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  1. $1 yankee 3.10 sandown - baby run 3.45 sandown - cityscape 4.35 haydock - ultravox 4.50 sandown - hacienda
  2. cans of carling, all fizzing up to f**k. soon to be on vodka & boost. Legal speed.
  3. how come all you c***s seem to kill the deathb*****ds doon the quarruy nae bogther. ah keep gettin kilt. sho t one of they fuckers wi a minigun,but it was a young deathbasterd then 5 ae the c***s kicked f**k out of mi ...on very easy!!!?!?!?!? seriously, how the f**k can you kill thay deathbasterds on very hard?????? also--------crazy,crzy czy. are yous all on eyeball sterois or something this game is fucking nuts :blink:
  4. not listened to The #Music sinc about 2003. got their comp album 2 days ago fucking incredible especially The People and Getaway. just a shame every song is exactly the same.... riff...lyrics...drums...bass/rhythm...build up...chorus...middle 8 ...repeat...repeat ...etc still fucking ace tho but the version of Take The Long Road is pish
  5. used to work next to a guy who had a range rover with B14W ME
  6. picked up the bairn from school on thursday, he told us that he'd been learning about dragons that day. the wife turned to me and asked - "did dragons ever really exist? obviously they couldn't fly, but, like, fire breathing ones?" another time, we sat down to watch some champions league game. during the build up to the game i went to the toilet, when i came back down there was a minutes silence taking place. I asked her who the silence was for and she replied " dunno, turn up the volume and find out" loads more that i canny mind just now.
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