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  1. Yes of course, just having a laugh. Would be nice to do well but league has to be our priority.
  2. Can't believe all you no marks teams are even entering when you consider the 3x champs and longest period of time holders are in it lol. Banter by the way before i get my head bitten off.
  3. Go on then Syd what have them "ahem" teams achieved? f**k all is the answer, and i will tell you why, because they have no interest in doing anything ever, they are happy to plod along expexting nothing and achieving nothimg ever.
  4. Lol good luck then, try playing with less than 10 defenders then and read my 2 post, obv you dont want to advavnce or are happy to ponce off everyone else shocker eh?????
  5. Willing to add more to this, Ednburgh, annan, berwick, elgin in our leaugue, lolrtrose, arbroath east fife, lolfar, my opinion but i think its embarassing where 'clubs basisclly dont care. None of these ahem """clubs"" have and will ever do anything. Before folk go off their nuts at me, simply ask whats the point, which no one will ever answer.
  6. Really? Quite frankly f**k them is more apt, cup games v rangers celtic motherscumwell, made obsence amounts of money from them and yet refused to improve cliftonhell, magnificent effort, so quite frankly i hope you get fucked. Pretty embarassing when all teams from championship level's down only cup final and meaningful match is v the Clyde.
  7. Do the 4 angus dildos still exist????? What a shower of inbred hillbilly mutants What an embarssement, I seriously wonder why, none have and will ever get near the history of the Clyde.
  8. Il buy you a breezer? Ah my obsessed stalker is back, would rather a pint cheers.
  9. What's the boozers like around the ground? Only ever been into the one across from Tesco before and the bar in the stadium. Save this post, mon the Monty!
  10. To give further credence to McAllisters case, i mind this season he played v us at broadwood after visiting his kid in hospital that day, that must have some been some decision to do that, but again shows his loyalty to his club.
  11. That or jealousy? Majority of DGW opponents have resorted to trying to cripple him because they cant get near him.
  12. Utter travesty that Goodwillie isnt on the list, easily the best player this league has ever seen, tainted victory to whoever wins it now, i would probably go for McAllister, class act and who has shown extreme loyalty to Peterhead when he could have easily moved elsewhere for a lot more money.
  13. Upset? I think she has just wet herself again..
  14. Was a lot better than any of the Cowden songs we heard all night.
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