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  1. Des Clarke is fucking shite at presenting telly. I'd imagine he's fucking shite at most things really.
  2. Celtic goal two minutes from half time an almost certainty here.
  3. Cracked stamp in the Daily Record articles tomorrow.
  4. I almost think they need to act now, or very soon. Gives the new man the rest of this season to get things right, have to hit the ground running from the off next season as it's a far more competitive league with the recent additions and it's only going to get harder and harder to get up to League Two under the current playoff system.
  5. Superintendent Hastings will get to the bottom of this, he's got nothing to do now for the next couple of years so will easily have Platini bang to rights before he goes chasing the next bent copper.
  6. Was hoping for some different sides for EK, fingers crossed the Pars game is at East End Park.
  7. Hauzen


    Well seen they've fired up the autotune after that horrific version of Like A Prayer..
  8. This'll be the best runners-up medal Klopp has won yet.
  9. Commentators have to stay impartial remember. Poor form celebrating.
  10. McManaman really doesn't like these johnny foreigner types.
  11. Not sure watching a team in royal blue called Rangers is much of an alternative for them tbf...
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