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  1. Partick v Queens

    You were also shite when you beat us 3-2 in the last game at Firhill.
  2. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Christ you’re dour sometimes! Away to a St Johnstone/St Mirren or any team from our division would have been far worse.
  3. Aberdeen away would be a great trip, why would you not want that to happen? Even Gus got a draw up there so nothing to fear!
  4. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Stenny away would be a good chance to progress. Aberdeen would be a good trip and likely one I’d make a weekend of as I have a couple of friends stay there. So happy enough either way. Just need to get past Dundee now.
  5. I love Derek Lyle as much as any Queens fan, maybe more, but Sloop John summed up very well the other day why him and Dobbie didn’t work as a pairing. With no runners in the forward areas teams were able to defend high and suffocate us. Dykes and Lyle may well have worked to a similar but lesser degree than the current Dykes and Dobbie partnership, but in a straight choice between Dobbie and Lyle it is a complete no brainer. If we had had a player of the ilk of Chris Kane to bring off the bench yesterday we would probably have won as we were finding space in behind. Lyle would have offered very little.
  6. It depends what version of Lyle you are talking about. The current Derek Lyle wouldn’t have the legs to make any kind of impact in this current team so making comparisons is pointless. You’d be as well criticising Dobbie’s goal return for being poor in comparison to Jim Patterson.
  7. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Talbot away would be a great away day, particularly for fans of a team who may travel by the railway line but don't actually get to very often. Having watched a bit of their performance against Ayr though I wouldn't particularly fancy our chances. As is always the case in every cup tie since the dawning of time, I would like a tie that gives us the best chance of progression. Anyone who would prefer a "payday" can put their opinion in the bin as far as I am concerned. Obviously we need to get past Dundee first which is by no means a certainty.
  8. Partick vs Tory Borderers

    A joke is a pretty tame description of Mundell but I suppose this is a family site after all. He’s nothing to do with Dumfries either, in fact he was chased out of town when he appeared for a photo op at the opening of a food bank. Alister Jack is our Tory MP. Hopefully we can make amends for the early season defeat at Firhill. In many ways I’m less confident about this one than I was the trip to Dundee. We’ve started the year in great form but it would be very Queens to lose to a struggling side after doing so well against teams above us.
  9. Dundee v Queens

    RossDee1 having a bigger nightmare here than Cammy Kerr and Kenny Miller combined.
  10. Dundee v Queens

    I was at the game, but unlike you I hadn’t been smoking crack before it. Genuinely baffled Dundee fans are viewing that as a positive performance. It really must have been a poor season up until today. We battered them for probably 70 minutes today. I can’t remember a single Martin save.
  11. Dundee v Queens

    “I'm pleased to still be in the cup if I'm being brutally honest.” J. McIntyre 2019
  12. Dundee v Queens

    The stats and views of both managers would suggest I’m bang on. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46847742
  13. Dundee v Queens

    Also Cammy Kerr will be having nightmares about Josh Todd tonight. Unbelievable performance. Get. Him. Signed. Up. Barry Maguire and Mr Versatile Mikey Doyle also deserve a special mention. I’ve no idea how soon before kick off Doyle knew he’d be playing in a different role but he took to it as if he’d played their all season. Barry Maguire put in a very mature performance considering it was his second start with a different partner.
  14. Dundee v Queens

    Leaving Dundee disappointed with a draw shows where we are just now. The home side were there for the taking and we really should have won. If we subsequently lose the replay it will be a big chance missed, but right now it feels positive with the continuation of the last few weeks good form. Dundee were woeful with McGowan the only one looking like any sort of threat. The goal was well taken but came from our only real mistake at the back as we backed off and invited the shot. Great backing from our fans from the first minute.
  15. Dundee v Queens

    Our likely starting defence will be a 20 year old, a 22 year old, a 23 year old and a 26 year old. If your plan A is for them to tire then you might be relying on plan B.