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  1. https://twitter.com/VoiceAyr/status/1573016166334926848?t=4J0a-RF4KrRlr1U_beLC_g&s=19 Don't know if it also answers the Raith game, but that was in response to a question about him being out of last night's squad.
  2. I paid by card at the away end ticket office the last time, so shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Pretty sure the blackout rules changed towards the end of last season, meaning that you could watch games (those which had been shown on Premier sports) as soon as the live event had finished - rather than having to wait 48 hours as had been the case previously. Unless that's been changed back for the coming season then it pretty much removes the issue of blackouts (as long as you're not wanting to watch the games live). That change is particularly handy during the playoffs as Premier Sports always shows about half of the first round games and almost every single game from the later stages. Was able to watch all the Sharks' playoff games the morning after and there's a single option on the app to turn off all scores, so you don't spoil the result when selecting which game to watch.
  4. Leader in the women's 10k is over half a minute under WR pace at the 8k mark - people getting lapped all over the place (BBC4)
  5. AWAY POINTS TABLE (Correct as of 02/12/14) Total Members: 34732 10 - 176 9 - 239 8 - 236 7 - 300 6 - 495 5 - 689 4 - 1075 3 - 1685 2 - 2563 1 - 9954 0 - 17320 (http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_football.cfm?page=3141)
  6. You can usually park at the primary school, it's just off the other side of Tryst road from the ground. If Roberts is thinking about resting Campbell, I guess he'll probably be shifting Donald back to defence and starting McGill again. Would rather see Donald kept at LM, with McGill being used mainly as a sub this season, much the same way as Forrest was last year. Along with another option up front, our other main target surely has to be someone who Roberts trusts to cover in the centre of defence so that we don't have to move around half the team every time.
  7. So according to the killie site, there's no street parking around the ground - any handy places to park nearby?
  8. But Vlasic is still out. Even if Sharks win game 7, they're not going anywhere if he's out long term.
  9. The Sharks have absolutely dominated the Kings for 4/6 periods so far. No idea what's wrong with the Kings, or if getting back to home ice will help them fix it, but the first two games have been a lot of fun.
  10. Goes back to whether you buy into the whole "advanced" stats side of things I guess. Though personally, even without getting into that, I don't think routinely getting outshot is a recipe for long-term success.
  11. They're one of the worst possession teams in the league, so it's not exactly a huge surprise. Unfortunate time to hit a slump though.
  12. The Leafs put up one of the worst performances I've seen all season against the Sharks, sandwiched between beating both the Ducks and the Kings, which I have to say was rather good of them.
  13. Especially given that the one goal came from the second unit. Hopefully Thornton and Boyle come back rested after the Olympic break, because it's been painful to watch them with the man advantage for quite a while now. Not to mention that Boyle in general has looked in need of a break ever since coming back from injury.
  14. All part of the plan, good to see you were fooled. Everyone - apart from you - knew, to be honest. Edit: More to the point, what's this whole Ludo/XBL killing the franchise thing about?
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