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  1. If Anderson had just casually tripped Brophy then it was a yellow all day long! The fact he goes in like Bruce Lee is the deciding factor here
  2. Think I will just avoid score all day and watch the full coverage on Alba at 6pm. Shambles!
  3. Once my new home top arrives I can let you know how it fits as I ordered a Large
  4. The last couple of Macron shirts I got were large and fit quite well. I have a bit of a beer belly......just a bit mind. Maybe better going into shop and holding it up against your curvy body [emoji16]
  5. Sheridan will have a Cavani like impact imo!
  6. Great idea. I remember Man Utd done that a few years back wearing the Munich era shirt.
  7. Antonio Banderas as Ramirez perhaps?
  8. Anyone know what the situation is if someone gets a ticket for Wembley but can't go so they give it to their mate. Will there be any checks?
  9. Zak Snyder Justice League apparently going to be available a week tomorrow on Sky Premiere channel as part of sky subscription
  10. SpiderDee

    FIFA 21

    Finally got Moments Suarez yesterday after some truly ridiculous "friendly" games. This game is utter shite to defend. I honestly just got beat by a guy 10-9!!! It was 9-9 to take it to extra time. Kick off glitch is a joke
  11. That's just preview show mate. Best watch the full fight on YouTube in the morning. Not worth paying anything for a sparring match.
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