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  1. 3-0 to the Mighty and McPake to offer a square go to McCall after shitting in his shoes and headering Kenny Miller
  2. David Price brought in to replace Parker against Chisora https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/49975448 well worth the box office........😐
  3. Will Dorrans be playing from the start on Friday you think? If he's had a bad run of injuries will he be risked on a plastic pitch ? Guess we can count Ness out as well? Drop McGowan and start Hemmings alongside the Ginger Assassin
  4. I would think if he's doing well there will be an option to extend until end of season as he wont get in the Rangers first team this year with the options they have.
  5. Not all Dundee fans stay in Dundee though do they. I would like to get my ticket well in advance so I can sort out getting to Dundee, time off work etc
  6. SpiderDee


    Nearly finished season 3 and glad to say the cheb count is impressive compared to season 2 [emoji14]
  7. Till v Gastelum at MGS in November according to Twitter and Instagram. Doesn't shirk the big fights does young Darren !!!!
  8. 241 is a much better card though. f**k paying to see Khabib lay on top of Poirer for 25 mins!
  9. It's what Stewarty has shaved on the back of his head as he's cool as fcuk
  10. There's the Jack Hamilton we all hate and despise
  11. If you do a re-tune i would assume it would appear in the listings - maybe near the end with regional variations......
  12. SpiderDee

    The Boys

    Watched the whole thing over the weekend and it's the first time i have done that with a series in a long time. Violent, funny and plenty of OMG moments - thoroughly recommended to everyone !!
  13. Agreed. Which is why it's free to watch this time. UFC 241 looks a belter of a card so no doubt will be on box office
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