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  1. Can anyone recommend an xbox like controller for PS4 ? I have always had both consoles but just find the PS4 controller so small and fiddly (must be the reason my Fifa record is 100 times better on xbox than ps4.....) I've seen a few online styled like xbox controllers but reviews are mixed. Anyone had the same issue and can recommend a decent one ?
  2. SpiderDee

    FIFA 20

    It's a total joke. Just got my arse handed to me in Div 9 by a twat with a ridiculous team and he watched every replay, shooshed me and even dabbed to try get me to quit......not when I have a coin boost my friend !!!! Ps. I'm in Div 9 as it's now impossible to get out off coz of tubes like him
  3. Midsommar (Amazon) What the feck did I just watch
  4. If the decision has to be to complete games behind closed doors can the smaller clubs look to charge people to watch online so they don't miss out on gate revenue ?
  5. Blood Drive Available on sky box sets Soooooo ridiculous it's brilliant. Only 1 season and 13 episodes
  6. What about that cringey Imagine video some celebs done recently.....absolute gimps the lot of them
  7. Why you couple of japesters !!! Is Mullen actually any good ? He scored against us everytime but i suppose that isn't hard !
  8. Escape Room (sky) Quite enjoyed this. Thought it was going to be torture porn rubbish but more of a puzzler. 6/10
  9. Portland Timbers striker Foster Langsdorf, a 23-year-old who has played twice for the Major League Soccer club's first-team, has been handed a trial by Dundee. (Scottish Sun, print edition) Just what we need......another striker.......😩
  10. Cheers man - I cannot find the Roma 3rd kit anywhere on legit sportswear sites !!! It must be very popular
  11. Since the away game in Norway or Serbia is technically a final we would get a bigger allocation than 5% shirley ?
  12. Can anyone who uses DH Gate recommend a seller for the New Roma 3rd kit ?
  13. Can any of the lovely Alloa fans advise if there is normally ample parking in the streets nearby or better off to park in Morrisons ? Thank You
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