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  1. 6 part one off series currently on BBC 2 but can be binged on iplayer/Sky etc Emily Blunt plays a woman out for revenge in a Western setting. Binged all 6 episodes in one night - very highly recommended!
  2. SpiderDee

    Fifa 23

    Update this morning...bet they ruin the game now!!
  3. I have just watched Motherwells new kit reveal video and it's based on an old kit...they are with Macron too so hopefully we are going down the same route
  4. I'll agree with the comments on Peacemaker. Great fun and a killer soundtrack! Wasn't the biggest fan of Cena but he was excellent in this
  5. Prospecthill Circus is where I always park mate. Loads of parking spaces on street
  6. The first 2 episodes are great as it's before he becomes a c**t and shows what a slog it was for him to get first album out. Definitely recommended. Scenes with Jamie Foxx in 2nd episode also amazing!
  7. This! If he'd seen that angle he would have given the goal....funny though
  8. That 2nd episode of the Kanye West documentary was phenomenal. Seeing Pharrel's reaction to Through the Wire was awesome
  9. It's an audi driver he's obviously just pulled over to chat up the blonde with the dug
  10. It says released from his duties as manager so he may stay on with the youths??
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