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  1. Is that GMT or US time? I'm going to try and find a stream but I'm knackered, if it's US time I'll go for a sleep.
  2. I've got Chemistry at B so that must be minimum, but I don't think that was a factor. Long as you've got a 2:1 in a related subject, experience in a related field (I've worked in a care home but even shadowing a GP for a day, volunteering in a hospice or a job as a hospital porter and such like) and can show them that you're committed and pass the interviews. You'll need a fucking belter of a personal statement, I was told by a few careers folk and a couple of doctors that mine was a topper. And also you need to be quite handsome. Naturally.
  3. Pharmacy students are, to a man, utter wankers. That's my personal experience of them.
  4. I hate after timing, but I'm extremely pleased with my extremely lucky tenner on the ****, Cardiff, Spurs and Chelsea. It's not often late goals go your way. £90 back. Makes up for an embarrassing tenner lost yesterday.
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