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  1. I thought everyone knew that it was absolutely impossible to catch covid when you are two metres or more from an infected human. Same thing with tackling someone on a football pitch.....ye just cannae catch it for some reason. However sit one metre from someone and bang.... you’ve spread it.
  2. Was Beaton waiting on the goal line tech there? I though he hadn’t given it.
  3. We are definitely playing better in the sense that we look good. Just up until we have to put the ball in the net. Fix that and we really would be happy - easier said than done though.
  4. Dunfermline: Championship club. Recent even lower league club. Killie: Premier club and have been for a while. Enough said.
  5. Is Davies a better striker than Dykes? I’m listening in Germany so wasn’t sure. Also I’m pished. Maybe we should star5 with Davies?
  6. I thought the tv commentator said “Lyndon Davies” scored for us tonight. I’m a bit deaf but if not who the f**k is Lyndon Davies?
  7. Poor guys must have spent the last of their money on green smoke instead of green paint.
  8. I don’t know about plastic players but taking this further... plastic referees couldn’t be any worse and they’d be cheaper than the human ones we’ve already got.
  9. If Rangers get to the top of the league and Celtic are chasing them, it will be khat he will be chewing.
  10. This virus came from pangolins or bats to humans I’ve read. Does it pass easily back into farm yard animals to mutate again? If so we are fucked.
  11. Yes, glaring omission, especially for your treachery in 86 ( or whenever it was). Added you now. The list grows ever longer. I’ve also added Killie for 1965 and having the cheek to score twice against them - just for fairness if you know what I mean?
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