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  1. Yep just realised it was a file photo that EK News have used and not a picture from yesterday's game..
  2. Were there fans at this game? Saw a photo on Facebook that looked like groups of folk at it, didn't look like subs/reserves in the stand seats..
  3. Pyramid scheme types, when they hand over their £5000 to the bloke who promises them their all singing all dancing millionaire business, do they get sent an email with ready made cut-and-paste social media posts in it? Every single fucker seems to post the same thing; "wow!! this product is amazing!!!!!! Cannot! believe! it!!", "luv running my own business and being my own boss working at home", "love being able to reduce hours at work as this grows full time". Fast forward eighteen months and the stupid bints are still at their dead end jobs clamouring for overtime to make up for all the money they've tipped down the drain. Some of them even go back for another try with a different scam, it's incredible.
  4. There were a few proposed subway extension plans in the run up to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 that looked pretty decent, they involved incorporating the subway into lines like the Cathcart Circle and branching out through Parkhead, the East End and also up through Maryhill. It wouldn't require too much work to connect some of the existing lines up to the subway circle, the problem would be the subway runs on a smaller gauge to the main lines and that would be a ballache to overcome. What would be the cost of shutting the entire circle for X number of years to widen the tunnels for regular gauge trains to run through them and onto the surface lines? Astronomical, no doubt.
  5. Can I claim that I'm only paid for one day a year, and that in actual fact when extrapolated over 365 days then I'd be one of the highest paid people in the country? I like how that works.
  6. Sturgeon ripping Jackson Carlaw a new one on telly... great viewing.
  7. That's just legalised molestation.
  8. Hope it's a given that she reimburses any and all repair costs that the shop faces for fixing the display cases etc.. and even loss of takings if they had to close for any length of time.
  9. Gru from Despicable Me still had it in his pocket when the first photo was taken.
  10. Thanks for posting that haufdaft, I thought I was imagining things. Hope they build this stand a bit closer to the pitch than the current one!
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere that Thistle are doing some ground improvement works as well at the Showpark. Potentially another covered area?
  12. 4000 seats mean it's ideal for Elton John's next final farewell tour.
  13. Quick, someone dig up Bob Hoskins. It's good to talk.
  14. You'd think that would be a bit more relevant to talk about than something that was an absolute certainty to happen from about January...
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