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  1. We haven't rotated the squad anything like enough. Granted that has mostly been down to a lack of options but playing our full strength team in the Challenge Cup for example looks to have been a mistake. As has not signing cover for Dykes and Dobbie. We are struggling massively against teams we have beaten comfortably earlier in the season. Obviously there are several factors at play; our opponents strengthening whilst our squad has weakened being the most obvious. I don't think it's too big a leap to assume that accumulated fatigue is also a factor. Dykes and Dobbie must have played 90 minutes of every game they have started and both are completely off the boil. Marshall has picked up an injury almost certainly due to playing too many games. Doyle's hamstring injury earlier in the year was likely for the same reason. As I said, I'm not expecting miracles after our "spring break" but I don't think having a few weeks off to reset and take stock of things is necessarily a bad thing. And I certainly don't think we need to be risking first team players in reserve games at this stage.
  2. Hopefully this break will prove to be a bit of a godsend. The squad is obviously down in numbers due to injury, and those that are fit are likely close to being burnt out due to the number of games they have played, so a break won't do them any harm. It appears from our recent results that our performances have gone a bit stale (that's a generous description) and there also seems to be an element of the manager repeating the same mistakes in the stubborn hope that things will turn with a bit of luck. Having the time to take a step back and reassess things might not be a bad thing. We are on such a bad run that stopping the rot was essential. Whilst we haven't managed to do this on the park yet, at least not playing for 3 weeks will loosely achieve the same thing. The kind of downward spiral we are in is hard to get out of and it's hard to see where our next win is coming from but hopefully when we resume playing it can viewed as a fresh start rather than a continuation of the run. I realise all of the above is clutching at straws and we are almost certainly humped but I'm trying to remain positive.
  3. Ayr v Queens

    I quite like the idea of us having the power to decide whether we play games or not. Can we just refuse to play the rest of our fixtures?
  4. Queens v Inverness

    So what we're saying is that Jacobs, Martin and Brownlie made an arse of things that cost us the game? Well I fucking never.
  5. Don’t be fooled by the “cuddly, doofus” image portrayed by our media. This man is a nasty, evil p***k of a man. Of… https://t.co/8iWClQsooL

  6. Pars vs Queens

    I think that’s a touch harsh. Mercer, Brownlie and Fordyce (I presume that’s who you mean) would be top performers in League 1. Their level is the bottom end of The Championship I think. None are on an upward trajectory though. Maguire and Doyle would be my centre back pairing for the rest of the season.
  7. Pars vs Queens

    Alan Martin has stunk the place out from the minute he has signed with us tbh. Slow, ponderous, immobile and glued to his line. He is capable of some very good reaction saves if they are somewhere between waist and head height. He is absolutely humped with anything that requires him getting down low, or reaching above his head though. Last season I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt due to him stepping up to full time football and playing through injury a lot of the time, but this season he has become a complete liability. His physical condition wouldn't be out of place in the Sunday amateurs.
  8. RT @WingsScotland: And if you're Scottish and you can watch this and still want to stay in the UK, f**k you just as much as the Tories. htt…

  9. Naysmith is certainly showing the stubborn arrogance associated with managers coming to the end of their time. The “I know best” attitude doesn’t wash with fans, and the claim that we’re not doing anything wrong and are just really unlucky is pure delusion. I still really rate the guy and think he’ll make a decent career out of management but I think his tenure is coming to an end. If we get out of this mess and manage mid table then he hasn’t really moved us forward any and should be canned at the end of the season. If we lose against ICT he should be punted.
  10. Pars vs Queens

    Just that used to it happening. Also that’s how it appeared on our Twitter feed.
  11. Pars vs Queens

    Goal from a corner. This is beyond a joke.
  12. Pars vs Queens

    Aird in for Maguire the only change for us. So 7 defensive players down from the 8 that started against Morton. Presumably it's Martin Mercer Fordyce Brownlie Marshall Doyle Jacobs Wilson Aird Dykes Dobbie Could be a back three of Fordyce Brownlie and Wilson with Aird in behind the strikers. Who knows? Who cares? We will still lose from a set piece goal after huffing and puffing for 85 minutes.
  13. Pars vs Queens

    Eagerly awaiting our team to be announced so I can decide whether to place £20 on Dunfermline to win or £50 on Dunfermline to win.
  14. Pars vs Queens

    Several times this season (and in season's gone by) we have been told by opposition fans in the run up to games that their team are absolutely shite and on such a bad run that we couldn't possibly fail to win. Of course more often than not we fail to win because we are Queen of the South and it's what we do. Hopefully it is roles reversed in this one, because we are absolutely shite and I can't see anything other than a home win!
  15. Morton v Queens

    The operation was a success but the patient died.