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  1. No-one can seriously think keeping Martin is a good idea? Madness. I’d be looking to secure a young loanee, with Leighfield as back. It’s the template that has provided us the most success in recent times. Clark and Macdonald especially. Bell and Robinson to a lesser degree but still streets ahead of anything Martin has done in a Queens shirt.
  2. Marshall, Doyle and Murray would be the only players I’d be overly bothered about keeping and I’d imagine we’ll face competition for the first two. I could cope with Mercer, Brownlie and Jacobs staying if it came to pass. All can be very good on their day but are also prone to calamitous brainfarts. If they keep it simple and accept their limitations they could do a job as squad players at least. The rest can f**k the f**k off, and once they get there f**k off some more.
  3. Now that the final whistle has gone I can comfortably post that we cruised through that in second gear. However during the game it felt like we were one defensive mistake away from rolling down a hill and off a cliff and I don’t have faith in this group of players having the mettle to move up the gears if required (I’ll stop the analogy now). The penalty decision could have been huge. My friend brought up the Alba coverage on his phone after the incident and it looked a stonewaller. That being said Raith only really offered high punts forward which Darren Brownlie heads clear all day long, or wild attempts from 25 yards that troubled the seagulls more than Alan Martin. If they had tried to play through us, or get crosses in from out wide we might have been in trouble. From our point of view, only a few great saves from the Rovers keeper kept the tie alive and over the two legs I think we deserved the victory. All the best to Raith for next season. As stated before the game, I’m just delighted this shitshow is over for another season and I’m looking forward to never seeing some of these jokers in a Queens shirt ever again.
  4. I don't think Alba starts until 4pm, and presumably the 5 minutes are so there is a bit of an intro to give the teams etc.
  5. I don’t think I’m being unkind to Raith at all given the overall pessimistic tone of my post. I’m very much viewing this as a 50/50 game having watched us throw in 2+ goals with relative ease this season. Neither team shone the other night. Both looked poor at the back and low in confidence/ideas. We scored our best chances (bar one glaring miss that might still cost us) whereas Raith fluffed their lines. It could quite easily have been a draw, or a narrow lead for Raith. It really is down to the order the goals go in as I fully expect both teams to score. If it’s us first then barring a huge collapse we are home and dry. If it’s Raith then I’ll be watching through my fingers.
  6. Yep add me to the list as well. We have given ourselves a reasonable cushion, but we achieved it with a fairly dreadful performance the other night. My concern is the players think it is job done and another equally poor performance will suffice. I can’t see Raith being as bad and us being as lucky two games in a row. Raith will score that’s almost certain. If it’s the first goal then we are in for a horrible afternoon. As always Dobbie being on a one man mission to drag us out of the mire is our best chance of a relaxed afternoon. Either way it’s going to be a nice feeling at the final whistle to have this season over and done with.
  7. Fucking hell Wales have a word with yourselves https://t.co/7eezhNHxqI

  8. Gary Naysmith was a guest on Sportsound last night and his thoughts on his sacking can be found around the 47 minute mark here. It's a pretty tough listen to be honest, he almost sounds like he's welling up at times. I'm still really sorry it didn't work out for him, someone who clearly cares about the club, and worked as hard as he did deserves better results. Unfortunately there's more to management than hard work and passion or most supporters would be candidates for the job. Some were able forgive him for the run of defeats that saw us tumble down the table due to the mitigating circumstances, and the positive results up to that point. I was certainly in that category as presumably were the club. However, the capitulations against Ross County and Partick were the last straw and put him in an unrecoverable position. He claims he was surprised not to be in charge for the playoffs, but the way we rolled over to Thistle in front of a large expectant crowd was simply unacceptable and I don't think he can have any complaints. Obviously the manner in which he was given the news is another black mark against the board, but better to do the right thing the wrong way than the opposite way round. Whether appointing AJ was a masterstroke or simply the "new manager bounce" only time will tell but it certainly looks to have been the right decision for the short term anyway.
  9. He’s paid to make saves. It’s a shame it’s taken to the second last game of the season for him to realise this.
  10. If you’re marking that down as a good game by Martin then it just shows how horrifically bad he has been for us. He literally threw the ball straight to an attacker tonight.
  11. If Dykes could score from 8 yards out my 4-1 prediction would have come in and we could get the cigars out on Saturday. As it is we still have a bit of work to do. We won’t ride our luck as much again so if we give Raith as many chances as tonight we will need to score a few of our own.
  12. Arse collapse incoming.