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  1. Every manager at this level has to sign a lot of players due to the short term contracts dished out, so he is not some kind of special case sympathy vote. I would suggest anyone who thought signing Michael Paton was a good idea should not be given the opportunity to sign any further players. The fact you are even talking about building for next season when we aren't even halfway through this one tells its own story.
  2. I'm verging towards a "lets get Johnston out so his replacement has time to bin the dross in January" mindset so yeah, whatever, can't really be arsed with this. I'd still prefer a win but a defeat wouldn't be the worst outcome. So obviously it's going to be a draw.
  3. Yeah that does seem quite pathetic. The “afters” were the very definition of “handbags”.
  4. The pitch is shit, that’s a given. I don’t think it had any bearing on the Queens Park result though. And I don’t think it is that much of a contributory factor in why we resort to hoofball. When teams put our defenders under pressure they resort to shelling it forward. This was a big factor last week as neither Mercer or Brownlie are hugely comfortable on the ball. Lyon was in an unfamiliar position and Holt is so one footed it is unbelievable. Queens Park did a great job of pressing us and it was panic stations at the back. Our midfield was equally to blame last week with no-one showing for a pass thus forcing our defence to go long. I wasn’t in Dundee yesterday but I’d imagine having a more familiar back 4, and having Osman and El Bakhtaoui in the side aided our style of play more than the surface it was played on.
  5. Oh look a home game with a bit of expectation on the players to win, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Very kind of the Dundee players rushing back for the restart to make sure we had time to score the winner. Also very impressive that they seem to have found a defender even more inept than the big haddies that Dobbs humiliated last season.
  7. Funny old game. Replace Dundee with us and that could have been a summary of our cup shocker last week!
  8. Yas! Just another 3 goals and I think we might hang on for a point.
  9. That excuse doesn’t wash with me. More likely our bunch of suds have thrown the towel in. Fairies! I’ll be really drained if we get rinsed today. We’ll sink down the table and our playoff hopes will go down the plughole.
  10. Arguably our best XI players on the pitch today so no excuses. Plenty work-rate and endeavour with Pybus and Lyon hopefully providing a base for Murray, Dobbie and El Bakhtaoui.
  11. We have got previous for plucking unexpected victories from nowhere. Particularly against the bigger teams. I’m not holding out much hope. I’d expect a routine home win along the lines of our away defeats to Dundee Utd and Inverness. We’ll huff and puff without doing a lot, then lose. Johnston will then say we matched them apart from the 3 sloppy goals which were individual errors, but apart from that he’s happy with the performance and can’t ask for any more from the players. Is Josh Todd getting a game for you lot yet? We’re missing him badly.
  12. Cameron was a direct replacement for Jason Kerr I think which meant he was on a hiding to nothing for the beginning. He wasn’t great but there is no chance he deserves to be anywhere near this thread.
  13. I'm glad you all enjoyed your day, although I'm kind of wishing I'd sent you to the roughest shithole bearpit Dumfries has to offer! That said with a result like Saturday's I doubt any of you would be caring too much.
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