimination pish, it did more damage to Joe than good to Drew.
  2. December to Dismember was indeed the drizzling shits. Stark contrast to the One Night Stand of the same year (2006), which was a great ppv. Some of the WWE shows from a few years before the attitude era were properly honking. King of the Ring 95 stands out for its bizarrely shite booking.
  3. This was the one I was going to mention. Toxic atmosphere for him to walk into, and he played his role extremely well. His extreme rules match against Lesnar was a good one too. I was a bit annoyed at the time that he did his Superman thing and thought Lesnar should probably have won it but it was still a great brawl.
  4. The thing that's annoying about the Ambrose match is that it had so much potential, and would have been easy to pull off a cracker which would have had Ambrose coming out looking like a superstar. Instead we had an extended squash and what looked like a big f**k you to the fans that want Ambrose to do well. I don't think it was to do with Lesnars conditioning either, just shite booking.
  5. It makes absolutely zero sense to have your tag team champions involved in a non-title match of any kind at Mania, regardless of the result. To then have them lose to that shite just shows where creative is at right now. The writers don't have a clue, Mania had some decent moments but on the whole the booking was terrible and made no sense.
  6. A mixture of broken glass and jizz everywhere. Austin, Hogan and Rock at Mania 30 comes to mind also. Insane pops for Rock and Austin.
  7. Yeah it's definitely got a HHH vs Sting feel to it. Plenty of overbooking and run-ins for pops and excitement. It won't make much sense but I'm looking forward to it more than any other match, should be entertaining.
  8. As was proved last year when they finally got a favourable draw, only to be papped out by Monaco at the same stage. They're just not a top team in Europe.
  9. Would be very harsh on Gomes, he's been great for Watford. Can't really see him being dropped this season (unless he drops a few clangers) though Pantillimon is a good signing for the future.
  10. The commentary team is especially shite these days, aye. During Cesaros entrance all they could do was talk about fucking Mountain Dew. Naebody cares.
  11. Good match cut too short by a bullshit finish. Classic WWE.
  12. Big improvement on the previous one for Man U but that sponsor will ruin any decent kit.
  13. whoops! They have to do something to catch Chelsea I suppose...
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