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  1. He's from Bridgeton though which I think means it's okay if I've understood the article correctly.
  2. Clearly the board foresaw the fixture cancellations and have been holding off sacking Johnston so that they don’t have to stump up compensation with no money coming in. The season will then become null and void, we’ll survive relegation and sack him in the summer when it will cost us less money. They aren’t indecisive shitebags at all, and are in fact geniuses!
  3. Is the Ayr fan that ran on the park coming down for this one? Get him to bring his boots if he is. If he’d ran on and slipped this season he’d be in line for player of the year.
  4. It is not the same story as last season. The story this season is much more depressing and is going to have a far worse ending. The lead character needs dispatched to breath some life into the plot.
  5. Absolutely laughable that he still hasn't gone.
  6. You're a glutton for punishment. I gave up watching his interviews months ago. Just a vast void of nothingness that comes out of his mouth. He's either deluded or delusional as he never sees it the same way I (and I expect most of our fans) do.
  7. We have two choices. Guaranteed 10th place with Johnston in charge, or a slight hope of 9th if we get rid. If the board don’t take this option then they are just as much to blame due to their inaction.
  8. El Bakhtaoui was average at best and the fact people got such massive hard-ons for him sums up this shitshow of a season.
  9. How many goals has that diddy conceded since coming in? Must be averaging close to 3 a game.
  10. It is highly probable we won’t be able attract anyone who will be able to salvage this mess. But that is not a good enough reason for the inept charlatan to keep his job. This has been an utter disaster of a season however you measure these things and he deserves to pay the price for this failure. He should have been punted in November.
  11. Price a seething, heads gone mess. Pleasing.
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