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  1. Just back from dublin and can barely remember anything about the game. Just remember cuddlin some hairy highlander when we scored lol
  2. Definitely We do have a non 'working class' element to our support. Our support still has a good few hairy arsed glasgow hardmen but also a significant section of middle class tits. Not enough swearing and shouting in our songs. We should start singing 'we shall not be moved' again. That is a good shouting song that can make some noise
  3. Was there not a stand there when it was landsdown road?
  4. Home fans never turned up and couldn't be arsed with the game where as those bigots see us as a big rival. Would be completely different in a qualifier
  5. That club probably couldn't afford any other stands though to be fair. What's the irish excuse?
  6. That's right 3 huge stands then a bench about 4 seats deep for the 4th. The most ridiculous stadium design in western europe. This stand must hold no more than 600 seats. No joke
  7. If he was born and bred in scotland with scottish parents and chose to play for england he would get 100 times the abuse. Nothing anti-irish at all. I have always got on great with people I have met from the republic
  8. I'm heading over for the game too. How many fans are expected to be in dublin? 10? 20k?
  9. Can't wait for the day and irish born and raised player with irish parents chooses to play for scotland. Then we will see how tolerant they are
  10. Big difference between splitting the union and causing mayhem to the establishment and having a few bums on seats in a shiney building. Politics is a scam as I said but this is a victory for the rebellious mentality of a lot of Scottish people. That alone makes me proud
  11. Away and squabble for the scraps from david camerons table son haha Scotland has spoken
  12. Incredible people still think there is any difference what so ever with labour and conservative. Terrifying Different masks on the same face
  13. I don't trust the idea of political parties or the political system in general. I'm sure the extra SNP seats at Westminster won't make a significant difference at all but the SNP dominance in Scotland is clearly an anti-Westminster statement by the Scottish people. England, Wales and Northern Ireland still seem content voting for the elite funded red or blue Tories. Insanity defined. Proud of the Scottish rebellious mentality still in us fighting off the elite rule. A victory for the Scottish mentality above all. Mon the Scots and f**k Westminster EDIT - Could not give a frenchmans f**k if the tories, labour or lib dems got in. Utterly irrelevant differently coloured masks on the same face
  14. Sell it to someone in a pub over there
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